October 29, 2013

Scott Church's interview

" If you want something, get it. Never let anyone tell you can't do everything you want to in life because they can't decide anything for you. If the movie you're watching isn't about you... change the channel."
Scott Church

"Today's workshop keepsake"

You'll find Scott Church at his official site, deviant ART, Model Mayhem.

Dear Scott, tell us how did your passion begin ?

I started making images as a painter, as a more conventional artist, but I suppose I was just too lazy to ever be a good painter because I hated waiting for the results.

I discovered photography and fell in love with the immediacy of it all, I haven't looked back since. It was the fastest way I could find to get the pictures in my head... out.

How long could you be far from your camera ? Are you an obsessive photographer ?

"Behind the hatred..."
Art Model Megan

I have to work and create everyday or I feel the day is lost. It's that important to me.
I completely believe it's all that I am.


It seems you shoot everywhere, and all the time, but there is for sure a type of location that particularly inspires you ?

Nothing in particular, I see pictures everywhere and I want to make them happen.

"Reach for my revolver"

Who are your inspirators ?

I steal wildly from hundreds of different artists, my standouts are names like Helmut Newton, Albert Watts, Norman Seeff, Sante d'Orazio and Bunny Yeager. I have also been influenced greatly by my early exposure to magazines like Playboy, I've been a fan for years and I have quite a collection.

"Save me from the nothing"

Your imagination is quite incredible... and so prolific ! I wonder what is your process of creation ? Chaos or Order ?

I would love to say order, but I know it's more chaotic than even I can control somedays. The good photos seen to just happen all on their own, no matter how much I plan, things still seem to completely run themselves.

"A kiss then tell me goodbye"

Once more, you have a wide range of genres. Maybe, there is one you prefer : studio or outdoors, natural lights, BW or color ?...

I love natural light, and I will always choose what's there to begin with over studio light.

Color or BW depends on the capture and what I think looks best at the moment.

Are you perfectionist ?

I do some work afterworks, but I try my best to get things right with the click of the shutter. I want it done right now.

And how do you know when your shooting is finished ? Is there something telling you "stop" ?

Is it ever finished ? I know when to stop, but I'm never satisfied, I want to do more, but I have to let it go when it's complete.

"The wheel"
Art Model Penelope

"No pain you are receiving"
Art Model Terra

"Burning myself"

Have you a dream ? A challenge ?...

My dream, I feel like I'm already living it, I love what I do, and I love that I get to do it everyday.

I have things I would like to do more of, I love to travel, I will agree to just about any job that pays to me to go somewhere.

I would love to do more work in Europe, any work at all that will pay to take me there I will go in a second.

I would like to do more shows overseas, I think that my work is better suited to an european audience than in america.

But honestly, I'm a happy guy with my life at the moment.

"Jena at the top of the steps"

"Julia, harsh"

I feel it... And have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I have a small show this fall in my hometown, and I'm talking to a couple different galleries about shows for next year, but I'm open to any offers.

A message before we leave ?

If you want something, get it. Never let anyone tell you can't do everything you want to in life because they can't decide anything for you. If the movie you're watching isn't about you... change the channel.

Thanks a lot Scott ! For everything...

"Tasha, boxed"

Scott Church ©


Available here

" My fifth book is beautiful, hard cover, full color, 232 pages, lots and lots and lots of my pictures.

This is the definitive greatest hits book going back 15 years all the way to a shot I did while still in the Navy in 1992.

Also included are wonderful behind the scenes stories about almost every shot written by the models appearing in the photographs (yes, that was an accomplishment in itself).

It is a true sit down and read sort of book besides being a pretty damn good picture book too. I am very proud of this collection. I think it's the best I've ever done, this, to me, is my new standard."

October 25, 2013

Marc Hoppe's interview

" There are so many ideas about photography in my head I want to do. And I have not enough time to do other things. There's nothing else that gives me this "wow" feeling such as photography." Marc Hoppe

Art Model Kat Love

You'll find Marc Hoppe at his official site, his MySpace, deviantART, his first feature.

Your passion for photography began in 2004. And for nude art in 2008. This year... Could you tell us some words about this decisive encounter with Thorsten Jankowski and Michael Papendieck ?

In the early 2008 I make a nude workshop. The teacher was Thorsten. It was the first photography workshop I've ever made and the first nude shooting. So I was a little bit nervous to see a naked women I never met before. I was absolutely enthusiastic about the images I have made and what you can do with light an shadows.

Thorsten teaches me the basics... and for what I have to look after. Today Thorsten is a good friend and we have a studio together and big plans for the future.

"Lena 2"
Art Model Lena

I'm not surprised. Your talent is amazing in such a so short time ! So... you're mainly, with the help of Thorsten of course, a self taught photographer ?

Thorsten teaches me the basics. The rest I learn it by myself and by analyzing images from other photographers. I think it's the best way to find out by yourself and create your own workflow.

When you look at an image you can learn so much, from where the lights come, what kind of light uses the photographer, where was the camera position. But you must find your own way.

Most times I use an 50mm 1.4 or 85mm 1.8 lens and only one, max two lights. I use this because I have to move around the model and so I catch miscelleanous perspectives. If you use a telephoto lens it induces you to stay at the same position, you can't move and you always see the same perspective.


How long could you be far from your camera ?

Hahaha ! My wife would say : " he never go out without a camera".

I don't know another way to do. Do you think you could make something else ?

Hum... Today I would say no. There are so many ideas about photography in my head I want to do. And I have not enough time to do other things. There's nothing else that gives me this "wow" feeling such as photography.

We feel it ! You're specialized in "acrobatic nudes" and “sculptural nudes” photography. Do you think your first experience in architecture photography is for something in your research about the forms and the structure of a body ?

I have a affinity for design and architecture. I like forms, minimal forms that you find in the architecture from the Bauhaus era and in this age from architects like Tandao Ando, Zaha Hadid, Santiago Calatrava, Phillipe Starck, etc.

This kind of design inspires me to form the human body into sculptures : I called it "transforming bodies" or "sculptured nudes".


I don't like the "playboy" photography. It's technically perfect but the forms are mostly boring for me. I don't have an erotic relation to my images. All I want to do is to find new forms.

"Shadow Girl"
Art Model Marie

"Top to bottom"
Art Model Stana

Is there (somewhere) a message you want to express through your work ?

There is no message, but people who look at my work could find details, little things where they could think about, such as the position of a hand or the expression of the body form. They could think about it.

To reach such a beautiful result, I'm sure you plan every details ?

Sometimes you could plan details, if you know the model and how she works. If you got a model you have never worked with before it's not so easy. So you have to improve. But everytime I have some basic concepts, and then I work on.


Where (and how) do you find your inspiration ?

Most times I find my inspiration in architecture. When you look at the ocular Valencia Planetarium from Santiago Calatrava it was the inspiration for my image "Valencia".

Indoors shots in B&W seems to have your preference ?

Yes, I'm a studio photographer.

I like the laboratory atmosphere where I can plan the light.
I need this sterile ambience.

I have the dark room and the white room setup which I use most times. The dark room is normally a red room. Red because you can do fantastic things with the red channels in the BW convertation.

Art Model Jennifer

Except nude-art, is there another genre you enjoy ?

I also like portraits and details such as a lips or eyes. And of course I like architectural things.
But my heart beats for nude art.

The funny thing is that if I work with nude models I don't see naked women in front of me... I only see forms, shadows, lights. My non photographic friends can't understand that. They ask me every time : " How can you do this ? All this beautifull naked women..."



"Call and response"
Art Model Kat Love

Tell us some words about your models. How do you direct them ?

First of all, it's not so easy to find models for this kind of photograhy, especially in Germany. Most times I contact models via Model Mayhem, deviantART or the german Model-Kartei. We also have some contacts with the Czech Republic where you can find very good models.

It's also not so easy to direct the models because in the most positions they can't see you and you have to be very clear. But, sometimes, the model moves in a shooting break and you say "stop !", because you see a great pose.

"When I come back around"
Art Model Kat Love

3 weeks ago I've worked with Kat Love. To work with a model like her is absolutely great because she can control her body in a special way.

You don't have to say many words because she knows what you want. You have only to direct some details, little bit more arch or something like that.

It's the reason why she's so famous. Marc, how do you feel at the end of a shooting ? Tired ? Exhausted ? Excited ?

I'm very knackered. Shooting with a model takes 5-6 hours. At the end, my brain is empty and I need a break for the rest of the day, to take distance from the images. I watch the shooting results on the next day and start to collect the best images.

"German-Czech cooperation"
Art Model Stana

What is your own favourite photo ? Could you choose one ?

My favourite photo is in my head... I can't choose one yet. From every single shooting I have a favourite one. If I find "THE ONE" I let you know !

Art Model Steph

Thanks !!! Don't forget ! Have you some challenges you're dreaming about in a near future ? An exhibition ? Maybe a book ?

Art Model Kat Love

For the near future, Thorsten and I want to fund a photo school here, in Braunschweig, Germany : the "Braunschweiger Schule".

We have contacts with Sylvie Blum, André Brito and some other great photographers and we want to make workshops with them.

In january 2009 we'll open our new studio which is bigger than the studio we have now (75 square meters and 3 meters height). We'll have 250 square meters and 5 meters height. It will be possible to drive cars in. So we'll have enough space for our ideas.

A book is also planned for 2009.

"To the left"
Art Model Christina

A school, a new studio, a book... Wonderful projects indeed ! Keep us informed, I want to know everything about, to make my best to help you.
Marc, what is your best way to promote your work ?

Today I think it's via internet and magazines. Making good images is also a good way to promote.

That's clear. And where can we purchase your prints ?

You can purchase them directly. Just send me a mail if you are interested and I'll send you an offer.

A message you’d like to leave ?

I wanna thank you all who look at my works.

And they'll become more and more numerous ! Thanks a lot Marc. I know it's not easy to write in a foreign language... Come back soon ! This site is truly and definitively yours.

"Down on your knee"
Art Model Christina

October 17, 2013

Brian A Woodwick's interview

" I like to capture images in ordinary everyday places and make them look extraodinary. Like wonderful things may be all around if you are able to see." Brian A Woodwick

"Hanging with Nicole"

"Aislinn forest 3-52"

Dear Brian, how did you get into photography ?

I have been shooting since I was 4. I started with a Kodak Brownie. We had a little contact printer instead of an enlarger. I didn't get an enlarger until 7th grade. It was a Durst. I now use a Beseler, which is a considerable improvement.

4 years old ?!... It's what I call a vocation. And did you learn in a special art school ?

No- though I could probably use instruction. I was in the darkroom in high school for all 4 years. It was called Graphic Arts and freshmen (9th grade of 12, so it was a 4 year high school.) were not allowed in the class. Somehow I talked my way into that class and at one point had 3 out of 5 classes in Graphic Arts. I shot for the local paper, school paper, yearbook, college paper, etc.

I went to the Evergreen State College in Olympia Wash. I had intended to take their photography classes but was not able to get into those classes. I worked in the darkroom as a student aid and probably learned more just talking with the intructors than if I had actually taken their class.

"Loveada eyes"

"Contemplating Adrianna"

Who are your greatest inspirators ?

Jean Loup Sieff, Helmut Newton, Elliott Erwitt, Alfred Eisenstadt, WeeGee, Maxfield Parrish, etc.

Viewing your portfolios, it seems you never stop to shoot. How long could you be far from your camera ?

I have only had a few instances where I did not pick up a camera for awhile. Going through life's tribulations, challenges and rough patch's. Sometimes I do have to step back a bit to reevaluate. Sometimes you loose your way or get in a rut.

I always ask myself, am I just shooting the same thing over and over, or is this just my style or am I visually lazy.

I think it is balance of finding your style, not fighting what your sorta good with and also pushing your envelope.

The biggest complaint I receive is requests to stop shooting the damn angels and wings. I understand that. Fine art is pretty much against that sort of thing. It can be cheesy and overdone. I like to think my images of that ilk are better than most.

"Kelsey Angel 8-50"

It makes part of your inspiration. About locations, do you feel particularly inspired by a type ? Outdoors maybe ?I like abandoned instustial type locations.

I like to capture images in ordinary everyday places and make them look extraodinary. Like wonderful things may be all around if you are able to see.

"Crystal 4-19"

You seem to have a large preference for BW and natural light ?

I primarily shoot b/w film. I greatly prefer outdoor natural light. I do not have a real studio.

My studio is my living room, so I do not have much room to work in.

I have just recently gotten a digital camera. This has opened a whole new learning curve for me. I had to buy a new camera, of course- a Nikon D2X, a new notebook computer to run the images, and for the first time I had to get photoshop. All my experience on computers has been on PC. Everyone says you must get a Mac to do images with. So just learning to copy and manipulate the Macbook has been a real pain in the ass. I do not know the first thing about ps so that is a pain in the ass.

The great thing about the digital though is all the type of shoots that were a real time consuming issue for band shots, portfolio and commercial type images. Now it is instant and no wet darkroom time. That is now reserved just for the art images. But I have much to learn.

"Aviva Beverly Hills dance"

"Eliza lace head"

Some words about your models ?

I generaly prefer the non-traditional looks. I like the goth look, tatoo's, personality and unique that comes through etc. It is great to find a model that gets it and is willing to work with me on images. I have worked with some for many years. We may not even speak for over a year at a time, but rock the images when we do get together.

Aviva the ballerina I have worked with for almost 10 years since she was 13. She is now an actress in Hollywood and is doing well. She was in this summers big comedy hit "SuperBad". She played McLovin's target. I plan on shooting her the rest of her life.

Eliza or Magdelene is another delightful creature that allows me on occasion to capture images of her beautiful talent. She is an independant game designer or something like that, and sings in Abney Park.

"Saebyn 4-80"

How long dit it take to find your so particular style ? Without sophistication, I mean. Could you define it ?

I have always liked the old masters and have recently had several people describe my work as retro. I like that. I pretty much am not breaking new ground. I would guess that the infrared is the only difference between me and those I have admired. I used to try and capture the uniquely obvious.

"Mercury repose"

"Mercury figure 6-55"

Your pictures sounds really natural, improvised. What is exactly your process of creation ?

I try and have ordered chaos. I read how one of the big name photogs distains photographers that do not have their shoots all lined up with each detail already programed. I am not like that at all. I do want to have some structure as a base to work off of though.

"Leah alleyway nude 4-25"

And what is your favorite theme ?

Extraordinary images in an ordinary world.

Is there an ordinary world ?... Anyway, I love your way to do ! And how do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Both drained and energized. Worried about what I missed.

Have you a special project, some challenges you're dreaming about in a next future ?

I must have a book !

You're right ! I'm sure it is coming... Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I sorta stepped away from that to work on a ghost town book that has completly stalled. I have a hard time limiting myself to a easy to define themes. This has produced much limitation for me. I am my own worst enemy.

"Mercury breast adjust"

"Mercury door to wonderland"

As so many artists... Have you published a book ? Is there a new one to come ?

I had been participating in a self produced workshop with my college buddy since 1991. He is a commercial photographer based in Santa Fe New Mexico. When he went through a divource, he was no longer able to work with models (new wife's concerns). We switched to ghost towns of the old west. We produced a demo book to shop around this summer.

While I am proud of the quality of the images, I was not happy with the actual layout or presentation of the book. That is not dead yet, just not on the hot burner.
I would like to do something at some point with the angels and witches, or the infrared images and something with all the bands I have shot.

A message to send ?

I am always asked what I am saying with a particular image. I never answer that as I would think it is distintly personal and a different answer for each image.

My goal would be for my image to speak to you and touch something within you.

It should spark some type of remembered experience that will be so much different for each of us.

You reach your goal Brian ! Many thanks for your kind participation.

"Mindy Sand Portrait"