January 16, 2016

A.J. Kahn's Artist's Statement

During my years of photographing the nude, I have explored many approaches to this diverse subject.  For purposes of this online portfolio, I have created a collection of images that I feel, celebrates the profound beauty of the human form.

I acknowledge that subjective tastes make it impossible to define universal beauty.  My efforts therefore, are simply to present those images that have strongly impacted me.

Included in the collection are some images that depict the body as an abstract landscape. Devoid of human qualities, light and shadow are used to emphasize the basic elements of texture and form.  Other images are more cerebral representations that recognize the subject as a person. Several works that demonstrate a sense of power, self-assuredness and harmony are juxtaposed with others that show tension, passivity and insecurity.  In all, the essence of human emotion is explored.

It has been an enlightening journey for me in these artistic efforts.  My hope is that the viewer will have a similar appreciation for the beauty of this powerful subject.


Art Model Anya

January 10, 2016

Iris Dassault and A.J. Kahn

" Hang on to your hopes and aspirations - it leads the way into the future. Let go of the pain and hurt of the past - the only thing that matters about the past is the fact that it brought you to this very moment, that it made you wiser and stronger. You can make this moment yours and you can make this moment better. It is in your own hands.
Iris Dassault

January 9, 2016

Welcome Jose Manchado

Member since 2007

"Ezra revenge"
Art Model Yolanda

Born in Canary Island and living in Aranjuez, Spain, Jose Manchado is a self taught photographer, who learned his art watching pictures of numerous artists.

Self-called wildlife photographer, Jose Manchado is one of this incredibly prolific creator (more than 150 000 photographs with male and female art models) who is thinking night and day about photography. A devoted passionate...

Have a look into his huge portfolio and you will discover a talented photographer, working sucessfully on a wide range of themes.

"Binda Pict"

"Family walk"

"Cuckoos nest"
Art Model Ana

" The first thing I teach to a new model it's respect. If the model don't feel secure in a shooting, she won't make the things right. The models are always my friends because we work together in the picture and it ends better with two minds on it."

Art Models Yoko and Lau

"Under Aphrodite's influence"