December 29, 2007

Jarda Balek, "Marquita in cellar" Series

"Marquita in cellar" Series

Red Mahan, underwater shoots

" Chris, many thanks for the "push" to get my work out there. I have come to realize that the reason that I am doing this work is to show, to visually show the world that this is possible.That it is actually not a dream, not a fantasy, but really possible to be with these amazing creatures in a way that is not about exploitation, domination or termination. They want to be with us, if we will be nice.

Hence, the nudes. There is no armor, no weapons, no separation, there is innocence, vulnerability, an true opportunity to "be" with their "being". I suspect that that is an underlying factor in why we all like to look at, admire, appreciate and enjoy "nudes". We are human beings after all.

Thanks so much for getting some of that work up and accepting and appreciating my message within the work.

Aloha. " Red Mahan

"Emily Whale Dolphin. F"

"Emily Dolphin 2"

"Dolphin dream"

December 24, 2007

Red Mahan

" Some of the very humpback whales that I was swimming with in Moorea are slatted to be killed by the Japanese whaling fleet headed right now to the arctic.

Once you have been with these animals it hurts your heart to know what we (mankind) have been doing to them for so many years, I want my art to be a witness to the world that we are truly connect to the other sentient beings, nature and this earth." Red Mahan

December 21, 2007

Aloha Red Mahan

" My work is about a celebration of life thru the beauty and magic of the human form." Red Mahan

You'll find Red Mahan at his official site, One Model Place, Model Mayhem, deviantART.

"Sacred moment"

Red Mahan is a creative digital photographer, an artist and an architect located in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

Above all, I like his philosophy which is mine in all my words : "Love is the key". He's right, there is no other way to change the world.

Having said that, Red Mahan is specialized in amazing underwater color pictures where are swimming wonderful mermaids. His artistic vision is breathtaking and absolutely stunning. Except Todd Essick, I've never seen such a beautiful and dreamy work, enchanting and spiritual.

"Swim free"

My work is about a celebration of life thru the beauty and magic of the human form.

The intention behind my work is to show our human connection to nature and the other sentient beings that live here and to empower those that work with me to see the unique and special gift of light they shine to the world.

The areas that interest me are sustainability, indigenous wisdoms relevant for our world today, the value and purpose of art towards creating a world without war, and empowerment of women towards a just and equitable voice in politics and decision making. Love is the key.

"Goddess of wind"

"Galaxy joy"

Red Mahan ©

Wahid Erwan joins us

"Sea 2"

Wahid Erwan lives in Indonesia. End of the story. It's a short one, I know, but it's all I found about this very good photographer who really deserves to be known. And don't wait about anything else cause his english is too bad. So, let's just admire his beautiful work.

"Sky 2"

"Sky 4"

"New Dark 10"


"Dark 8"

December 15, 2007

Welcome Ian Mc Innes



Sometimes it's a little... ?... difficult... :

- Chris, Nov 12 : I really like your work ! Would you be ok for an interview ?
- Ian, Nov 12 : Many thanks Chris. Yes, it would be a pleasure to be included on the site.
- Chris, Nov 13 : I'm very glad you agree, blablabla...
- Chris, Nov 17 : Dear Ian, I really need to know more about you. I didn't find any bio...? Do you have one, even a short one ?
- Ian, Nov 29 : Apologies for the delay. If you're still wanting a bio and the interview questions please let me know and I'll get them off to you.
- Chris, Nov 29 : Don't apologize, I can understand. First, yes, I want your bio. After, yes, the interview, when you'll find the time...

------------- End of the communication ------------------

So... I can't tell you a word about Ian Mc Innes, except that he lives in United Kingdom, Scotland to be exact, and makes wonderful pictures that deserve an article. Maybe one day, he'll give us a little more ?

"Never have to ask for the keys"


Ian Mc Innes ©

December 13, 2007

"The Meaning of Inspiration", by Lin Bee (Fluffytek)

Inspiration... Is there an artist who could shoot, paint, write without Her (and not it !) ?

I call Her my Muse. She's a Woman inside me, She's my intimate Goddess, and sometimes, I must confess it, some dead writers who use my hand... I know it, I feel them, I hear their voices in my head while they are dictating me texts I didn't plan.
Inspiration is my breathe, my oxygen, the only Goddess I live for, the only one I'll die for. Sometimes She flows like a torrent I can't stop, and often I walk alone in the desert of Her dreadful absence, praying all the Gods I know to find Her, again and again, like a crazy lover, living by Her and dying without.

Here is a wonderful text about Her written by Lin Bee from Fluffytek Art Blog, and illustrated by the great Rich Bee. I love it, of course. It's powerful, clear, beautifully written and I'm sure you'll find it truly... inspiring.

“Inspiration” is a sacred word. It literally means “God-breathed” or given by the inspiration of God." Lin Bee

" One of the most over-used words in the nude photographic world is “inspiration.” You only have to go on MM or other photography forums to notice that photographers and models use the term all the time.

“Darling you inspire me !” is a phrase I’ve heard way too much over the last couple of years. Of course, it’s a compliment, and it’s meant well, but it’s kind of like an air-kiss or a friend request on MM. It’s usually not a true feeling - it’s just another form of networking, of pimping yourself. Used too often, it’s meaningless and empty. It’s just another love fest.

I guess I sound pretty grumpy and cynical about this, and you’re right, I shouldn’t be. Everyone likes to hear they inspire others. Of course they do. And I wanna be loved as much as the next model. Show me mega-love people ! Heck, I really WANT TO be the most inspiring - middle - aged - nude - model - writer ever (yeah, right, like that‘s ever going to happen.) And you never see Rich objecting to being told he’s an inspirational photographer (he gets told it often.)

" But does it mean anything ?

" Well, it means a great deal if the person saying it genuinely feels an emotional response to your work, but I’m guessing this actually happens a lot less than we would like to believe. Otherwise Rich and I would be such amazingly inspirational icons, we’d be walking on water by now.

“Inspiration” is a sacred word. The Greek word for inspiration is “Theopneustos.” It literally means “God-breathed,” or given by the inspiration of God. The theology is that the Divine Being / spirit / goddess /giant - marshmallow - man who presides over us all actually uses human faculties to guide mortals to “record the ultimate truth.”

" Basically, the word is used (in both the theological and the artistic sense) to explain a supernatural or mysterious divine influence on artists, musicians, writers, photographers and so forth to record, communicate and channel the truth. This process of “making truth” requires a combination of both the artist’s human personality, intermingling with the revelation inside the artist’s head. Only if both elements are present, can powerful art be created.

" Inspiration is therefore much more than stimulating someone into having a new photographic or artistic idea. It is more than giving someone a new insight into a way to produce a pretty picture. Of course, the word is usually used in these contexts, and many photographers will say, “I was inspired by Ansel Adams / Weston / Insert - another - great - photographer's - name-here to take this shot.” Naturally, studying another photographer will give you rough ideas, and you might like to copy his ideas and adapt them to your own. However, to me at least, inspiration is much more than that.

As a photographer (or a dedicated art model who is passionate about art) you shoot because you have to. It is essential to you as eating. If you don’t make art, you’ll be grumpy, unfulfilled, hell to live with. Part of you is missing if you’re not making that photograph, creating that image in your head. Only when you’ve made that imaginary picture actually real, and recorded on camera, only then can you feel release.

" This process is what I mean by “inspiration”.

" You might not believe in God or the giant marshmallow-man, although this is actually irrelevant. The mere fact that “something” inside you makes you create those pictures - THAT is the process of real “inspiration”. The process comes from your own psyche. Not from reading other people’s work, or looking at other people’s photographs or paintings. Other artists may stimulate your thoughts, but the real inspiration comes from YOU the artist, and whatever supernatural or psychological force you tune into when you experience the process of artistic creation.

" So my plea to you is not to use the word “inspired” lightly.

" You are your own inspiration. You create your own truth. No-one else can give that to you.

" Of course, for those who don't remotely believe in divine beings or supernatural - marshmallow - men (hi Rich !), then you should clearly refer to the next Highest Authority in the Cosmos. Which is Google of course.

" So if you Google “nudes inspiration”, the number one nude inspiration in the world is… wait for it... Iris Dassault (as reviewed by Newcastle Art Nudes.)"

December 12, 2007

Iris Dassault : A softer side of me

Iris Dassault by Tom Ma
"Her chair"

" One of the things that always amazes me about my images is how different my body can look from image to image. Depending on the pose, the lighting, and yes, the time of the month, my body can look strong and toned, or soft and curvy.

Mind you, my weight has not fluctuated much more than a few pounds since I started modeling, my body seems to be content with its current status. I believe everybody has a set point weight, and you have to either completely starve yourself or pig out to get away from that balance.

I used to really cringe at the soft images, beat myself up for not being skinny/toned enough. I liked to see the ribs, I liked to see the muscles move underneath my skin when I moved, I liked to see the line that runs across my abs when I stretched and flexed.

Everybody likes to be toned and strong, and so many consider curves to be a bad thing. Curves equal "fat chick", right ?

Then I have to remind myself that I should just be happy to be me, and to be able to express myself in many ways, including by presenting my softer side. Someone close to me reminded me yesterday that this softer female side works for me because it represents who I really am, inside and outside. To me, softness translates in more than just body shape. There's softness in skin and hair, and even though those are rarely obvious in images, they are actually my proudest physical possession. Maybe it's because I refuse to shave my legs/arm or use hair spray, maybe it's because it just fits me that way. And even though I can be tough if I need to be, in person, or through posing, I will always value a softer approach to life and being. I no longer mind showing my softer side.

It's been a long ride to get to this point, and I've conquered many insecurities. I know that I will always have the occasional day that I cringe at what my body looks like, wish I could be just as skinny as the pretty young things out there, but I know, deep down, that it's really all OK just the way it is.

So here is a softer side of me..."

by Glen Watley