September 30, 2008

September 28, 2008

Erin, the photographer

I believed Erin was only modeling, big mistake ! Have a look on her photographies.

"Brooke Lynne"

"Every Little Thing"
Art Model Brooke Lynne

"Eight Days a Week"
Art Model Brooke Lynne

My tribute to Yuri Bonder

In loving memory.

Yuri Bonder at In memory


"c Nude"

By Tony Dummett, photographer :
" To me the strength of Yuri's main body of work lies in his use of saturated colors as integral elements of his composition and the unusual perspectives he has taken on his varied subjects. A refreshing change indeed.

He demonstrates a confidence with his medium and a quirkiness of visualization that is both motivating to his fellow photographers (to get out and take some more pictures), and interesting to look at in itself.

Look closely at Yuri's images. They are what photography is (or should be) all about : use of your eyes, reflexes and your mind, all combined in one instant of capture to communicate a worthwhile idea."

"In Paradise Garden"

Rest in peace. Your images live on forever.


September 26, 2008

Bookstore update !

You, art-lover, viewer, reader, in your opinion, how long does it take to create an artwork ? Does it let enough time to make anything else ?... Mmmmh ?...

Furthermore, is there another choice for the artist than to dedicate all her/his life, night and day, to the art which choose her/him ? And never the opposite, believe me.

All the Contributing Artists of this site sell their artworks (the only right word), books and calendars, maybe etc. And beyond my passionate dedication for all of them, I run also this site to promote them.

So you who know how sad would be our world without Art, go and order !


By Gerhardt Thompson
The Sun Drenched Nude contains 75 black and white photographs by the internationally acclaimed fine art nude photographer Gerhardt Thompson, a master of the artistic nude in the landscape and a man whose vision seamlessly binds the beauty of the female form with the beloved landscapes of the Australian bush and beach. A must have for all lovers of fine photography !

The Sun Drenched Nude is 155 pages with 75 photos from seven of Gerhardt's award winning series.

All pages are printed on 100# matte coated text. The book is an 8 inches high and 10 inches wide hard cover perfect bound book with a printed and laminated dust jacket.

Dave Levingston

"The Figure in Nature"

Beautiful women photographed in beautiful locations from California to Maine.
Dave Levingston integrates the female figure into the landscape and reveals relationships that go to the core of our ideas of beauty.
A delight for the eye and the intellect.
Printed : 100 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect binding, full-colour interior ink

His 2 new 2008 calendars are available here.

First Sessions

" Fine art photographer Stephen Haynes is pleased to offer a signed monograph covering first sessions with seventeen extraordinary fine art nude models, entitled First Sessions.

This gorgeous photography collection includes over a hundred photos from first and subsequent photo shoots with models who range from first-time amateurs to seasoned professionals.

Each model's pages describe her first session before the camera. If you are a fan of Mr. Haynes's work, you will recognize names such as Meg, Donna, Bridget, Abigail, and many others."

" In the still air represents the first collected works of photographer Scott Nichol.

The volume explores the female figure and its place within the natural landscape. The photographs included in this volume work thematically through the cleansing power of water, self reflection, and the healing nature of the air and sky.

This volume will be printed in an edition of 50 signed and numbered books. The book is 40 pages with photographs in black and white as well as selected color plates. Book includes a glossy, fully printed dust jacket that also features photographs from the series. Photo pages are printed on a smooth matte finished 80lb text stock.

Signed and numbered copies of the book are available immediately for purchase. To purchase one of the few remaining copies of this rare volume, please visit my web site here : in the still air."___________________________________________

Wet is centered on the idea of movement, and to catch the moment where the "subject" is no longer modeling.

To incorporate movement, sometimes repeatedly, until what's left is unguarded expression and immersion in the moment.

This is Iksodas's second outing in book form, and follows his acclaimed "The Beauty of the Moment"

To purchase : here.

In this, his first exclusive printed collection of figure work and nudes, Nad Iksodas has compiled years of his photography into a single volume.

The Beauty of the Moment features 98 pages featuring 95 images, 84 of them full size !

This volume is sure to be an excellent edition to your collection, or your coffee table.

To purchase : here.


" Well, the Goliath book "My Favorite Model" is now officially out all over the world.

You can see my set of pictures of the beautiful Justine. You can also see my ugly mug in the back of the book, if you want to put a face to these words.

It's a really nice book, great quality.

Lot of great pictures of beautiful woman from around the world."

"My Favorite Model" :
43 Outstanding Contemporary Photographers Portray
44 Gorgeous Models.

"A month ago... One of our distributors found 8 boxes of the Premiere issue of NUDE in their warehouse. This, on the heels of our celebrating the completion of our first year publishing, inspired an idea celebrate this anniversary.
We have created a special "boxed" collectors edition of the first year of NUDE Magazine. All four issues. still in their original shrink wrap, and sealed into an open ended box that displays the spines of the four issues. A perfect display for your bookshelf or display case.
This collection includes interviews, photography, and art by some of the most reknown photographers and artists in the world including: Lucien Clergue, Leonord Nimoy, Kim Weston, Norbert Guthier, Carrie Leigh, Sylvie Blum, Guenter Knop, Antoine de Villers, Joel Adams, Francois Benveniste, Nick Ash, Francis Keating, Craig Srebnik, and dozens of others.
There will only be 250 boxed editions made, with a certificate of authenticity that will be signed and numbered by NUDE Magazine's publisher and contributing photographer, Carrie Leigh, and embossed with our corporate seal."

"Dear Fine Art Photographers, Bloggers and Models, This is just to inform you of a new set of photographic art books now available via

The books contain a selection of some of my fashion and figure work over the last two years with three local models. Each book includes around 30 full page images in black and white and colour, and marks my first venture into this field.

The intention is that any profits made from the sales of these publications will assist in financing further projects for our Photo Arts Group.

The books to purchase here :


To order his new book :
François Benveniste
80 pages
154 x 234 mm
ISBN : 2-915460-57-5


so Kyla
Carnet n°1

Just published !
Standard Portrait
8x10 inches (20x25 cm)
38 pages

His first "carnet" dedicated to two exchanges he had with Kyla Cole.

To purchase : here.

The title is "My Body, My Soul" and it is released by a french editor "les éditions Ragage".

I am really excited to have my first book realized, and I consider it is a real chance for me that an editor accepted to publish my work.


IDEAL by Andy Julia
Orkus Editions 2005
180 pages,
Luxuous paper,
Color and duotone BW printing.

Andy Julia
Editions Ragage 2007

92 pages,
Beautifull black & white sepia toned and colour printing.


His book to purchase here

"This book examines the nude without makeup artists, hair stylists, lighting experts, and studios. It explores people in familiar, secure surroundings : their homes.

We have the opportunity to glimpse this private world that Joris Van Daele documents with sensitivity and an eye for detail."
Standard Landscape 10x8 inches (25x20 cm)
120 pagesPublished : July 14, 2008

The Whispers of the Mind project was an ambitious undertaking by fine art nude photographer Richard Rasner of Nakayama Studios back in 2004.

It featured over 25 different models in various costumes at locations all over Southern California.
The Whispers of the Mind book contains all 34 original images, re-mastered in stunning high resolution, with commentary from the artist on each one.

Each image is in glorious full color on its own page, with the commentary preceding it on the adjacent page to allow as much room for detail as possible.

Very coloured, well composed, many times models on deep white, all the ingredients are there.

Two books about him :

Cuts to find here
Help to find here


By Gary Mitchell

Dark Light

" I've taken the plunge and put together my first book, Dark Light, which is available now. It's 70 pages with 68 photographs and features a variety of images, some of which have been presented here, and a number of shots I prepared for potential inclusion in the "Dark Visions" show. It includes work spanning the last 18 months or so, and is fairly representative, but by no means exhaustive.

I'd like to thank all the models who participated in making the images, as well as everyone who has helped and encouraged me along the way. Your support has made all the difference."

By John Running
Genetic Imprints

The Muse of the Image
Genetic Imprints is a mook of a Photographic exhibition held at the Flagstaff Photography Center Gallery.
It is a series of 21 photograph of nude models and wild animal skulls. It is a book about life - not death.

Large Format Landscape 13x11 inches (33x28 cm), 44 pages

Published: September 6, 2007

By Scott Church
" My fifth book of photography, "Infimis", is now available.
The book is beautiful, hard cover, full color, 232 pages, lots and lots and lots of my pictures.

This is the definitive greatest hits book going back 15 years all the way to a shot I did while still in the Navy in 1992.
Also included are wonderful behind the scenes stories about almost every shot written by the models appearing in the photographs, (yes, that was an accomplishment in itself).
It is a true sit down and read sort of book besides being a pretty damn good picture book too."
Standard Landscape 10x8 inches (25x20 cm) 232 pages
Published: October 18, 2007___________________________________________

Irakly Shanidze - "Snipers in Love"

To purchase his book, go : here.

"Snipers in Love" is a great example of how different approaches to fine art photography can coexist in perfect harmony under the same cover. "Snipers in Love" is a collection of two hundred photographs that are enchanting and intriguing, provoking and plain funny.
Photographs of Garik Avanesyan (Czech Republic), Pavel Dolezal (Czech Republic), Irakly Shanidze (USA) and Edward Tevosov (Russia) are different in style and content, but they all have something in common : all four artists treat photography not as a tool for mere recording reality, but as an opportunity to visualize their unique and at times peculiar way of seeing the world and to bring it to a viewer."

Mark Varley

'Beautiful Bondage', the art of rope bondage, volume one' was shot in early 2006 and produced in partnership with my then-assistant John Grinter, it was a combination of decorative rope bondage (another passion of mine) beautifully photographed and a how-to guide for the rope ties.

'London Bound' was shot in the first half of 2007 and took rope bondage into the homes of real London women, many were trying bondage for the first time, it's all real and photographed in a very 'real' way. I have copies of my books here and this is the one I pick up and flick through most of the time, I love it myself.

'Fine Art Nude Photography', so-titled as I feel my nudes fit squarely in this category, is a compilation of 250 fine art nude images I photographed between 2004 and 2006.

Huge PS : dear contributing artists,
if you don't see your book(s) here,
just tell me !

September 25, 2008

It's not nude !

A large majority of the contributing artists of this site have a large range of themes. They love Fine Art-Nude, that's clear, but they also keep their eyes wide open.

Paul Alexander -
"A Whiter Shade of Pale"

Kamil Krawczyk
"Darkness is coming"

Alessandro Ansuini -
"Acciaio vol II"

Mattthew Pearl -
"Into The Beautiful Void"

Niko Guido

Mike Slygh -
"Window Light"

Beau eRomantica -
"The Sentinel"

Vic -
"Autopsy of an urban night"

Yuri Bonder -

Steve Johns -

Grzegorz Kulinski -

Marseille Photo -