May 4, 2011

Madonna nudes by Martin HM Schreiber and Lee Friedlander, in 1979

Madonna Louise Ciccone
August 16, 1958, Bay City, Michigan, U.S.
1,64 m

She was 20 years old and paid 30$ for the photoshoot.

"On 12 February, 1979, a quiet, shy young woman walked into my studio for the first time. She was the nude model for my photography class that evening. She said that she was a dancer, her name was Madonna Ciccone.

She was not only a welcome relief from the average lumpy, but sweet, art-class model, but she was also one of the loveliest models I ever photographed. 

This book is a celebration of the human form, a dedication to an innocent, determined young woman and to all figure models. It is a tribute to Madonna and anyone like her who aspires and through ambition, hard work and perseverance, achieves their goal. Bravo."

Lee Friedlander

Madonna was around 20 and was trying to make a living when she responded to Friedlander's newspaper ad seeking a nude model. She was paid only $25.

"Lee Friedlander Madonna photographs were a series of photographs of the future pop star taken by the US photographer in 1979. Then an unknown dancer living in New York, Madonna answered a classified advertisement from Friedlander seeking models to photograph. Friedlander was a student at the time of the shoot and Madonna is said to have received just $25 to pose for the photographs. The collection later appeared in Playboy in 1985 following Madonna’s rise to fame, with the magazine paying in the region of $500,000 for the rights."

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