March 30, 2013

Stan Boulton's Interview

" Being the owner operator of a portrait studio, studio is the the simplest to organize, so the majority of my work is studio based. In fact my first outdoor nude session didn’t take place until December 2008. I have since done some more outdoor work and plan to do more in the future. I enjoy the challenge of shooting outdoors, even if I’m spending half my time looking over my shoulder !" Stan Boulton

Art Model Michaela

Stan Boulton at his official site, Studiovogue Photography, Net Model, deviantART, his first feature.

Dear Stan, I know you've begun to shoot after a car accident. Why this sudden passion ? From where does it come ?

I'd always had an interest in photography. During the early 90's I did quite a lot, mainly of trains and family, but did feel limited by being at the mercy of labs, and the skill (or otherwise) of the operator.

There was a lengthy hiatus over the late 90's and while I had been looking at digital camera's for a while, it wasn't until after the accident that I decided to make my first digital investment, a Sony F707.

Initially most of the shots I took were family, pets and landscapes, but I soon found myself throwing the Sony in my bag and carrying it virtually everywhere. I soon found myself taking more and more photo's of people, and found myself really enjoying capturing people. I also found sites like Photosig, and learned, and gained much inspiration from sites like that.

"Torso 1"
Art Model Lauren

I soon was being asked to shoot people, and the following year upgraded to my first DSLR. At first lack of confidence bugged me as I really struggled with posing my subjects, so I ended up joining a couple of modeling sites and quickly gained the attention of a couple of very generous professional photographers. One of whom generously offered to give me some coaching.

At this time I hadn't considered the nude as a subject, mainly out of consideration for my partner, but still felt that it was something I wanted to do.

I felt that if I could successfully shoot a nude, then I was well on the way to being a successful photographer.

"Fashionable Cosmetic..."
Art Model Dollybeck

By early 2006 my confidence was increasing, and with the encouragement I had received, my partner quickly responded to an advert offering what is now my studio for sale.

"Rope 8"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

After the usually to-ing and fro-ing we signed the contract and took over SVP in june 2006.

Part of the service of the business included what was euphemistically called intimate portraiture, and after some long conversations with my partner, we agreed to maintain that element of the business. With the assistance of the previous owner we then booked the beautiful AnneD and were launched into the world of art and glamour photography. Fortunately Anne's confidence and John's experience carried the day...

We're never alone when we find our way !... It's a really nice story Stan, thanks to share. So, you can't stay a long time far from your camera. Do you think you could make something else ?

Oddly enough since turning professional I tend not to carry my camera with me all the time. I never leave town without it but often leave it at the studio over a weekend. Sometimes I do regret not having it with me but maybe I'm just getting lazy, a 1Ds and 70-200 f2.8 isn't exactly a pocket camera !

As to other art form's I used to make models and had a great vegetable garden but with the accident found those activities very painful... Now with the studio and working 6 days a week I just don’t have time.

"Cave 6"
Art Model Seraphiim

"Sleeping beauty"
Art Model Seraphiim

Art Model Jessamyne

I saw many BW pictures in your portfolio. Could you tell us some words about this choice ?

I like BW, but I love the flexibility that digital provides. Often I’m undecided and do both versions.

I don’t necessarily think that colour precludes an image being art, but some images have greater impact in monochrome.

Except nude art, is there another genre you enjoy ?

Many ! While I don’t shoot many landscapes these days I still can't resist a great scene under good light. I’ll still occasionally shoot trains, planes and cars, and enjoy the portraiture. I’m also developing and interest in high fashion, and like adding a little theatrics into my work

Art Model Jesi

Art Model Michaela

Before a shooting, do you plan every details or do you let you a large part of improvisation ?

Oddly enough I rarely go into a session with anything more than a concept, and often end up with something very different to what I expected.

I see my art sessions as a collaboration and have been blessed with working with some very talented models whose input into a session cannot be understated.

I see myself as somewhat conservative in how I pose my models, and as a result tend not to suggest potentially revealing poses. In many cases it is the models themselves that adopt or suggest what may be considered risqué poses and leave it up to me to ensure that decency is maintained.

"Alien reflections"
Art Model Michaela

Film or digital ? Both, if I've well understood ?...

I’m totally digital these days. When I took over the studio I inherited a very nice Mamiya 645, which the previous owner had serviced prior to our take over – its never worked properly since !

I have dabbled with film but find that I’m too much of a control freak to be happy with what the labs might do with it... and then I’d want it scanned so I can finalize the image in photoshop anyway !

"Dance pose"
Art Model Michaela

You can't be clearer. I saw studios, outdoors, indoors shots... Is there a type of locations that you really prefer ?

Being the owner operator of a portrait studio, studio is the the simplest to organize, so the majority of my work is studio based. In fact my first outdoor nude session didn’t take place until December 2008. I have since done some more outdoor work, and plan to do more in the future.

As for preference while I find the privacy and control provided by the studio great there is a limit to what one can do, unless one is in a position to rotate props regularly . I enjoy the challenge of shooting outdoors, even if I’m spending half my time looking over my shoulder !

"On the rocks 9"
Art Model Candace Nirvana

If I may, I encourage you to keep going on to shoot outdoors. Your photographs are truly beautiful.
Talking about beauty, some words about your art models ?
Dollybeck, Candace Nirvana, Seraphiim, for example ? How do you direct them ?

What can I say ?

I have worked with some of the most beautiful, sensitive, creative people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet.

They all bring differing elements to a session and in some respects I hope that I captured some element of their personalities within my work.

"Portrait of an artist"
Art Model Seraphiim

Some like Dollybeck bring many years of experience to a session (she’s been a model for over 20 years) and most of the models I work with all have had fairly lengthy careers, and often talents not directly related to modeling.

Seraphiim for example is both a musician and an artist so I’ve been working on incorporating those elements into my work with her.

Others, such as Candace Nirvana, and Dollybeck’s husband Simon have a dance background, and again I think the work reflects this.

As for directing, I tend to suggest an idea and let them work through the concept, although I do sometimes adjust the pose if necessary. I also welcome their suggestions and some of my favourite work has been a result of my model’s ideas.

Is there an art model with who you dream to work ?

That is an interesting question. I don’t know that I have any particular individual in mind, but I’d like to work with a dancer on a nude project : I don’t incorporate a lot of movement into my work and its an area I need to expand more.

Art Model Jesi

This picture above, "Arched", seems to respond to your wish of more movements. Now, one of my favorite questions : Stan, how do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Usually exhausted ! But keen to see the results, and inevitably burn the midnight oil trying to get some early edits in.

"In knots"
Art Model Lauren

Art Model Anne

A difficult question, I know, but what is your own favourite photo ? Could you choose one ?

I don’t think I have a single favourite, more a case of a favourite from a session : Blue rope, from my first session still holds a pride of place on display. But there are many that I’m really happy with and proud to have taken them.

Are you working on a special project ?

Hmmm... I’m not sure that I have an actual project in mind. I’m still learning the art of the nude, and while I have some ideas that may eventuate I’m still working towards producing that piece of art that could grace someones living room.

"More knots"
Art Model Michaela

Or maybe a challenge you're dreaming about, day and night ?

We all have dreams. I’d like to work more on location, perhaps in some of the older buildings and hotels we have in Australia.

I’d also like one day to incorporate the nude into a railway setting. It would be an interesting spin on the industrial nude.

No less than two dreams ! Two projects in fact. Time will come soon, because you're already on the way, believe me... Do you plan an exhibition of your work ?

At this stage apart from DA and Redbubble the only exhibitions I have had to date are online at Michelle 7. I haven’t to date put much thought into a gallery exhibition. That will no doubt come but when… not sure...

Art Model Candace Nirvana

"I wonder if..."
Art Model Candace Nirvana

I didn't see any book about your work ? Is there one to come ?

Again I haven’t thought much about books. I can't say one isn’t a possibility in the future but at this stage, not yet.

What is your best way to promote your work ?

Self promotion is perhaps one of my greatest weaknesses. I’ve tended to put work online on sites like Pbase, DA, Redbubble and Michelle7, and had some interest from the community. The encouragement certainly keeps me going ?

What am I doing right now ?!... Never stop, it's your passion and your vocation. And concerning the self promotion, you're not alone to have some problems with. So, let's be clear, where can we purchase your prints ?

I sell prints via Redbubble and DeviantART, or can print Ultrachrome K3 prints to 24*36” myself.

Art Model Seraphiim

Is there a question nobody ask you and you would like to answer ?

Hmmm... What drives me.

One of the greatest tragedies of the past few years has been a counter reaction to the liberties gained during the 60’s and 70’s.

Once again we are seeing a society that is increasingly seeing nudity in purely sexual terms, and nudity as a whole is something to be ashamed of. I hope that in some small way I can present the nude as an empowering.

I agree Stan. And here, we are all daily fighting against this crazy new censorship. What advice would you give to someone who want to work in your genre ?
By all means try it. But approach your subject with maturity and expect some tribulations along the way.

Nothing is easy. A message you’d like to leave to our readers ?

I’d like to thank them for their interest in my ramble. I hope they like what I’m trying to achieve.

I'm sure ! Thanks a lot Stan. It was a great interview.

"Queen of the sea 7"
Art Model Seraphiim

March 16, 2013

Sita Mae Edwards' interview

Sita Mae Edwards at her official site, her blog, Model Mayhem, Streetwise Art, deviantART.

A Master of Shapes.

You know how much I love women photographers. One day I'll write why but I'm sure you guess. What impressed me in the work of Sita Mae Edwards is her vision of the female body. She goes beyond what I could expect. It's a long time I was looking for a photographer who doesn't hesitate to shoot art models with forms. Done. And so well.

"Love Song To Weston"
Art Model Wenona

Art Model Stella Dean

California native Sita Mae Edwards is an internationally published and exhibited portrait and figure photographer. Though new to exhibiting her work publicly, she has already shown in a dozen group exhibits in four different states, including the San Diego Art Institute's Annual, The Dirty Show, Nude Night Tampa/Orlando and ArtPrize, as well as internationally at Vancouver Photo Haus Gallery's "Eros" February show.

Additionally, Sita Mae’s work has been featured on a full page of the January 2011 issue of French PHOTO, as well as two issues of UK’s Filament Magazine, including being featured on the January 2011 cover with a feature interview with her, as well.

One of the few photographers currently exhibiting almost exclusively on sheets of aluminum, her photography has been called “lush,” “fresh,” and “strong.” She is represented by Streetwise Art.

"Swan Dive"
With Art Models Mischief Vixen and Eden Eris

Art Model Sarah

"This is one of the most accomplished art models in the country at the moment. She's got images hanging in museums around the world. To say that I was nervous about working with a model who has experience with some of the best photographers around is an understatement !
She was wonderful, though, and we had a great time."

Dear Sita Mae, tell us how and when did your passion for photography begin ?

I was convinced that I had no art in me until I met Jason Fassnacht, a wonderful artist and figure photographer, in 2004. By 2005 he had seduced me to the dark side, and almost without my realizing it, he turned me into someone obsessed with photography.

So, impossible for you to do something else ?

Oh, no. When I was younger I tried singing, dancing, poetry, short stories, painting, pottery, charcoal, and even stone sculpture. I was abysmal at everything, which is why I became convinced that I didn’t have any art in me, despite my lifelong yearning toward expression. It’s a terrible feeling, being an artist without an art.

"The Penthouse"
Art Model Nerlande

Ho yes ! More than terrible. But let's forget this nightmare we all cross. So film or digital ? Contemplating your photographs, maybe both ?

Both ! I learned with digital, but I spent about a year with no access to a computer, and in that time I was forced to learn to shoot with film, which turned into a torrid love affair. Tri-X 400 is my favorite film, and if I were independently wealthy that is all I would shoot with. Practicality dictates that I use digital more often than film these days, however.

Art Model Afua

I knew it ! Your style is very original, personal, there is something different. We feel your passion for the woman as she is since the beginning of time, like in this photograph which remembers me some wonderful prehistorical sculptures. I know how difficult it is, but how could you describe it ?

Art Model Mischief Vixen

I have often been told that I ‘shoot like a man, which I think means that people expect women to shoot softly.

And I often do, with portraits, but with figure work I more often aim for the visual equivalent of Beethoven’s 5th – all crashing drama and a sense that it’s all just a little bit too much.

Modern Primitives Series

"The Bride"
Art Model Sarah

"The Queen"
Art Model Jessalyn

Art Model Modu

In what themes do you find your most prolific inspiration ?

With figure work, my abiding inspiration is the male form. I rarely get to shoot it, because it can be difficult convincing male subjects to do figure work, but if I could shoot men every day, I would.

The dramatic angularity and lines in the male form are incredibly beautiful to me.

"Atlas Defeated"
Art Model Style

"Sarah's Portrait"
Art Model Sarah

You seem to have a preference for the studio ?

I have historically favored working in the studio, because it allows me to focus on the subject to the exclusion of all else. Due entirely to necessity, I have recently been broadening my visual horizons to incorporate other elements, and have become fond of shooting in hotel rooms. I think every photographer goes through a hotel room phase, and I am in the thick of mine !

Tell us some words about your incredible art models ?

I am incredibly lucky in my subjects. I have had the opportunity to photograph many of the best art models working today, and quite a few have become friends. There is a wonderful, collaborative, creative magic that happens when making photos with art models that is difficult to describe. It feels less like subject and creator, and more like a creative endeavor in which everyone pours themselves into making something beautiful.

With who are you dreaming to work ?

I am dreaming of dancers and gymnasts and acrobats, those who live in every inch of their body, and are aware of it and in control of it from the soles of their feet to the tips of their pinky fingers.

"The Gymnast"
Art Model Nicole B

"Defying Gravity"
Art Model Nicole B

I understand. They know how to act, how to pose, in such difficult positions ! Another difficult question : what is your favourite photograph ?

The way that Edward Weston approached his peppers – with all that adoration of texture and shape and sensuality – that series is an enduring favorite of mine that informs almost everything I attempt to do with the human figure.

Until now, what do you consider as your greatest photographic accomplishment ?

I recently found out, thanks to a kind email from a photographer in Venezuela, that I received a full page feature in the January/February contest issue of French PHOTO.

Considering the open-mouthed, drooling awe I feel about that magazine, to be included in it is a thrilling accomplishment that hasn’t yet sunk in.

Bravissimo !!! Sita Mae, have you some challenges you're dreaming of in a near future ?

I think I might jinx myself if I’m too specific in answering this question, but I will admit that I am dreaming of the few publications that regularly publish fine art figure work ! Fingers crossed for 2011 !


All the dreams come true ! It's just a question of faith. I didn't see any book about your work ? Is there one to come ? I'm sure.

Someday, I certainly hope so ! However, I will be contributing to a German tattoo anthology set to be released in the near future, and I’ll let you know when it comes out.

Don't forget ! Where can we purchase your prints ?

My website has an easy ordering system. At the top of each photo is a little icon of a shopping cart that you can click to order that print. If you would like anything special, such as aluminum prints (which is how I present my work for exhibits), just write to me at !

Last but not least, what advices would you give to someone who wants to work in your genre ?

"Cat B's Bedroom Eyes"
Art Model Cat Bee

Find a mentor. Being able to talk regularly with someone who is talented and experienced in the genre you are looking to pursue is invaluable.

We might not all be able to get a formal photographic education (I don’t have one, either), but many wonderful artists are incredibly generous with their time, knowledge, and feedback. Take advantage of that !

Thanks a lot Sita Mae ! For your kindness, your patience, your talent, and your confidence.

March 12, 2013

Laurie Jeffery interviewed by Howard Nowlan

Howard Nowlan, photographer, interviewes Laurie Jeffery.

Art Model Ivana

It's been my great delight to both work with and get to know Laurie Jeffery in recent months.

We were actually born in the same part of the country ! So here is an opening insight into his amazing work...

Laurie Jeffery was born in 1963 and spent the first four years of his life in a council flat in Greenwich England.

The family moved a few miles away to Blackheath where they stayed until his fathers death.

His passion for photography surfaced early in his life. He was just twelve years old when he began shooting still images. Determined to forge his own path, Laurie headed to college at the age of 17.

"An apartment in Paris" Series

Several years later, having gained a first in his degree at university, Laurie left the U.K. and headed for New York. There his work as a freelance fashion and beauty photographer quickly earned him an enviable reputation amongst his peers winning commissions from clients including American Avon and Vogue.

Upon returning to England, he set up a large and successful studio in Chelsea, London. His work earned numerous national awards including three Clio's, a Show Gold, an Art Directors Gold, a Fuji Film Award, and numerous CA Annuals.

After spending many years a the top of his profession, Laurie began to find commercial image creation less and less of a challenge.
He embarked on journey to discover a new source of inspiration. The journey ended with the most challenging of subjects, photographing the nude form.

"A long summer" Series

"An apartment in Poland" Series

Laurie has gathered an impressive inventory of qualifications and awards over his twenty-year career as a top professional lens man. If, as the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then his often copied work has received high praise indeed. Thousands of people view and clearly love the beautiful images Laurie creates ; many consider him a true artist.

Today Laurie lives and works in Lancashire in the north of England. While he still specializes in advertising, beauty, and TV commercials and film production, he also travels and shoots all over the world with what he calls his "bag of Apples and Nikons."

Art Model Lisa B - Unison Model

Laurie Jeffery is still most passionate about fine art photography.

His work has earned him a reputation as an innovative and creative genius, a true master of all styles of photography.

Art Model Lisa B - Unison Model

 Dear Laurie, do you remember when and how did your passion for photography begin ?

I think the first time I used a camera must have been on holiday with my parents when I was still very young.

I have dim memories of using a Polaroid camera and being the only one in the family who could take pictures without cutting the heads off the subjects.
It wasn’t until secondary school that I really got seriously into photography. I decided I needed a hobby, and it was just blind luck the I picked photography. I remember being thunderstruck seeing an image in the developing tray for the first time. It was a real turning point for me. 

What Photographers inspire you ?

Bailey. He was and is a genius.

Where did you learn your art ?

The formal eduction came from going to get a degree. Having said that, when I went to get some hard nosed experience, working with a few pros in London and New York, I learned more in a few weeks than I did in my entire time getting a degree.
The really cool thing is that I’m still learning. Every time I pick up a camera or work with someone new I learn something. I love the idea of never stopping the education process.

"Who turned off the lights ?"

I read carefully your bio and it seems you're an obsessive photographer, totally devoted to your art. Tell us sincerely how long do you think you could be without your camera ?

I’ve always got a camera with me !

I was sure ! A difficult question : how long did it take to find your style ?

Interesting question. I try not to have one.

So, how would you define your approach to your images ?

A lot of the time it just happens. I’ve been shooting all my life and every time I pick up a camera, the images just seem to flow.
I see pictures everywhere I look.

Art Model Magenta
Unison Model

Where does your work focus, and, given the choice, what kind of work would you like to be doing ?

In the commercial field I’m a hired gun. I shoot what I’m paid to.
My personal work is where my heart is. 

The focus of that is the nude. I live, sleep and breathe nudes. It’s an incredible challenge and I simply love shooting them.

"Pinch punch"
Art Model Janine May

What does photography mean to you ?

A means to create, to express, to celebrate and to communicate.

Art Model Jeannette

"One a day..."

You love to shoot outdoors, and mainly in BW. But do you have a favorite location, a favorite subject, and perhaps a favorite model ?

I love the quality of light in the south of France. I love the drama of the mountains in Spain. The far east is magical. I could go on and on.

The world is a wonderful place to work in !

Favorite models... Impossible to say. Everybody I’ve ever worked with has brought something personal to my work and my world.

What do you plan to do in the next twelve months ?

Work, work, work. I never stop shooting.

Art Model Katy T

Art Model Lisa B - Unison Model

Where can people find your work ?

The easiest way is here
and my web sites, or The second one has a blog. If you visit please leave a comment and tell me “Howard” sent you !

Other than that, my commercial work can be seen anywhere from broadcast TV, to posters, to fashion magazines, to airports.

Art Model Hana

"Claire and Honey"

I hear you're off to the sun this week ?...

Yes, for a short break - and to find some new figure work locations (the passion is still there, even on vacation !).

Thanks, Laurie. I hope you'll enjoy the sun, and I'm sure we'll benefit from your discoveries in the future.