December 31, 2018

A Journey of Beauty and Art in the Deserts of Utah

The majestic and inspiring desert landscapes of Utah, United States, offer photographers almost infinite creative possibilities.

Last summer, Maurice Elmaleh has embarked on a journey of exploration with four great art models: Kate Snig, Anoush ANou, Dasha U Usova and Viribus Femina. He has captured out there real little gems, where feminity and nature merge together into pure splendour.

Fine Art Nude

Black and White

Beauty and Nature


Thank you Maurice for sharing with us such beautiful pictures and allowing us to travel through your eyes.

Soon, Univers d'Artistes' readers will be able to appreciate the latest photographic trip of Maurice Elmaleh, this time marked by the culture and warmth of Mexico. Another promise of ravishment!

December 11, 2018

A kind gift of Rudi Amedeus

"Photography for me is an avocation, a way of living life through a viewfinder or even an old-fashioned wooden camera ground-glass... capturing and documenting how I see the world around me regardless of subject."

with Syrie Moskowitz

More so than men, women have this innate ability to portray multiple personas sequentially, often in short time. This especially emerges when women discover that their real beauty is the acceptance of who they are, where they are in life and how they express this by their “presence” and how they hold themselves.

 with Anastasia

Photography for me is a way of living life through a viewfinder or even an old-fashioned wooden camera ground-glas, capturing and documenting how I see the world around me regardless of subject. 

I prefer not to segment myself, I truly believe an artist should be at home in all the aspects of the chosen craft and hone the required transferable skills. I capture landscapes, cityscapes, bodyscapes with the same ease and passion as the intimate portrait.

As for my work with people, I love to explore the body and I'm fascinated with faces and how emotion is communicated in the often complex photographer/sitter-model relationship, always exploring emotion, angles, space, reflection, light, tonality, heart and soul.

 Twilight in Palermo

I feel fortunate that my subjects embrace working with me, trust me, invite me into their intimate universe in an open and honest way sharing their soul. I relish every moment of this photographer-subject relationship and cherish the bond that is created with the people I photograph.

 From his series around Hands

My artistic vision always aims to document each subject's beauty, complexity, uniqueness and intimacy, creating images saturated with raw emotion. My art has been called cinematic, quiet, emotional, dramatic, intimate...

 Anastasia Arteyeva, Syrie Moskowitz, Glass Olive, Nicole Vaunt and Lillias Right
In the streets of Sicily

Glass Olive in Sicily

Sicily again with Syrie Moskowitz

From :

A beautiful article found in a blog about mature beauty :
"I created this blog to ignite a conversation about the sexual power of boomer women. I hope you join me. Erica Jagger"

Photographer Rudi Amedeus On The Privilege Of Working With Older Women
Source : June 19, 2015 by Erica Jagger
"Respect, trust, listening, demeanor, nonjudgmental… being in touch with my feminine side and trying to convert this all to a timeless BW image portraying the impression of the moment, the strive for beauty. Somewhere in all of this, working with women of all ages, reflecting on my own aging transformation and re-found connecting-with-women freedom, I was privy to feeling the evolution and personal growth women go through when they age with somewhat distinct turning points: 25 35, 40-something, 50 and beyond."

With Amy R Baskerville