February 10, 2012

The nudes of Jorge Pedra

Jorge Pedra, born in 1960 at Porto – Portugal, is a photographer and an architect.

Of his work he says:

I believe that, although photography is always somehow based on reality, every photograph is only partly objective, and is always an interpretation of that reality.

Most of my photography projects are experimental and can rarely be called documentary or even descriptive. I am always looking for an alternative technique, or a new aesthetic. This probably makes me a “user of photography” rather than a photographer. My main goal is to provoke an emotion, in a way that turns the picture into an art object.

Sometimes I use photography mingled with pictorial techniques to produce this art object, and I have frequently used painting over the prints, or over the slides or negative film.

I love photographing nudes. I’m not interested in glamour photography. Instead, I aim to make photographs with an intrinsic beauty in their formal and aesthetic aspects.

"Nude In Space" concerns the relationship, or the lack of that relationship, between a nude (always female) and an unpredictable space. There is no look; no communication between the model and the viewers.  The nudes are non-erotic...