July 29, 2017

Christian Tode sees the beauty everywhere

A new member of UDA

I met Christian Tode on Facebook, my gold mine, and I was immediatly conquered by the large palette of his talent. From street  life to poses with an assumed vintage touch to superb artistic nudes with all kind of women, Christian Tode passes from a genre to another with a surprising ease and a deep talent. I tried in his first exhibition and not the last to show you how much what I say is true.

Dear Christian, I'm honored to welcome you in the mag and the collective. Thank you my friend ! ūüėä

"Morning chat"
Art Models Denisa Hemsk√° and EliŇ°ka Kubanikova

I was born in Prague and at the age of 14 I got my first Flexaret camera. But even before I assisted to my father in his darkroom, was mixing developers, fixer, toners. 

In the days when digital cameras first appeared on the market, I wanted to try them as well. But after three years in the electronic world, once, within one week, I experienced several strange coincidences that convinced me to return to the classical photography. 

I got one of the B&W magazine issues with beautiful BW photos from the '50s showing atmosphere of american night clubs at that time. Then my grandfather passed away and when going through his ex-belongings, in the attic, I found couple of glass plates. These were seventy years old photo glass plates and – immediately – I knew that I´d  wanted to process my photographies in this manner and came back to the classic or maybe vintage photography. I chose tradition. The degree of freedom that surrounds us today is higher then ever before. We have the  opportunity to choose our way, which was not always obvious.  This option however has its drawbacks in the application. Sometimes we are waisting time in new and innovative approaches and security of truthful expression is fading away.

 "Lady with a flower"

"Modern girls" 
Art Models EliŇ°ka Kuban√≠kov√° and Denisa Hemska

For me photography hides a lot of beauty inside. Beauty that we can see around us. It is a mysterious world of dialogue between the photographer and the resulting photo and – finally – between viewer and the photo. A world that allows you to look inside, through lens into the other soul. Photography is soul of all the moments that have just disappeared.

"Where have you been"

I believe that everyone has his own god, never mind the name. My god likes natural light. That´s why I prefer taking photos outside, in the open air.  We weren't  born for living in studios . I am pilgrim looking for my world of morning brumes full of hidden emotions.

Showtime !

Some photographies of a beautiful series with Art Model Stana :

"And thinking of her sweet sleep over came me"

 "See you in my dreams"

"Moments with her"



And the other facets of Christian Tode :


"Iva black satin belt"

 "New world seeing"
 Art Model Yanna Ram

  Art Model Yanna Ram

 "Genial woman"
Art Model Yanna Ram

"Summer with Iv"
Art Model Yanna Ram

Christian Tode with this vintage touch I deeply love :

"Morning chat"
Art Models Denisa Hemsk√° and EliŇ°ka Kubanikova

"She is unforgiven"
Art Model Janine Alexander.

"Smart boy"
Art Model KateŇôina DolejŇ°ov√°

 "Sweet, dark fear"
 Art Models Denisa Hemsk√° and EliŇ°ka Kubanikova

July 17, 2017

Dan Van Winkle, glad to be here! June/July Shoots.

I'm glad and proud and honored to welcome a new Art Editor, Dan Van Winkle. Dan is a true friend since the opening of the mag, always kind and joyful. 

Talented and productive photographer, read his 14 articles and his interview to admire his wonderful work. Welcome my friend ! You make my day ūüėä

Christian and I have been friends online for quite some time.  He's invited me in the past to be an editor before, but I didn't think I had the time to give the magazine the attention it deserves.  Now, I think I do. So...here goes my first attempt!

This has been a busy June and July for me.  Typically, I do one to two shoots per month.  In the last two months, I did seven, including 5 in June!  It's been kind of nuts.  I'll include one shot from each of the shoots so folks can see what I've been up to.  There will be more on my website when I work through all of them.

I'm so fortunate to be able to work with such an amazing group of individuals as those seen here.

Nicole Rose - 16 June 2017

Ifteam -21 June 2017

Sarissle -23 June 2017

Sarissle/Kaela 24 June 2017

Mauvais - June 2017

Lily - 3 July 2017

Muirina Fae - 12 July 2017

My daily Facebook "I love"

"De part et d'autre"
Art Model Vera Lavender

Kay Leo
UdA Art Editor
Art Model Annie Dalton

Michaela Sibi 
"First drink"

UdA Art Editor
Street and people photography

"Worker in action"

"Sweet Thoughts"

Art Model Hannah Helizabeth

Art Model Dasha Usova

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July 12, 2017

A gift of Mike Cary

Member since 2008
All about him : his articles

Over the past five or six years I have transitioned to shooting mostly artistic nudes using natural lighting rather then studio lights. Currently I shoot a mix of landscapes, artistic nudes, candid and street photography.

Thank you my friend ūüėä

Art Model Blue River Dream

Art Model Blue River Dream

Art Model Breanna Marie

Art Model Erica J

Art Model Kalli

Art Model Melissa

And 2 great indoors Mike sent me :

Art Model Stephanie Anne Lander

Art Model Kallia