November 30, 2008

A gallery of superb portraits

During a long long time, all people thought that men was only attracted by precise parts of female body. No need to tell you wich ones. But a recent scientific research prooves that the first things they watch are their eyes. I find this really interesting, after centuries of false beliefs.

Andrew Kaiser -
"Faces in Sand"

Alessandro Ansuini -
"Violently happy"

Tiki Llanes -
"Never Say Never"
Model Marcela

Andy Julia -
"Paris axe 18"

Robert Triboli -
"Lily 68"

Arwendur -
"Blue I"

Le Croix -
"Feather... Witchy Woman"

Perry Gallagher -
"Fishnet gloves"
Model Anyssa Jordan -

Nikola Borissov -
"D. with a hat"

Max Lennert

David L Le Beck -
"Iona Lynn 1, 035"

Elipa -

Lara Jade -
"As cold as stone"
Model Hollie

Lora Palmer

Sylvie Blum -
Model Keelie Nicole

Robert Lubanski -
"Ewelina in green"

"Look in your eyes"

November 25, 2008