January 31, 2008

Frank Piccolo, by Iris Dassault


Written by Iris Dassault :

Frank Piccolo is a professonal photographer, located in Windsor Ontario. He has over 20 years of experience as a photographer shooting most film formats from 35mm to Large 4"x5" sheet film and Digital as well.

Frank has a soft spot for fine art photography and he executes his work with a level of precision and detail that really impresses. Believe me, as one of his models, I have witnessed his quest for perfection more than once. His technical depth as a photographer is obvious and undeniable, but he probably surprises me the most with his creative ideas and artistic vision.

"My world"

"Lunar birth"
Art Model IranianLuvGoddess

"Breath taking"
Art model Chantal Melissa

"Rain Barrel"

January 7, 2008

January 6, 2008

Brian Mackey, some of my favorites

Brian Mackey

"Face from the past XXX"
Art Model Sam

"Face from the past XXXI"
Art Model Sam

"Face from the past XXXIII"
Art Model Dorothy

"Face from the past XXXIV"
Art Model Tash

January 5, 2008

Beau Nestor

You'll find Beau eRomantica at his official site, deviantART, One Model Place, Model Mayhem, Purestorm, Net-Model, his first feature, his interview.

"Cass" SeriesArt Model Cassandra

Olaf Starorypinski joins us

" Really look. Pay attention to everything around you. Use your eyes AND your brain together, not just your eyes. And once you've looked, analyzed, pondered, considered and ruminated, then go out and shoot a LOT." Olaf Starorypinski

"Little Red Riding Nori"
Art Model Catphrodite
Backdrop by Marcus J. Ranum

You'll find Olaf Starorypinski at Model Mayhem, Duclerck, an interview by Mike Panic at Photo Forum, Banana Factory, deviantART.


Passionate professional photographer, shooting mostly fashion, fine art, portraiture and editorial, Olaf Starorypinski has been early influenced by the Greek mythology :

"My low key, sculptural treatment of the human body is often an interpretation of that genre."

Friend of Marcus J. Ranum, teacher of Scott Nichol, Olaf is one of the best contemporary photographers.

His compositions are always outstanding and powerful. And we can feel in all his pictures his deep love for light ant lighting, that he perfectly masters, and teaches of course.


Olaf Starorypinski was born in London, England, in 1964, the son of Polish immigrants.

Olaf has always been fascinated with light and he developed an interest in photography and in lighting during his high school years. He has been involved in lighting design for nearly 20 years, including design companies both in the UK and the USA.

Olaf moved to the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1990.


Stylistic influences include David Bailey, Robert Mapplethorpe, Howard Schatz, Herb Ritts, and Helmut Newton. Although the scope of Olaf's subjects is broad, his primary interest has always been people.

Olaf's experience and knowledge of light is the primary influence in his photographic work. Using light to 'sculpt' subjects he creates images from a unique perspective. Critics have described his photographs as "dynamic and sculptural", "works of subtlety and power", and "visual intrigue".

"The Steel 1"
Art Model Catphrodite

"The Steel 8"
Art Model Catphrodite

"Jane 1"

About his models (extract from the interview by Mike Panic) :
" I absolutely believe that a model's personality and talent have a HUGE influence on any image.

If you listen to the world's top photographer's talk about who they like to shoot, you will almost always hear them using words like attitude, charisma, magic, charm, seduction, before they talk about a model's physical attributes.

I've shot dozens of people who are physically stunning and beautiful, but look lifeless and dull in images. Some models can only do one or two looks. To be able to do it all is a very rare talent, and it's why the top models get paid so much."

Art Model Rael C

January 4, 2008

Emel's first feature

You'll find Emel at : his official site, deviantART.


Emel is a young french photographer from Paris, in France (as everybody know it ! I believe ?...).

Portraitist above all, Emel will make a great carrier in photography, without question and any shadow of doubt.

To understand how much she's appreciated, here is a wonderful compliment she received from Paul Cook :

" Your work is so magnificently beautiful that it takes my breath away. My compliments on your incredible work and gallery."

And another nice one from my dear friend and photographer Terrell Neasley :
"I am sincerely adoring your portraiture."



January 2, 2008

New Members' works

" Life is like a good black and white photograph, there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between." Karl Heiner

Wahid Erwan

Jiri Ruzek
"Girl Next Door II"

Andrew Kaiser
"In Bed"

Alex Ingram
"Inchbae 1"
Art Model Helen

Michal Tokarczuk
"Let it be"

Dave Ayerst Davies
Art Model ERosanne

Vahid Naziri
"Candace 13"

Steve Johns
Art Model Kitten

Ian McInnes
"The dreaming"

Robert Lubanski
"Temptation 01"
Art Model Claudia

James M Graham
Art Model Melanie

Beau eRomantica
"Abbey 2"
Art Model Abbey

Scott Nichol
"Pictures of Rael"
Art Model Rael C

Dave Hare
"Classic Skye"

Darren Phillips
"A Day Out"
Art Models Sonja & Bella

Doug Winsor
"At Cristal Cres"

Terrell Neasley
"I like the sun too"