February 14, 2016

Katerina Belkina, from Russia

Katerina Belkina
UdA Member since 2007

From the Herbarium Series

Katerina Belkina is a russian digital artist, painter and photographer. She currently lives and works in Moscow, and is a Member of Russian Union of photo artist.It makes a long time I know her work, and I love it. Acclaimed by fine-art lovers and great artists, I can predict for her, without any doubt or crystal ball, a great, long and successful career.

From the very first day of my life in 1974, I started painting and dancing, changing from one to another, and that's what I still continue to do.

My path was all mapped out for me : school specialized in arts, then art college, then a job in a publishing house, where my hand, that was used to deal with paper, touched the computer for the first time. And the photography was always present near other arts.


From the Herbarium Series

"For Klimt"
Self-portrait (paint)

My grand father and father were taking pictures, and even a little girl, I knew already how the magic pictures appear on the paper. I've just remembered that for the first time I attended the photo workshop at the age of 12.

The "real" photography course, I had it at the age of reason of 26. Up to that moment, I was interested in and I tried every possible art and craft : I was drawing, sculpturing, cutting, embroidering, glueing, oil painting. I had no idea what will become my main profession.

Anyway, the question that I was asking myself was not "How ?", it is a question of technique and instruments, but a more important one : "What ?".

After I was working on the television chain, designing 3dimensional advertising messages. At the same time, I was taking a lot of photos. And at this very moment started to shape something that has always existed, but needed an artistic and personal evolution, something that you can look at today.

"Fish Called Wanda"

"My city and small red dress."

February 6, 2016

Al Calkins, the true life


Member since 2007

I love this Artist for the pleasure he gives us to admire our life as she is, without any make-up. His "women next-door" models have a beauty quite impossible to describe, it would be too long, (and too difficult, don't forget, I'm a french writer). Something is so simple in their poses, so pure in their natural bodies, close to me, shooted in this kind of unic instants we all are looking for.

To make short, there are many reasons why I love the art of Al Calkins and his so wonderful photographs. Enjoy !


"Her flowers"

February 5, 2016

François Benveniste in BW

Expressive BW shots by François Benveniste (France).


"Point of view"
Art Model Liloo

"A study in light"
Art Model Sabrina

"True mood"
Art Model Céline

"Black thoughts"
Art Model Blanka

"V shaped"
Art Model Bo