August 26, 2013

Mosa's interview

"I believe that the human body is a temple containing Spirit, it is a gesture of the vibration that is Universal Consciousness. If God made the human body in its own form, I feel that the body – as a sacred vessel – should be looked upon respectfully, with the utmost reverence." Mosa, OnePixArt.

"RedChina" (set)

Art Model NevaehLleh -
"There is no more"

"NevaehLleh is an amazing art model and a treasure for Artist to work with."

Art Model Nettie R Harris -
"Envy and I"

Dear Mosa, I find your work so romantic, and spiritual, poetic... In what themes do you find your most prolific inspiration ?

My inspiration is mainly spiritual and social-economical. I often get inspired by historical symbols for my work’s themes.

Art Model Mika Meiri
"Sun worship"

"I had the pleasure of working with talented and beautiful young model Mika Meiri. The result is some wonderful images."

For me, art is more than a beautiful picture.

It is deeply connected to social responsibility and educating people, such as when the artist was the “shaman in the cave.”

You seem to have a large preference for indoors and studio shootings... ?

I like to have controlled light and backgrounds therefore I prefer shooting in my studio.

Art Model NevaehLleh -
"Era gone by"


Some words about your art models ?

I am privileged to have worked with many special models. These models see my work and contact me, because my work touches their heart in some way and they desire to collaborate with me.

I do not have any special preferences for body type, look or ethnicity. I usually talk with the perspective model(s) and get inspired from their personality, they are my muses.

I always think that the art project should be beneficial for both myself and my model, to generate growth and enhance our lives.
I try to work with each model for several sessions and that is how the art work is created, as a synergy.

Art Model ArtSonata

"My beloved muse ArtSonata. I have worked much with and planning much more."

Occasionally I ask my models the reason they pose nude ? Often the answer is : for personal growth and over come fears.

Art Model Madrid
"Portrait of a Muse"

"She is a muse by every definition. Thank you dear for being in my life."

Art Model Penelope Grace
from Miss America set

"She is so beautiful..."

Art Model ArtSonata
"Without You"

With who are you dreaming to work ?

As I described above, models come to work with me in a collaborative type of situation. I typically do not seek out a specific model. Once and a while when I ask someone to work with me, it may take a year or two for them to make it to my part of the world in their travels.

Another difficult question : what is your own favourite photograph ?

I don’t have one particular favorite photograph, although I do cherish Elliott Erwitt’s work because when I was young I worked with him and I have many fond memories.

Art Model Jazz
"Modern era Goddess"

"One of my personal favorites with model Jazz"

How do you proceed to obtain such a wonderful result in each of your photographs ?

I don’t consider myself a photographer, but instead a visual artist.

I integrate the camera and digital technology together differently than what I consider to be classical photography. My direction is to work with my photos, add digital post production and then paint on top of them with watercolors, pastels and colleges.

And what is your biggest aspiration ?

My biggest aspiration is that people could gain something from my work and enhance their life.

My hope is that someone learns something or realizes something from my work that helps them to grow.

Art Model AKA
"Jump This Way"

"AKA is a worrier, healer and truly an amazing woman. My admiration for her tenacity and hard work."

Art Model Nora
"Self Reincarnation"

"Losing me"

Have you some challenges (publications, exhibitions...) you're dreaming about in a near future ?

I was recently published in a book with 50 other exceptional artists. This publishing was by invitation only. I truly respect all artists included. The book is on the dark side, an indication of the current human times, called “Obscene Seduction”.

I didn't see any book about your work ? Is there one to come ?

There is one that just came out and there are 3 or 4 more that I am working on. On of those underway is a collaboration with a poet. I have also been focusing on production of museum quality prints of my artwork.

Art Model Nettie R Harris -

"I had the privilege of working with fine model Nettie R Harris while she was visiting LA."

Art Model Mika Meiri
"Study in light and form"

Art Model Lady Anais -
"Holding myself"
from Slayed Geisha Series

What advices could you give to a young photographer ?

I would suggest that aspiring artists look at as many pieces of art work as possible each day… other artists, other work, all different styles. I spend about 2 hours a day doing this and find it very helpful in defining my own style and vision.

Any message you’d like to leave to our readers ?

Due to the way human beings have been conducting themselves, we are experiencing some hard times. I think connection with spirituality and art can help us human beings avoid getting entrapped in this darkness and suffering

And his gift we'll never forget

Art Model Sonia

August 19, 2013

Art Ward's Interviewed by Elena Buga

by Elena Buga
Writer, Singer, and Art Model

I would like to introduce you to a creative individual who allows his models to express freely, my friend, an artist and visionary, photographer Art Ward. He generously gave an interview to tell us what he does and why he does it.

All photographs are of Art Model Elena Buga and were shot in North Antrim, Northern Ireland.

EB : First, tell me about your roots and where you are based.

AW : My roots lie in North Antrim, which is in Northern Ireland. My formative years were spent here, and those experiences gave me a deep affinity for the natural landscape, something that has stayed with me all my life.

"Fair Light"

I first got into photography when I was 11, and later music and art. The only thing I was good at in school was art, so I left school at 15 with no qualifications. I moved to London and worked for a graphic company that later harnessed my creative abilities.

Two years later I did my first commercial work for Guinness.

EB : As a creative outlet you express yourself through photography. Was this your first option ? Or do you express yourself in other mediums ?


AW : No, it was my first option. Throughout my life I have expressed myself through various arts. I compose, play and record music, and occasionally do some creative writing.

EB : Who are the artists that influence you most in your work, and why do you find their work so remarkable ?

AW : I cannot narrow it down to a few artists as I appreciate the work of so many. The area of art that attracts me most and which I find most inspiring is sculpture, predominantly classical. It leaves me breathless contemplating how human hands can make such expressive and beautiful visions from bronze and stone.

"Apple of..."

I recently visited the Musee Rodin again to refresh myself with his work. I love the sensuality he achieved in some of his work. I also revisited the Louvre sculptural collection, work that always leaves me in awe...

I would draw a lot of influence from looking at these masters and how they make the body show through cloth - every muscle, shape, and form defined...and how they captured pure marble... it just blows me away.

I love looking at Art in general, so you will probably see echoes of numerous artists in my visuals.

EB : You mention Rodin. Can you tell me a few pieces of your work that includes his style ?

"Back Arch"

AW : It's more about the feeling that comes from the work of Rodin, in particular, the white stone work. I love the sensuality in "La Cathedrale." I don't think any of my work comes anywhere near that place of expression, but I hope one day it will.

The "Water Child" we produced were inspired by Rodin's "La Danaide."

EB : You see photography as a form of art, as I discovered through our wonderful work. Even though you express in all styles in your commercial photography, your heart is always in creative work. Why ?

AW : Photography has always been foremost because it is the area I have managed to make a living from commercially. Some of this work I would not regard as art at all; it's a form of recording and presenting visuals to a client who, in most cases, has little understanding of the medium as an art form.

"Child of Lir"

Although I apply creative thought to this work, it tends to be more proscriptive and client oriented. If a client wants a green apple on a white plate, then you have a predestined outcome to achieve. This never happens in my personal creative work, as I never know the outcome until it arrives visually through the lens, on my computer, or in a mixed media screen creation. Creative work is really about discovery and is a place where I am completely free to explore, capture, and create without constraints.

EB : How did you undertake art nude and develop the subject in a long term collaboration ?

AW : To be truthful, a friend of mine who does not mince his words told me, "Art! You should put living things in your landscape. They're beautiful to look at and you really capture the essence of landscape, but they're empty. You should try bringing a touch of humanity to them."


I knew what he was saying, having reached a point where I was feeling a need inside for something new and challenging, but I did not know what. So that started me thinking. I had drawn and painted nudes and created graphics of the human form in the past - but never really photographed art nude.

I did not even know if I could do it. The extreme perceptions and negative representations of art nude in the world around me was dissuading.

I was already working occasionally with models in portraiture and casual style to hone my skills for commercial needs, and it was through a booking I met you, Elena.

When we connected creatively and became good friends, I felt it was a predestined event in my life. After six months I feel very good about my art nude work and excited because I know it can only get better and better as I gain more experience. It has also reconnected me to my passion for montage, work that takes photography into another area.


Loving sculpture, I guess it was a natural progression to the human form. I wanted to see if I could actually do it in any way that worked visually. After a lifetime of landscape and location work, I wanted to experience the fusing of the human form with landscape.

"Clouding Light"

I do have sensitivity in my work, and I love what I am doing creatively. Working with one person long term suits my style of work, and we connect creatively which inspires and motivates us. We also have a vision and perception of art nude in the sense of what we feel is and is not art nude. This reflects strongly in our work together.

My form of shooting is free flowing and a little esoteric. Although I direct in my commercial work, I don't like doing so in my personal work where I prefer to feel what is happening around me and react and capture in that flow, allowing whatever energy or influences that are there in the landscape, studio, or between us to be part of the flow that leads to the image.

EB : What is your perception of art nude ? Why do you think there are so many misguided perceptions about this controversial subject ?


AW : My conception of art nude is the expression of beauty through the human form that encapsulates elegance, grace, sensuality, eroticism, drama, and form. Ultimately it's the aesthetics of the visual and what it conveys to the viewer that matters.

I strive to capture something beyond what I see - what I feel in my heart and spirit.

Why are there so many misguided perceptions about art nude ? I suppose one reason is the exploitation of the female form. The world is deluged with images that degrade rather than celebrate the form and this becomes the first encounter of many with nudity. They have to sift through the chaff to find the pure seeds of art nude. What really bugs is me is a person who actually self proclaims themselves as an erotic and art nude artist with imagery that is totally degrading to the female form.

EB : The grandeur and majesty of the landscape translates into your fine art nude visuals. How do you affiliate these in your work ?

AW : I have always had a deep affinity to the coastal landscape of North Antrim. The power and spirit ingrained here is ancient and the history palatable in the standing stones, dolmens, ruins, and artifacts scattered across this landscape. I gained a degree in geology and geomorphology as a mature student, so when I look on a landscape, I see it from many perspectives - ranging from the pure academic through to the magic, myths, and legends that connect to it along with the natural spirit of place that exists.
I find this inspires me and is expressed through my work like unwritten stories.

I also understand the landscape through this knowledge with a deeper sense of wonder for it. Every place has seen and felt romanticism, sensuality, eroticism, drama, and life through the passage of time and humans upon it. Art nude now gives me the opportunity to bring that back to these locations with a new and refreshed perception.

"The Fuldiew Stone"

EB : Artistic nude is about artistic expression at its best. Can you tell me the difference between art nude and artistic nude ?

AW : As a novice in art nude work, I have always been a bit confused by the definition and styles of art nude, so I will probably be corrected on this one. I define art nude as the pure natural body form with grace, elegance, and spirit - much like the classical sculptures but revisited in a contemporary format. It is an emotionally neutral place to view and appreciate the beauty, rhythm, and shape of the human form.

Artistic nude I would see as more theatrical and dramatic, the sensuality pronounced with accessories such as jewelry, cloth, and makeup. It's a wider stage to perform upon and capture.

EB : Erotic art as an erotic concept of the nude genre is misunderstood just as art nude is sometimes misunderstood.

"Glen of Fertility"

AW : I personally think sensuality and eroticism can be expressed in many ways. It does not have to be exposure of the human reproductive areas.... Two fingers touching in space can make a truly sensual and erotic image, depending on the context and creator. Rodin, for example, demonstrated sensuality through "La Cathedrale."

I often get worried about mentioning the word eroticism because of the diverse and sometimes degrading visuals that bear the title, but I love eroticism. It's all in the interpretation. For me, it's a beautiful, pure, sensual feeling. It's not explicit but it's more powerful because it touches the spirit and emotion in a deeper sense whereas explicit is always superficial.

"The Spirit of Dunlois" has sensuality, drama, and eroticism within it, but what is visually shown ?

"Spirit of Dun Lois"

EB : Could you tell us some advice for the beginner in art nude and nude genre work ?

AW : Be clear about your vision of art nude as the conceptions of art nude can really be quite bizarre and varied. I would suggest trying a workshop with an experienced art nude model or photographer and seek out and follow sites like Univers d'Artistes where you get a refined, educated, and open view of art nude.

There are many challenging barriers to overcome on the path, so make sure you work with someone who is experienced in art nude.

August 14, 2013

Warren Brown's interview

" We live in a world of amazing contrasts, in so many ways. So often we place ourselves at odds with the world and forget what a wonderful place it can be. It provides us with the means to produce many artworks of power and beauty, while showcasing what a marvellous place it is. That's what I strive to do. Here's to the adventure !"

"Hommage to the Self"
Art Model Candace

"Steppin' Out"
Art Model Xanthe X

Warren, I know your passion began early. When and how exactly ? Do you remember your first experience ?

I was given a camera when I was quite young, about 10 years of age. It was a Hanimex 110, and I was constantly nagging my parents with requests to either buy more film or to have films developed.
It was something that I loved, but I remember my first real "appreciation" of a camera came when I took a photograph of an abandoned building at Silverton, a small town near Broken Hill. My parents had the shot enlaged, and my brother, then an avid painter, painted a copy of it, which he subsequently sold. Sadly, neither that photograph or the painting no longer exist.

As I grew and my photography began to evolve, so did my equipment, from viewfinders to SLR's to Digital SLR's and even medium format.

"Coming Out Of The Dark"

"I looked at this and for some reason had the vision of the model emerging from the dark area of the shot. Is she a princess that's just escaped from the dungeon ? Perhaps a cave dweller resting on the rocks ? Or maybe an evil nymph trying to draw you into the cave ?"

Are you a self taught photographer or did you learn in an art school ?

I was largely self taught, well into my teenage years, but in my late teens I went to a Technical College and did a three month Photography course. It began with the basics of cameras and film, and by the time it ended we were confidently developing and printing our own work. While I've expanded my photographic education and experience considerably since then, that early course gave me a love of darkroom work which I sometimes miss in this electronic age.

I know that !... How long could you be far from your camera ? Do you think you could make something else ?

I don't like to be away from one of my cameras for very long.

If I'm away from home for as little as overnight, a camera will go with me, usually after much agonising about which lens to take with it !

As to making something else, I've dabbled in pottery but without any real success. The camera is what I love.

"Awaiting Inspiration"

"Ever have a time when you sit quietly, waiting for inspiration from somewhere to bring that half-formed idea into being ? Yeah... me too !"

Talking about love, who are your favorite photographers ? Your inspirators ?

I'm largely inspired by Australian photographer Peter Adams for his nude work, and was lucky enough to attend one of his workshops many years ago which taught me a lot about the way to approach nude photography. I strongly admire the landscape work of Aussie photographers Steve Parish and Ken Duncan.

"The Colour Of Life"

"A theme I've been working around for a while. As she travels through the barren landscape, she touches the landscape with life and colour..."

Except nude art, is there another genre you enjoy ?

I've always sought to create the perfect landscape shot. I still shoot film for much of my landscape work, including an aging Pentax 6x7 for black and white work. I find the challenge of capturing a fine landscape - in colour or B&W - endlessly fascinating. The quest continues...

Do you plan every details or is there a large part of improvisation ?

I find inspiration for much of my art nude work in my quest to create landscapes.
I often find a particular location that plants the seed of an idea, and usually take some time to make a basic outline of what I want to achieve from any particular shoot.
There's always an element of improvisation to every shoot though. On occasion the models themselves come up with ideas that I incorporate into a shoot.

Spontaneous work can often produce fantastic results, so I never lock myself in to a particular idea.
I have a working outline to start from and can adapt that at need.

"Quiet Expectation"
Art Model Sutha

Art Model Xanthe X

You have a large preference for outdoors shots and BW. Why ?

I've always loved the outdoors. In Australia we're very lucky to have such a wonderful variety of marvellous outdoor locations, and I try to incorporate the human form into these wherever I can, often seeking to show some element of harmony of the human form with the environment.

I prefer to shoot BW outdoor nudes, as I like to show contrast in my work, and while I still sometimes shoot colour,

I feel that BW has the ability to deliver more impact and emotion than colour can in many ways.

"Seeking Answers with Nature"

"When Evening Falls"
Art Model Zoe

"When evening falls, and the daylight is fading from within me calls - could it be I am sleeping ? For a moment I stray, then it holds me completely Close to home - I cannot say ; Close to home, feeling so far away." From the song Evening Falls by Enya

"Reflections of Nature""What it is to lay at peace and just reflect on nature... something we all need to do more often. I like the idea not only of the reflection of the model in the water, with the idea of being in peace within nature, but the notion of the pale skin of the model contrasting against the darker surrounds."

You're so right... And your country so beautiful ! Some words about your talented models ?

I've been very lucky. In all the years I've been doing this, I could count on one hand the times I've had any sort of problem with a model, and most of those have been minor.

My models come from all walks of life - professional models to housewives to university students and more - and they always seem to give me 100% of their effort.

Many are the times when models have posed for me in freezing water, clouds of mosquitos, rain, hazardous locations and the harsh Australian sun without a word of complaint.

"Catch my Heart"
Art Model Niansa

"Tomorrow sleeps in the same old lonely places Just an empty dream filled with yesterday's faces Can you tell me, where are my memories ? " from the song Catch My Heart by Warlock

Regardless of our medium of expression – be it chalks, pastels, acrylics, filmbase, charcoal, the 1’s and 0’s of digital, clay, or any of the many other mediums through which artists express themselves, it is the model who helps our creative vision to take form. For that, they have my undying gratitude.

"Angels or Demons"
Art Model Xanthe X

Art Model Believe Hope

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ?

Most of the time I feel quite good. If the shoot has been one where everything has flowed and gone well, I feel a sort of empty exhilaration - like I've purged some sort of creative demon.

Sometimes, I'll identify some minor problem or lighting situation that caused a problem, and I'll often agonise over that until I'm certain that I can resolve it should it occur again. There's always something new to learn.

Perfectionist, isn't it ?... What is your own favourite photo ? Could you choose one ?

That's quite a difficult one. I don't think I could narrow it down to just one shot. However, there are two that I look at with a sense of achievement. One of them is "Convergence" and the other is "Threshold of Shadow".

"Convergence" because as soon as I found the location I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot, and to see the shot exactly as I visualised it was magnificent.


"Threshold of Shadow" because the shot was achieved in the dying light at the end of the day in the mountains, with the mist rolling in and the cold and rain encroaching on a very dedicated model. Basically, it was a work that was done against the odds, and I've always loved it for that.

"Threshold of Shadow"

"Layers of Life"

 "During a shoot near a small waterfall, we found these series of rock shelves in the shade. The rock pool at the bottom, the leaf littered rock, the lichenous rock, the model, and the layer of rock that was the overhang. I tried to make the model another "layer" here. Shot on a tripod at 1/30 through a warming filter, softened very slightly in post processing."

I love them too. "Convergence" (featured in your first exhibition here inside) for its geometric approach, "Threshold of Shadow" for its wonderful tones. Very beautiful compositions !

Dear Warren, I'm sure you have some challenges you're dreaming about ?

Next year I hope to combine a personal ambition with some landscape work. I'll be trekking to the top of Mount Kosciuszko - Australia's highest mountain - which has always been a lifelong dream, and you can be sure I'll have a camera with me. I'm also planning a shoot in the Australian Outback, showcasing some of the heart of this great country.

And when and where will be your next exhibition ?

I never really considered an exhibition until quite recently. I hope to have an exhibition of my work in February - March of next year. There's an inner city gallery in Darlinghurst in Sydney that I've been conducting some informal negotiations with, but nothing concrete at this stage.

"Startled Starlet"
Art Model Jezzamyn

Don't forget to keep us informed. Have you published a book ?

I haven't been published to date. It's something else that I've begun to seriously consider of late, but I'm receiving a lot of encouragement to do so - to give my vision to everyone - from a wide variety of people.

"The Embrace"
Art Model Jodie Bellon

What is your best way to promote your work ?

Most of my work seems to be promoted by word of mouth at this stage. After spending almost five years developing and refining my technique, I'm starting to receive solid feedback through my portfolio site on MuseCube and through my presence on deviantART.

My contributions to the Michelle 7 site have also been very well received, with one being "held" as the cover exhibition for several months.

I feel an exhibition would be a good way to further promote my vision.

That's clear. Where can we purchase your prints ?

The best way is to approach me directly. I can be contacted at

"Holding Back The Dark"

"Shot entirely with natural light, the tensed look of the models muscles and body, and the pose, suggested the title. The walls, the looming blackness behind.....and the model stands there, shining against the dark."

Any message you’d like to leave our readers ?

We live in a world of amazing contrasts, in so many ways. So often we place ourselves at odds with the world and forget what a wonderful place it can be. It provides us with the means to produce many artworks of power and beauty, while showcasing what a marvellous place it is. That's what I strive to do. Here's to the adventure !

A true message... "What a wonderful world !" Thanks a lot Warren ! Thanks to play the game with such a kindness. Come back soon, this site is definitively yours.

"Into The Mists...""Who knows what you might find as you push aside the expectations of others,
and take your own journey Into The Mists..."