March 19, 2016

Darren Phillips' Interview


" Nature is your assistant. Your backdrop changes day by day, and our country provides a vast range of settings to work with. I also find that, outdoors, models come alive. They dance in the breeze, engage with their surroundings, and feel quite at home, so to speak. It is here that most of my work is created."

His book
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"The Willow"
Art Model Dollybeck

"Darren was great to work with and has a great sense of humour. We got some awesome images that were taken on a bitterly cold day! Very much looking forward to working with him again and seeing what we get in warmer weather!!"

Art Model Anne Duffy

"Darren has got to be one of the best photographers I have worked with during my modeling career. He is professional, funny, kind hearted, passionate and very talented at what he does best. I would say that he is not only a photographer but an artist. His photographs are truly works of art. I always look forward to working with him."

Tell us Darren, when exactly did your passion for photography begin ? And maybe some words about your very first experience ?

My first experience was back in school, and it's been developing for over 30 years. Started with a pin hole camera…

Do you think you're an obsessive photographer ? Could you make something else ?

I'm happy to be away from my camera. Photography is a passion, but I don’t have to be doing it on a daily basis. Like everything, if you do it all the time, you can loose your enthusiasm. The last thing I want to do is turn it into a job.

"Warmer Days Pt 2"
Art Model Dollybeck

I understand what you mean, you want to keep the pleasure alive. I agree, of course. I've seen many wonderful sepia pictures in your gallery. It's not very common ?

I have always enjoyed producing mono shots, recently I was experimenting with sepia and found in some shots it gave them a certain warmth. So depending on how I feel the shot looks whether I use sepia.

"Steel Wheels"
Art Model Kelly

Art Model Jezzamyn

"The Dance"
Art Model Anne Duffy

And except nude art, is there another genre you enjoy ?

I enjoy looking at other genres but I prefer to only shoot Art Nude.

Where is the part of improvisation in your work ?

I'm very much a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy. First step is to find a location. And I work with my model, it’s a collaboration. It's always interesting to see what they bring to the shoot, and every girl is different.

"Feel the Heat"
Art Model Jenni

For sure ! Film or digital ? Maybe both ?...

I primarily use a Canon DSLR for all of my shoots. However, being such a fan of the classic film images, I also carry my Hasselblad 500 C/M and Rollieflex 2.8 for those occasions when I feel a bit of old-time medium format would give an image that extra flair.

You're shooting in studio, outdoors, indoors... What type of locations do you really prefer ?

Having my roots well ingrained in Australian landscape photography, I must say that my favorite working environment is certainly outdoors.

"Warmer Days"
Art Model Dollybeck

"Down by the river"
Art Model Izzy

"The pinnicles"
Art Model Jennie

Nature is your assistant. Your backdrop changes day by day, and our country provides a vast range of settings to work with.

Art Model Susie

I also find that, outdoors, models come alive. They dance in the breeze, engage with their surroundings and feel quite at home, so to speak. It is here that most of my work is created.

"And then it rained"
Art Model Dollybeck

At this subject, could you tell us some words about your wonderful models ? Dollybeck for example ? Who direct who ?
Models, they are my inspiration !

I have worked with some very high end ladies. I’m also very partial to working with ladies that feel they have little to offer as an art nude model, and have perhaps specialized in other photographic genres. Handing them that final print and seeing their eyes light up always gives me a thrill. I'm actually working with Dollybeck in the next couple weeks, looking forward to it very much.

Art Model Crystal

Some of the wonderful experienced models as DollyBeck and Anne Duffy, just make my job so much easier.

They have such vision and always keen to try something new.

A quite difficult question : do you have a favorite photo ?

I don’t think I could choose one. I have a few for favorites for different reasons. But one of my first favorites was taken of Anne “Warmth”. It was our first time working together and the lady is just amazing !

Art Model Anne Duffy

Art Model Bella

What advices would you like to give to the young photographers ?

Stay true to your own vision, don’t let people influence you. It's your vision.

Art Model Joanne

"The telegraph station"

A message before we leave ?

Always enjoy what you do. Life is too short.

Too short to live sad, I mean without passion. Thanks a lot Darren. For your time, your trust and all your words...

"A Day Out"
Art Models Sonja and Bella

Art Model Anousha and Anne Duffy

March 9, 2016

The amazing work of François Benveniste

François Benveniste
French Member of UdA since 2007.

Art Model Jessica J.

"Les charognardes"

Art Model Zelie
"Broken bounds"

Art Model Carmen Garcia
"abcd modèle"

Art Model Vita
"Not doing too well"

Art Model Liloo
"Oh my God"

Art Model Zelie

March 7, 2016

Franck Bergereau, First Feature

You'll find Franck Bergereau, from France, at his site.

Franck Bergereau is a French photographer who stopped photography during a long long time.

Happily, he's deciding to come back. I say "happily" because he really has his own touch : French, of course, expurgated, playing with the emotions of "natural" women and mainly in B/W. He did a pretty good work and it's time he comes back to his first passion. I'm very impatient to see his new sources of inspiration... ?

So, cher Franck, welcome in the community ! And let's keep in touch !! ;)

"I was born in 1967 in Paris. In 1998, I leaved Paris for a small island called “l’Ile d’Yeu”, located at 14 miles from West French coasts.

Aged of 20, I’ve been assistant for fashion shows and, at the same time, I started to work in freelance for model agencies (Elite, Fam, City…). I also have been assistant in “le Studio Daylight”. I stopped after six years because fashion work was so far from my artistic aspirations.

During, more or less, 13 years, I gave my life to my other passion, music. I’m a singer, guitar and double bass player, song writer. I also write poetry."

After a too long break, I decided to get back to my first passion which I missed it so, photography. Soon, you could see my new series.