July 14, 2013

Tim Haylock's interview

Since I have no desire to shoot professionally, at the moment I'm content with simply making the kind of images that I like, and if other people enjoy them too, that's great." Tim Haylock

"Katie 1"
Art Model Katie Louise D

"Emily W 2"
Art Model Emily W

Tim, at the age of six your passion for photography began. It's so young ! Could you tell us more ?

My father, who was always interested in photography, bought me a very cheap 110 film camera for Christmas. I can still remember opening it, and thinking that I must have been given someone else's present by mistake, as it was a "grown up" gift! We went out that afternoon and I think I used up the whole roll of film - I was thoroughly annoyed that the shops were closed and I couldn't get my pictures back until after the holidays.

After about a year and a half, when it was clear that this wasn't just a fad, my father bought me a second hand 35mm rangefinder (a Yashica Minister III) for my eighth birthday, and that lasted me up until my mid teens.

"Erin 14"
Art Model Erin -

"Erin 6"
Art Model Erin

"Katie 4"
Art Model Katie Louise D

A really good father you have ! Is it today your only job, if we can use this word for such a passion.

When I was eighteen years old, my uncle (who was a professional photographer) advised me against taking it up as a career, for two reasons. Firstly, he could already see that the huge rise in numbers of amateur photographers would make it even harder to make a living, but secondly (and perhaps more importantly) he pointed out that I'd enjoy photography a lot more if I was doing it solely for pleasure.

I've never regretted keeping photography as a hobby, as it means I can shoot exactly what interests me, without ever feeling like picking up a camera is "work".

"Rachel 1"
Art Model Rachel Louise Frodsham

I know how difficult it is, but today how do you describe your photographic style ?

I think I'm still discovering it, although people do occasionally tell me that they can recognise my photographs, so obviously there's some kind of pattern there!

I tend to prefer clean, simple studio shots withrelatively uncluttered backgrounds, but I also like to occasionally push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something different.

"Iveta 8"
Art Model Iveta Niklova -

From Iveta : Absolutely brilliant photographer,very well organized and professional, each set was very well planned. Wish everyone would take this as professionally as Tim. I really enjoyed working with him and the result is a great quality!

You're shooting fashion, art nude, alternative and glamour (as well as the occasional landscape and still life). In what themes do you find your most prolific inspiration ?

I'm definitely becoming more focussed on fashion and art nude, especially the grey area where the two genres intersect. I love fashion imagery (and tend to buy a lot more fashion magazines than photography magazines for inspiration) so that kind of style will inevitably end up in most of what I shoot.

You told us your preference for studio shots. What about colour or B/W ?

Until digital cameras became commonplace, I shot black and white film pretty much exclusively for several years, and generally ignored colour entirely. When I moved onto digital and started shooting models, though, I started experimenting with different ways of toning images, and now I suspect only around one in five of my shots is monochromatic.

I have to admit, though, I rarely "plan" a shot as being black and white or colour, but instead make the decision once I can see the image in detail after the shoot.

As for the studio, I love the way you can have total control over the light to get exactly the effect you want. Having said that, I definitely want to do some more natural light work, and I may even try some outdoors shots at some point !

"Lottie 15"
Art Model Lottie

From Lottie : " Worked with Tim last weekend and had a great shoot !! Has some great ideas ! Lovely man to work with and a great photographer the images were amazing ! Highly Recommended !! Would love to work with him in the future !"

"Eleni and Bethanie 2"

"Amaya 3"
Art Model Amaya X

I'm impatient to see that ! You say : "I like to collaborate with models wherever possible, discussing potential ideas and images in advance of a session so that we can both contribute something to the finished result". Some more words about your art models ?

"Iveta 3"
Art Model Iveta Niklova

I've been lucky enough to work with a wide variety of models, ranging from incredibly experienced art nude models like Erin and Iveta, right down to girls for whom it was their first shoot.

I have to admit, though, that my most enjoyable shoots have been when the model and myself are both working to improve the images, testing different approaches and discussing how we can make a good shot even better.

Models will frequently have a alternative perspective on things, and we can end up with something that we would never have achieved individually.

"Erin 3"
Art Model Erin

I think she has to take all the credit for this shot, since it's really the pose which makes it, and that was entirely her work !

"Anita 7"
Art Model Anita De Bauch

With who are you dreaming to work ?

It's very tempting to just say "Erin" again, she's so accomplished and inventive that I'm sure it would be an extremely productive shoot !

Of the models I haven't already shot with, I've always wanted to work with Chrissie Red (), although we're at opposite ends of the country, and Ulorin Vex (Art Model and Illustrator ) has been on my wish list for ages now.

Art Model Selene

I'm sure you will ! Another difficult question : what is your own favourite photograph ?

It varies, since after every shoot I invariably think the photos are wonderful, but after a few months I can see all the flaws and errors !

If I had to pick one shot which I still haven't tired, of, though, I think I'd have to select this image of Selene.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn't one of my more popular images - I quite often find that the shot I like most from a set gets very little attention, while other images that I'm not that keen on are widely circulated !

Maybe it's not your most popular photograph but it deserves to be. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment and what is your biggest aspiration ?

"Katie 2"
Art Model Katie Louise D

As I've only been shooting seriously for the last couple of years, the biggest achievement so far is probably being featured in UdA !

I tend to be relatively quiet about my photography, as I'd prefer people to judge me on the images rather than from posts on a blog or any other kind of self promotion. Since I have no desire to shoot professionally, at the moment I'm content with simply making the kind of images that I like, and if other people enjoy them too, that's great.

Thanks a lot Tim for your wonderful compliment. You make me shy... and full of energy ! I didn't see any book of your work ? Is there one to come ?

Nope, no book. I don't think I have anything like the consistency and quality of work to justify publishing anything yet. I'd certainly be interested at some point, though, as the quality of a print is worlds apart from a low resolution internet image, and it does seem a shame that people can't see all the detail !

Right ! Today internet is just the best way to be seen, and your comment about the quality is the simple and only truth. Just, let us know when you'll be ready to publish... What advices could you give to the young photographers attracted by the Nude Art ?

Pick up a camera and shoot !

"Jessica Ann 11"
Art Model Jessica Ann

From Jessica : " Tim is very creative and has a lot of ideas to try out on the shoot. He is also very easy going and friendly. Through out the shoot I felt 100% comfortable in his presence. I would highly recommend Tim to other models and look forward to seeing the images we produced."

I know it's a cliche, but the only time my photography has ever improved is when I'm actually taking a lot of photographs. It's also well worth finding people who will give you brutal, hypercritical feedback - while it's obviously very nice to hear that people like what you're shooting, I've found it far more valuable when people tell me what I'm doing wrong, with as much detail as possible. :)

Is there a question nobody ask you and you would like to answer ?

No, I think your selection was pretty comprehensive. :)

Another thank you... Any message you’d like to leave our readers ?

Just that I hope they enjoy the images !

For sure Tim, without no doubt !
Thanks a lot for your time and a huge BRAVO !

"Phee 1"
Art Model Phee

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Very flattered by the kind words, thank you Tim! I'm still pleased with the work we did. And you've done great work since then!