June 28, 2009

BW I love

Beau eRomantica - "Shape"Co-writer published in
Art Model Dollybeck

David M. Brown - "Private Eyes"
Art Model Lela Rae

Michael Siu - "The Black Rose"Contributing Artist published in
Art Model Nettie

Mick Waghorne - "Wild"
Art Model Iveta Niklova

Vernon Trent - "Out of Myself II"
Art Model Sandy Krebs

William Earle - "Just Right"
Art Model Brooke Lynne

Marc Hoppe - "Sailor"Contributing Artist published in
Art Model Florentina

F.W. Scharpf - "Portrait Isabella"
Art Model Isabella Reneaux

Stan Boulton - "Yoga pose"
Art Model Seraphiim

Scott Pierson - "Zinn and the Chair"
Art Model Zinn

June 21, 2009

Summer is there !

Charles E Nevols -
"Magical colors"

Dave Levingston -
"Root Entanglement"
Art Model Brooke Lynne -

Dan Van Winkle -
Art Model ckudos

Mic Ardant -
"The Call of the Drill"
Art Model Marketa

Jose Manchado -
Art Model Patricia

Richard Rasner -
Art Model Krissy Lin

David Winge -
"Earth's Womb"
Art Model Rebel Smith

Lloyd Hughes -
"Zoe Peet 2"

Peter Lime -
Art Model Almost Moon

Kevin Stiles -
"Roots To Branches"
Art Model Krystal

Andre J -
"Carved from marble"
Art Model Nikki Mcderby

"Stoney blue"
Art Model Dollybeck -

June 19, 2009

Michael Siu : the answer of a Muse, Nettie R Harris

"Muse : the source of an artist's inspiration."

by Michael Siu, photographer

After his article "Regarding a Muse", here is the answer of Nettie, Art Model :

"The Ninth Door Rev IV"
Art Model Nettie

"The Ninth Door Rev II"
Art Model Nettie

" I don't have the words Michael.

I don't know what to say.

As just me, the human, I've always said that my greatest desire is to stimulate and inspire others.
This is the basic definition of 'muse'.

But I want to be the muse and the photographer, the muse and the philosopher, the muse and the writer.

I want to inspire directly to a person, directly to a soul. Not be remembered through anothers art... but through my own.

It is as simple as this and more complex then I yet understand." Nettie

"The Ninth Door Rev III"
Art Model Nettie

Michael Siu (Nolaphoto Studios) ©

Capturing Beauty
His new book available : here.

June 15, 2009

Kat Love, Self Portrait Artist

Kat Love, Self Portrait Photographer and wonderfully talented Art Model.