May 28, 2015

Art-Models Muses, we love you

Since the publication of this article in 2010, updated in 2015, some of these artists are retired from the job. Good luck my sweet friends !

Gerhardt Thompson : 

Regarding the models there are not enough words.

Without them there would be just a landscape, without their passion and expression there would be just a pretty face and for me the beauty of a woman is not in their physical attributes instead in what they have to share through self confidence, expression, understanding and trust. 

Each of the models I work with share natural beauty, there is never any make up and I have to remind them not to do their nails, there is nothing artificial just body language and it is my job to look closely at feelings, light, mood and to integrate the sum of these parts.These young ladies are bright and their abilities should never go unquestioned. The models work hard and give 200% of themselves. 

It is for this reason that I must do my very best for them each time I pick up my camera. They have my utmost respect !" Gerhardt Thompson

Éric Daoust

St Merrique, and author, and singer.
OnePixArt - "Spirit Dance"

Iris Dassault And Photographer.
Jim Young - "Breaking waves"

Aref Jaroudy - "Fashion Nude"

Kat Love And Photographer.
Greg Brown - "Unknown"

I can't say enough about how incredibly fortunate I am to have the opportunity to work with these wonderful people. Their patience and understanding and trust are all invaluable to making the images work so well. I've said before, if it wasn't for them, I would only have a large collection of well lit and quite boring paper backdrops ! Not to play any favorites, but there are a few people who have supported my work with their incredible talent and friendship. Scott Nichol

Scott Nichol - "Comfort of friends" - Second Art Model Rayn

Betcee May
Meritt A. Vincent - "Nude"

Dan Van Winkle

I photograph the female figure for many reasons.  I believe the female body is the original aesthetic object, the source of all our ideas of what is beautiful.  Therefore, the female figure provides the perfect subject matter, just as it has been an important subject since the beginnings of art. Dave Levingston

Lela Rae And Musician.
Nad Iksodas - "Passions"

Madame Bink
Mick Waghorne - "Death in Action"

Candace Nirvana
Andre J - "Nirvana"

Anyssa Jordan
 Perry Gallagher - "Branch"

Miss Anya
A.J. Kahn - "Mimicry"

I work with people that are more than models, they are truly the main subject of the image - these people bare their soul, more than their bodies, they explore their boundaries, their freedoms and freely give of their emotions as well as their poses. Without these wonderfully understanding artists, there is no hope of Art ever being created. Beau Nestor

Sylvie Blum - "Afraid of edges"

Jeff Wack - "The Garden Tree" 

Iveta Niklova
Paul Timon

Lady Anais
Joseph Orsillo - "Stronger"

Brooke Lynne
Andrew J Baran - "Despair"

What makes you beautiful is something much deeper than skin
Than your arms, breasts, thighs and unspeakable gems
It's what you show but don't speak, time and again
It's something much greater… It's the you that's within
Thank you. Isaac Fowler, painter.

Elena Buga
Art Ward

Michael Rosen

Erin And Musician.
Danny Bourne - "Like a burnish'd throne"

Bella Blue
Michael Siu - "Pensive"

David Charles - "Child of the Corn"

I seldom work with professional models, concentrating on 'normal' women. Most of my models haven't posed nude before and experience a real shift in self confidence as a result of working with me. I'm blessed with a beautiful and tolerant partner who models for me on a regular basis and assists on many shoots. I'm fortunate to have the trust of so many women without whom I would not be able to create. My shoots are a collaboration and I attempt to capture something of the models personality in all my work. Rob Benson

Jessamyne Rose
Malcolm Smith - "In the moment"

Ulorin Vex And Illustrator
Yerburi - "Dive"

Sarah Ellis
Dan Van Winkle

Nettie R Harris
 Chip Willis 

Thank you for sharing and thank you for your bravery, honesty and commitment to your craft. I tip my hat to you all. Isaac Fowler, painter.

David Winge - "Beautiful Inflection"

Joceline Brooke-Hamilton
 Mark Varley

Ivory Flame
Ivor Tetteh-Lartey

Carlotta Champagne
Dave Rudin

Moon Marie
 K Leo

TP Photography - "Desert Sunset"

Muses, we love you


MichaelV. said...

An excellent collection of very talented lady’s indeed. Our models need more recognition because they put up with so much. Their talent and hard work bring honor to the profession and to our images. Thanks Chris.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic choices and so much talent, I would be unable to cast a ballot that would leave any out!

Howard said...

Magenta wrote:

It really is a collaboration between two mediums, without two artists (i.e: Photographer & Model) this work we all have created could not have been produced, so I would like to say a big thanks to Howard Nowlan for making this possible for me to even be included. It really is an honor to be up here with all these amazing artists. lets keep up the great work. Magenta.

(And many, many thanks from me - Howard - Magenta is just amazing!).

Bella Blue said...

Thank you so much for including me in this. It is quite an honor.

Rebel Smith said...

Thank you so so much for the recognition. I am truly honored to be listed among some of the most beautiful and talented women of art modeling.

I recently have found there are quite a few images of me on this blog site. I apologize for my absence thus far. I have just signed up and I will be a more frequent visitor now.

Thank you again...


Jan said...

What a beautiful set of images, photography wow.

Now, I realise I must work with the best to achieve this kind of image.


Photo said...

Quite an extensive list. Glad to be on it.

Unknown said...

ah ,madame Bink .... joli travail Christian