September 21, 2010

Laugh and smile, the art of the instant.

"A fragment of you"

by Brian Mackey

"Fun with Carly"
Art Model Carly Erin

by Burkinafazo

"Paradise File 21"

by Daniel Bauer

"Fashion 3"

by IMSirReal


by James M. Graham

Art Model Cristi

by John Peri

"Wine tasting"

by Mic Ardant

"Is the Conscience To exist a Problem"
Art Model Cindy Hope

by Michael Vasquez

"The Smile"
Art Model Leslie

by Minon

"Paris, no III"
Self portrait

by Nikola Borissov

"Svilena, don't smile"Actress Svilena Kidess

by Perry Gallagher

"Sweetheart from long ago..."

September 20, 2010

Some wonderful discoveries !

These talented photographers are not Contributing Artists in this site (the day will come !), but I follow their work since a long time, with respect and admiration. I'm sure you'll enjoy you too ;)

Thomas Doering
"Lean back"

Ján Hronský

Rod Scivyer
Art Model Kitten
"Window light"


Elif Sanem Karakoç
"Subliminal Perception"

Alexander Bergström
"Emma Iso 3200"

Art Model Raina
"Raine 07"

Dale Jordan
Art Model Megan
"Megan 10"

Steve Strut
Art Model Anne Duffy
"Old ways are done"

Thom Peters
"Female nude no 27"

September 19, 2010

Peter Lime outdoors

Peter Lime, from Portugal, at Model Mayhem and his large gallery at deviantART.

Art Model Almost-Moon
"What I found"

Art Model Susana
"Calling the rain"

Art Model Almost-Moon
"Warm sand"

Art Model Susana
"Watermill Wheel"

September 17, 2010

Carlos Gil Gamundi

By Carlos Gil Gamundi, painter and photographer from Spain, at his official site.

"Vanypen Noia"


"Rio Duero"