February 28, 2014

Welcome Olegito

Olegito at his official site (to open soon), deviantART,



He's so talented !... 7 years I follow his work in silence, 7 years I tell myself : "Wow ! He's so good ! ".

I see him everywhere (you can't miss him if you love Fine Art !), always admirative, always surprised by the richness of his creativity and his so particular way to shoot amazing out of fashion portraits.

I sent him a message, he told me yes, and here he is. My dream comes true.

From Tbilisi, Georgia, the favourite styles of Olegito are Fashion and Art Photography.

My only regret is that Olegito is a very secret artist. I've searched everywhere to find something to tell you about his work, his life, his obvious passion, but forget it, Olegito is a worlwide renowned photographer and that's it.

But is it really necessary to know more about him when his work tells us so many things about his vision and his sensitivity ?... No. So let's enjoy his wonderful talent... in silence.





Olegito ©

February 7, 2014

Ted Preuss for the 1st time

Ted Preuss at his official site, his blog "Simple Beauty", deviantART, Onexposure.

"Desert Oasis"Art Model Kat Love

" Here is an image from a new series called "Desert Oasis". These were all shot with my 8x10 Deardorff. I had the chance to work with six wonderful models in this picturesque fan palm oasis."


Strongly inspired by vintage and classical art, as you can admire it, Ted Preuss (Chicago, Usa) is often described as a passionate artist who creates an exceptionally beautiful work.

I've discovered him when he decided to follow Univers d'Artistes (thanks a lot Ted !).

I was immediatly captivated by his style out of fashion, like these antic statues we still have the deep privilege to contemplate.

His work is definitively out of time, majestic, gracious, with soft and romantic tones which give to his series an overall elegance we can't miss.


Ted Preuss is a self taught photographer, yes, specialized in platinum/palladium prints from his large format camera :

" I have decided to use traditional techniques using a large format view camera with B&W sheet film. After developing the film, I then print them onto hand-coated platinum-palladium paper for a timeless vintage look."

A perfectionist, indeed, like I love them. And, of course, his work is widely collected and exhibited all around the world and has been featured in many magazines.

Must I add how much I'm honored to welcome him ?... You know it. So let's him talk. And enjoy !

From the "Simple Beauty" series

" Within the "Simple Beauty" series, I aimed to capture the elegance and grace of the female spirit, to share in their natural beauty and mystery of being."

My basic philosophy is summarized by :
" Do what you love and love what you do."

Art Model Candace

" I believe there is something inherently beautiful about the human body.

Through my lens I seek to capture the elegance and natural beauty of the female spirit,

yet secretly wishing to leave traces of their identity forever. With this medium, I can express my imagination and creativity.

When I was eight years old, I found an instamatic camera while hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I fell in love with documenting everything I saw and everything that had meaning to me. Art and photography have always played a large part in my life.


I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember, but it was not until recently that I had the chance to pursue fine art photography.

One of my passions is architecture, so in the past, I merged my photography skills with this field. I became very comfortable shooting with a large format camera. In addition, because architectural photography does not require the expense of a studio, it was a reasonable entry point at a time when I required a steady income.

After 10 years of shooting architecture in San Francisco and several years managing a stock photography company in Chicago, I made the transition to pursuing my own art.

Art Model Elizabeth

"Magnolias"Art Model Stephanie Anne


My approach today is very different. I photograph for myself only without clients, art directors or deadlines.

There are similarities between my past and present photography, in both cases, 

I always maintained my focus on the lines of my subjects, to show their beauty
I capture my subjects in moments of their own integrity. We are invited to appreciate them and to affirm them as they affirm themselves, but we are not moved to disturb them.

All poses are decided in collaboration with models, but always trying to keep a certain uniformity of style. Just simple beauty of women and light.

"Forget Me Not 1"
Art Model Kat Love

" My series “Forget-Me-Not” came from the name of my Adobe bungalow at 29 Palms Inn. These were all shot with my 8x10 Deardorff with a really sharp Nikkor lens. The details in the actual prints are amazing."

My images are studies in light and form, which blend formal and sensual qualities, radiating the individuality of my subjects through their emotion-laced gestures.

"Forget Me Not 2"Art Model Kat Love

The other half of the photographic process - the technique and especially the printing - is as important to me as practice of relating to my subjects. I chose platinum/palladium as a medium for its distinct vintage quality and archival properties for this vision.

Platinum/palladium images reveal shadows and dark values beautifully, the blacks become a force of nature.

The main reason I use this format is that my platinum/palladium printing technique requires contact prints exposed with ultra-violet light.

William Willis introduced platinum printing in 1868. Another passion of mine is antiques and art from the old masters. This was what inspired me to pursue this medium, it complements my style for a distinct vintage feeling. Platinum images are among the most permanent graphic images, in any medium.

" The process involves mixing very small amounts of platinum with a sensitizing solution containing ferric oxalate. This mixture can then be spread onto any type of surface and is left to dry.
After the coating and drying, the paper is placed into contact with the negative the same size as the final print and is exposed to ultra-violet light. The solution reacts with the ultra-light to reduce the platinum metal and embeds the particles within the fibers of the surface."
By Farnaz Hakimian

"Morning Light"



Available : here

" Within this series, I aimed to capture the elegance and grace of the female spirit, to share in their natural beauty and mystery of being."

February 1, 2014

Welcome xyour

xyour at deviantART.


" This one kept pulling me in. Interesting composition. Beautiful image."
Iris Dassault -

" Nice ! I like the crop/composition and the contrast !"
Rachel Lovitt -

When you enter into the universe of xyour, you can't miss the strength of his work. Besides, my first word when I discovered his photographs was : " powerful ! "

xyour is from Prague (Czech Republic), what could explain his so original and innovative style, this special "east" touch I love so much.

"Head 22"


xyour is a very creative artist with an amazing mastery of lighting, his primary tool.

Between fine art and "fashion" style, from portraits to sculptural nudes, xyour is always acclaimed for the quality of his compositions.

His interpretation of space as well as his way to play with the shadows bring us the very best of his overactive imagination.


Regarding his tremendous talent, I'm very surprised by the lack of informations about him... Be sure I'll make all what I can to give him all the credit he deserves.

Because, without no doubt, at 35 years old, xyour is a good photographer who gives its true sense to the famous "Wow !" factor.



xyour ©