September 16, 2009

Women by Women

by Elipa -

"Obscurity of time"
Self Composition

by Jan Murphy -

"Openly Gentle"
Art Model Xivyx

by Katarzyna Rzeszowska -


by Anca Cernoschi -

"Room 1"

by Marquita Norwood -

"Take Me With You"
Self Composition

by Elisa Lazo de Valdez -

"Wind I"

by Antonina

by Patricia Izzo -

"Bella Donna"

by Barbara Cole

"Without Pretense"

by Lara Jade -

"Holly Studio I"
Model Holly

by Maria Candler

by Kat Love -

Self portrait

by Lorraine Daley

"The cupboard is bare"

Art Model Brooke Lynne -

by Angelicatas -


by Daria Malysheva -

"Time to choose"
"The end is not near"

by Minon -


by Elena Vasilieva

by Elena Moncrieff -


by Sabine Schoenberger -

"Im Reich der Elfen"
Art Model Marie

by Vic -

"La Femme Bleue"

by Harizma -

"Self portrait"

by Iris Dassault -

Art Model Mary40


by Erin -

"A sofa in Brooklyn"
Art Model Bellabrooke -

by Calliope's Room -

"Watchful of Grace"

by Lora Palmer -


by Mimi Nikolova


by Nadia Wicker

Self portrait

by Zhang Jingna -

"of the Night"
Model Landy

by J. Borodina (Eliara) -

" Promise"

by GOnFriday -

" Sun and moon"

by Anna Piovani -

"Chinese box"