April 11, 2008

Welcome Tomasz Urban

"Mmmh... 2"

I don't know many things about Tomasz Urban, except is 28, from Poland and he's a very talented photographer (nude, portraits and fashion) I wanted to welcome here.

Maybe a clear comment to impress you :
" Very fine gallery ! I like the AGT black & white series for the perfect simetry, the nice details, the professional lighting... Real art !"




Tomasz Urban ©

April 9, 2008

Lara Jade, Ignite series

Model - Rachel Martin
Bodypaint and Make up - Lauren Baker
Hair, photography and Post Processing - Lara Jade


"Ignite IV"

April 8, 2008

Al Calkins

From deep shades to soft ones, here are some amazing shots of Al Calkins, a great Artist who loves to capture natural people (so non professional) in natural surroundings.

"Nude 101"

"Back yard"



April 6, 2008

Chris Oakley - The Catalogue

" Crystallising a vision of ‘us seen by them’, The Catalogue explores the codification of humanity on behalf of corporate entities.
Through the manipulation of footage captured from life in the retail environment, it places the viewer into the position of a remote and dispassionate agency, observing humanity as a series of units whose value is defined by their spending capacity and future needs.
The Catalogue was produced with financial assistance from Arts Council England." Chris Oakley

Karolina by Mopas and Eryk Gostynski

and Eryk Gostynski make part of the team of the Warsaw Photo Group.

Eryk Gostynski
"Karolina 2734"

"Karolina 9434"

April 3, 2008

About the titles !, by Terrell Neasley

From the blog of my dear Terrell :

" Now that Chris is back, I have suddenly become keenly aware that in his absence, I've neglected to title my images on my blog. In an earlier post, I commented that I felt his observation of photographers who don't title images should be spanked, was valid. Well, not in so many words, but he strongly advocated that we should.
Chris is more of a writer than some of us photographers are. Conversely, I've heard from some photographers mention that they are not writers, but rather image creators. I've had difficulty trying to name ALL of my work especially when I shoot a series of images. Naming all is quite the challenge especially with respect to time.

I've recently had a lot of post-processing work and got away from creating titles. It was just interesting that I suddenly become aware of that fact, now that he's back, which is the same feeling you get when your parents come home after you've lost track of time. You suddenly become aware of all the chores you've yet to do.

I know I want to be a better photographer and I'd like to take mentorship from those I respect. I have writing in my blood, so why not add value to my work by being both a writer and an image creator. So at some point, I've got to go back and title my work. Not because Chris said so, but rather because I want to stay true to my own sense of dedication for what I've made personal commitments to." Terrell Neasley.

Iris Dassault by Michael Helms


"Getting dressed for Michael"