December 12, 2014

Egor Abramov for the first time

" What do I do with a camera in my hands ?… I wait, I watch the model and I wait... I wait until the complete unity between us." Egor Abramov


" Guayamero - milk tree, as a symbol of feminity, beauty and flexibility of body. I wish to find time for simple contemplation which will tell to me about myself not less than the analysis and an estimation. In fact that I see, and is my mirror."

"Manuscripts of the forgotten words"

" Each of us has forgotten, but gone through words, which are saved in us all life. Personal to everyone and connected with the different moments in a life but if we remember them, it means they are very important, beautiful and kind words. As well as you, my spectator, I already will never tell them, but I wish to show even a part from them in my works."

Egor Abramov is a photographer from Saint Petersburg, Russia, making with taste and elegance sensual studio portraits and artistic nudes in color and black and white.

Admiring his beautiful work since a long time, you know my deep interest for the eastern photographers, I'm honoured to welcome him here inside.

I don't remember when I have bought my first camera but it seems to be in Prague.

When I was 20 years old I have moved abroad and lived there about 7 years. I liked the countries that I saw, but it was very boring. The purchase of the camera was partly the new way to express something inside myself.
I remember that I made several portraits of my friends and my wife, then walking with the camera across the city, I understood that the only interesting thing for me to capture was the human being.


"He is just a man"

"In a whisper"

In 2003 I returned to St.-Petersburg and started to work at studios. It was unpleasant time because it's very hard to work at rental studios. I guess a lot of you have faced with it.

Spectators were very supportive. They did not only praised, they also told me the words that I would liked to mean. Now four friends of mine and myself have their small studio and it gives us a full freedom for our creative work.

I love to speak with photos. Somebody has told me that “you're not a photographer if you speak”, so maybe I’m not. I don't like to call myself "photographer".

The photo for me is the reflection of the past, fixing, documenting the moment, and it's the last thing I'm interested in. Recently I have found the word "shaper". For me this term is important, because it doesn't say about the person more than about his ability to issue an idea. So now I prefer to be just a shaper. And even speaking about a portrait I don't consider it in its classical meaning.

"Bride of moon"

"Late to you for a century"

"Self knowledge"

" Astonishing ability, from all alive it is given perhaps only to human, the ability to look in itself to analyze and learn connections between the own feelings and connections of these feelings with world around."

Anyway words come from my mind and I can’t stop this. I spoke and I'll speak with photos because it's a part of my work.

It's absolutely not interesting for me to shoot a moment, and my photo does'nt speak about Time. Creativity as a reflection of myself, communication with this world and attitudes towards people surrounding me are most important for me. A photo is no more than the tool for my creativity.

Studio portrait and studio theatrical photo are the field of my works. Work with the person at studio is the most interesting part of my work. I don't appreciate to shoot lifeless objects or nature, though I like photography of a forest and I hope to make such works.

"Light going through glass"

" I offer you, my spectators, to walk through glass. I know “It is necessary to be self-controlled” (Boris Grebenshikov) for this purpose, but let’s try anyway. In fact glass is not a barrier for light, and feelings and the attitude will pass with light. And what are we if not set of these qualities ? I only hope to meet you on that party of glass !"

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