March 22, 2017

Breakfast at Tiffany with Alexey Aloisov

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Alexey Aloisov is 54 years old and lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia. And that's it, dear reader ! His talent is as amazing as his discretion about himself. I contacted him for an interview. He answered me :
- Well, you may write about me, if you already know what you can say about me.
I told him :
- Fabulous ! But I really need to know more about you... I didn't find any bio ?... Even in russian. Do you have one, even a short one ?
End of the story... I'm still waiting but I don't lose hope.

Breakfast at Tiffany Series
Art Model Olga Malysheva

" It has been rumored that the film's on-location opening sequence, in which Holly gazes into a Tiffany’s display window, was extremely difficult for director Blake Edwards to film. Although it was simple in concept, crowd control, Hepburn's dislike for pastries, and an accident that nearly resulted in the electrocution of a crew member are all said to have made capturing the scene a challenge. However, Edwards, in an interview given for the 45th anniversary DVD, said that the sequence was captured rather quickly due to the good fortune of an unexpected traffic lull despite the location in the heart of Manhattan."

And :


"To me not it is cold"


"Prospectus of the peace 2"

"Uninvited guest"
Art Model Julia


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