November 25, 2014

A new member : Beau Nestor

" I have had the privilege of working with some of the most talented models in the world and the reality and honesty of their emotional expression has been a truly uplifting experience. This is a tribute to their courage and power. I was just fortunate to have been there to witness their strength." Beau Nestor.

"Dawn Stretch"
Art Model Dollybeck

Beau Nestor at his official site, deviantART, Model Mayhem.

"Rocky Times"
Art Model Tigeress

Sharing his time between Australia and USA, working in the photographic arena for over 35 years and travelling a lot, Beau Nestor is a true gifted and passionate "photo-impressionist" :
" I'm an impressionist, and the equipment and purity of photography leaves me cold - but the way that images can be created, and then manipulated to achieve my personal, changing concept of art - astounds me daily."
First time I discovered his gallery, I was immediately captivated by the power of his artistic inspiration. His romantic way to capture the beauty of the woman is absolutely amazing and so poetic. Besides, he's writing since 45 years, for himself until now, but I'm impatient to read him.

"Pooling her Thoughts"
Art Model Dollybeck

"The swimming hole"
Art Model Dollybeck

" Beau grew up in a photographic background, with his grandfather, his father and his fellow students who all worked together in such studios as Peter Fox, Athol Shmith and John Cato.

Beau took to the Fashion Photography side after completing his studies at RMIT. He then spent many years working on Fashion Ads and Glamour magazines in Australia, before travelling to Europe and working with Art and Glamour magazine publishers.

His return to Australia allowed him to travel the country, capturing the beauty of Dawn Light, and producing exhibitions "The Nude in Nature" and "Anonymous Nudes". Beau's work has been handled by Galleries in Cologne and Munich as well as New York.

Beau's style has always reflected the deep respect he has for his subjects and his love of nature - he finds the combination of the human element within the natural surroundings to be an expression of great beauty."

"More of More to come"

"Dawn Exposure"

His work has been exhibited in PhotoKina, Cologne (Germany), New York, Washington DC (USA), UK and many Galleries throughout Australia. He won Piccol, National Mutual, Linhof and PhotoKina awards.

He travelled to Japan for 2 weeks (Dec 2004) with 6 models for Erotic Magazine work, New Zealand with 4 models for Snow shoots and Fine Art Nudes in Nature, Outback Australia with models for a dustfight on many occasions, Washington DC, Winston-Salem NC, and Savannah GA exhibitions.

"Morning Exercises"
Art Model SarahB

A wise point of view I share :

"No Dowry"

" Women are traditionally seen as being sex objects, and marriage has for too long been a form of submission for many women. Here, a mother and daughter are happily being open about their sexual freedom, entering the church as powerful women, and Not submitting to any males. They are the ones in charge - not the pawns in a man's world.

They are joyful about their role - not with bowed head and being led by a man down to the sacrificial altar. They are walking in proudly independent, with full knowledge that men will look at their bodies, and not realise their strength. The major religions all are run by men, and all attempt keep women in a secondary role, as mothers, wives, and feeding machines for men.

Perhaps this series will allow women to break free of the traditional shackles of relationships, and see themselves as powerful decision makers that are no longer held down by the concept of sexy or cute, but instead, strong and demanding. Perhaps this is the reason I work with many "non-traditional" models, because these people are Artists, that "get it" and want to be a part of the artistic expression, not just exhibit their bodies for men's ogling eyes."

"Timeless Princess"
Art Model Amy Spease

"Drying her wings"
Art Model Franki

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