January 27, 2013

Sarah Ellis by Dave Rudin

It has been five days since my friend Chris last posted an entry here. Unfortunately, he's unable to update the site here due to his hospitalization for a medical condition, and I (and I'm sure all of you reading this) wish him a speedy recovery.

Even though Chris is unable to update the site at the moment, I think he would want it to continue in his absence. So, as he has designated me as a Contributing Editor, I will try to make some postings now and then of models I have worked with and other photographers that I know. (Perhaps some of my fellow Contributing Editors can do the same if they are able to.)

Today I will begin with a very beautiful model who I had the good fortune to photograph twice last year - the lovely Sarah Ellis.

Sarah can be seen at her official site, Model Mayhem, One Model Place.

Yours, Dave Rudin, Contributing Editor

Here (below and one above) are a few of the photos that I made with Sarah last year.


Lin said...

I can't think of a better person to carry this blog for a while Dave!

chris said...

Thanks, Lin. Hopefully Chris will think so, too!

Dave R

chris said...

It's wonderful Dave !!! I never could imagine such a beautiful contribution. Thanks from the botton of my heart. The time to recover a little of my ancient strength and I come back ! You make my day...
It's good to have a friend like you !

Dave Rudin said...

I am only glad to help out, Chris. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you will be back soon. Until you are back, I will try to do what I can to keep things here active if I can.

Your friend,


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