September 29, 2012

William Charpe's Interview

William Charpe at deviantArt, his blog, Art Limited, Fotothing and his first feature.

William, tell us how did your passion begin ?

My passion began when I was young. I started to draw my favorite heroes, to create new stories...

Could you define your way to work ?

I have a special concept : the "people selfshooting". I ask to my models to take self-pictures, then I work on it.

But I'm dreaming about working with good photographers.

I'm sure they'll ear you ! By the way, who are your greatest inspirators ?

Eboy, Pierre et Gilles, Andy Warhol... Ironic Pop, Darren Hopes, Madalina Iordache-Levay, Miss Buffet Froid...

Created from a picture of Marcus J Ranum

From a photo of Ana

Is there something special that inspires you ?

No. I try to make as new pictures I can...

Some words about your models ?

My models are everyone who wants to play with me. I think every body is pretty...

Do you make many corrections on a long period ?

No, I prefer to try new picture. I put my old or bad pictures test in my deviant art trash.

Model Black Depressive Fairy

What about your next project ?

I've been contacted by L'Affiche Moderne, a new website promoting young and upcoming talents, photographers, graphists, illustrators...

"More green please"
Portrait by Clicky

Have you scheduled your next exhibition ?

I do only exhibition on the web.

Model Tallulla

Have you published a book ? Is there a new one to come ?

I dream about it.

Maybe something more personal to reveal ?

I think I'm like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. The day I'm working on "clean" webdesign for companies and the night I realize my "trash" pictures for my pleasure.

Thanks a lot William ! I wish your dreams come true...

"What is love 2"
Model Jessica

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