August 22, 2015

Alex B, first feature

Alex B. by David J. Green

Alex B. from London, UK, has recently joined the UdA team of editors. Find her at her official site, her very active blog, deviantART, Purestorm, Model Mayhem, Art Limited and Musecube. Follow her on Twitter @alexb244

"The corkscrew"
Among finalists in Carrie Leigh NUDE 2010 international competition, published in summer/Fall issue


Art Model, self portraitist and a sometime dancer, Alex is a very prolific writer.

Annie Leibowitz, Man Ray, Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton, Joyce Tenneson , Pascal Renoux and many more are her favourite photographers.
Her deepest wish is to be someone’s muse for a year or so and travel around the world taking pictures in unusual locations.

"Studio Nude"

Alex B. is an Art Model of Italian origin currently based in the UK. She has been a life model for many years, starting when she was twenty years old but her main activity is the study of dance and performance.

After a modelling come back in her forties, as a life model first, Alex has been doing art nude and commercial photographic modelling for some years. She has also explored fashion and editorial.

by Marcello Pozzetti

With a Doctorate in the Arts, Alex has been involved in higher education teaching since the early 1990s. She is currently retraining as a dance/movement psychotherapist and thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Art nude modelling for Alex is a passion and an extension of her dance experience.

by DG
"The Squat"


Wannabe Models : How do you develop staying power?

One of the questions Alex was asked during an interview published on deviantArt was about sharing tips with wannabe models. Alex said the following:
"Ask for feedback on your performance, especially if you are working with a good photographer. Make note of your shortcomings but also review your strengths. Make sure you come across as uniquely different. There will always be thousands of beautiful girls. Just be you, believe in yourself and that will take you far. Be prepared to work hard. And most importantly: if you don’t feel comfortable say no!"
So, back to staying power.

"Black Hat "

As of now, after a hiatus of many years, Alex is back making dance work, rebuilding her creative practice, and continues with art modelling, as well as writing. She is already busy getting features ready for UdA, so keep on visiting.

by Michael Culhane

Male Art Model Mike Cooney
"In love"

Who knows what the future will bring?


|ris said...

Beautiful work, and welcome to UdA. I adore that corkscrew image!

Alex B. said...

Thank you Iris. Look forward to working together

the fallen angel social club said...

"Brancusian" drop dead gorgeous image

christian pélier said...

You choosed wonderful photographs.