September 15, 2017

Scott James Prebble : Art is everything to me

Member since 2008

I use my camera like an artist would his brush, it's just a tool to capture a scene I have pictured in my head that I think would be beautiful. I try and do it like the masters did when photography first became an art form.

"This City"
Model Esther

Scott James Prebble is a prolific artist who couldn't live without his camera. The result is more than 1700 images in his galleries.
Honestly, I live to shoot. Art is what keeps me alive and keeps my mind active. Art is everything to me.

I can’t get past photography, I do sometimes take a break and hit the brushes with painting or the plaster with sculpture, but I always come back to my cameras.

"I live in my own world"
Model Ari

First devoted to B&W as tells us Absolute Art, it's obvious that today Scott James Prebble masters the colors with creativity and talent like a true "pop artist" would make it.

Perfectionist, of course, and self taught photographer far from all stupid dogmas, he tells us :
My work is really a personal journey, to make ordinary women into amazing beings, showing their power and passion to the world.

My style is weird, it’s personal and quirky. It’s weird colours, it’s odd angles and it’s like looking at the world through a circus mirror. It’s recognizable to you but it has a twist to it.

"Why am I not enough"


"Weather the storm"
Art Model Muse

"Be careful with your promises"
Art Model Rosie G Skilbeck Hodgson


I could probably talk hours about the inventiveness of Scott, his inspiration, his curiosity about everything and everyone, but I've choosen to show you how much he cares for his art models, sometimes non professional :

I love the challenge of using a model that has never been in front of an artistic camera before, you just never know what you are going to get, and end up with.

"How could sink that low"
Art Model Muse

"Re-Trace Your Steps"
Art Model Rosemary

"Don't Leave me on the Shelf"
Art Model Rosie G Skilbeck Hodgson

In his way to thank them, we find his deep respect for people. His interest for the human beings, including his sadness when the mess we're living in becomes insupportable, reveals his intimate sensibility.

In his own words, we can discover a wide open mind man who finds beauty everywhere. He's so right... Beauty is a reason to live, my best medicine, and I want to thank him and all the wonderful contributing artists of this collective magazine to show us how beautiful is our world, how precious is our humanity.

Art Model Dollybeck

"The scary world outside"
Art Model Muse

Scott James Prebble has been shooting from the age of 10. All throughout highschool it was his obsession, spending all his spare time in the darkroom, wrist deep in chemicals and negatives :

I am a little strange and see beauty where others can't.
An old piece of hundred year old rusted metal is attractive to me, and wrap a beautiful nude female form around it, and you have a simple, timeless and classic piece of art, that will be seen and loved for hundreds of years.

I try and create a contrast in my work, old and new, rough and smooth and beautiful and ugly. My works are thought out well in advance, sketched and planned well. So when I do shoot I can create several shots all on the same day.

"Cabin Fever"
Art Model Kelly

"How far have we really Come..."
Art Model Kelly

Kelly is an endlessly creative person, from drawing and photography, to singing and fashion design, she is constantly on the move and bringing new and interesting things into this big world. I got to spend a week running around the country side creating some beautiful images with her, and she proved herself as an excellent muse, with the perfect shape for artistic nude images.


"Pink is the new Black"
Model Ari

Ari makes such a wonderful Muse, simply because she is more actress than model, which is wonderful in the recent turn I have taken in my work.

She always brings something to a shoot, and plus lets face it she is just damn gorgeous, and we are constantly bouncing ideas off each other and searching for weird and wild props to use in photographic works.

She inspires me no end, and I never tire of spending time with her or pointing the shiny end of my camera at her. 

 She is also a great little creative mind in her own right which can be seen in her own gallery, so please go and check out this woman and give her the support she deserves.

The more I shoot, the more I get selective I am about who I work with.

"Cabin Fever"
Art Model Kelly

Art Model Rosie G Skilbeck Hodgson

"Eight Inches"
Art Model Jenni

Jenni is one of the people I have had on a little mental list for quite some time, not only because she is obviously beautiful, but she has that unknown factor that just appeals the eye, there is a story behind her that you don’t know but you try and figure it out with each and every image.

We met for the first time at a Deviant Art meet a few weeks back and had a bit of a chat about working together, and managed to fit a session into our busy lives.

I was completely impressed with how professional she was, and how nothing phased her, even a red catsuit that was obviously giving her an atomic-wedgie wasn’t enough to stop her kicking it out and delivering a set of awesome images.

Her own art is coming along in leaps and bounds too, so if you don’t already watch her it might be about time you did, you don’t know what you are missing.


"At 3am"
Art Model Rosemary

His 10 best tips for beginners :

"As I float outside myself"
Art Model Dollybeck

1. Know your tools back to front. If you can’t capture a scene, you have set up your dean in the water before you start.

2. Be creative. Open up a part of your mind that was previously not open. Think outside the square. Draw on past pain or fun or situations to create something new and original.

3. Allow the person in front of the camera to open their mind too, two minds are always better than one, don’t they say.

4. Lighting is everything within an image. Concentrate on where it falls and what shadows it creates. Highlight things of interest, think dramatically.

5. Go backwards. Try putting your digital camera down for a moment and buy some film, it still has it’s place in the hand of today’s photographer. Anyone who can get a good shot using film has my instant respect.

"I can Hear the Ocean"
Art Model Dollybeck

6. Locations. Go out a look. Open your eyes up when you are traveling somewhere, locations are everywhere you just need to look. A true artist sees things others walk past everyday and can use it in there art.

7. Don’t be afraid to get stupid, some of the most stupid situations I have been in in my life have lead to some of the best images of my life. Draw from your own experiences to create.

8. Wear pants.

9. Know your limits. Photography, and I mean good photography, to me, is all about the eye, if you don’t have it, you won’t ever have it. I only know a handful of people with the true eye for photography, so work out if you have it. Ask a friend.

10. Take your camera with you everywhere you go. If you feel naked without a camera, you are on the right track. And never close your eyes for potential models. So open up your eyes, and always be ready, that’s the best tip anyone can get. Seriously.

"I just want a TV embrace"
Art Model Meg

One of the very best things about what I do with my work, is being able to pick and choose who I work with, simply because money is never a factor.

I choose people who I find inspire me, who bring something to the table, and who I think I will be able to create with It’s very liberating when you find the right people.

Meg is one such person, I always saw potential in her, there was something there from the start that I knew I wanted to shoot, so it was great to finally get a chance to do some images with her.

"Suck me dry"
Art Model Meg

It flowed from the first moment, because knowing someone is a fan of what you create it gets you in a state of mind of “Well what could go wrong, lets just have fun and see how it comes out!”, and that’s exactly what we did, wandered around the streets of Melbourne, chatting, laughing, about art, about friends, and when seeing the perfect spot, dropping our bags and going into position and creating.

It was fun, and really shouldn’t that be how all of our shoots are, when we are open to it, art just happens, as it did with Meg. And she become more and more confident in front of the lens, things started to happen, images started to appear that took her beyond how she saw herself, and how others saw her, the transformation was startling.

And so now, as I look back on the photographs, I remember not only a great afternoon with a wonderful girl, but a creative experience that is very hard to replicate in this big bad world.

"Without your reflection"
Art Model Fiona

"You knew all the words"
Art Model Fiona

"I can see through you"
Art Model Fiona

Fiona is just one of those people that photographers love to find.

She is in no way scared of the lens, and will do anything for the best image. I have had her laying on the weirdest things in the oddest places, yet she has never complained once.
But what she really excels at are portraits, she has a face that is one of the most versatile that I have ever seen, changing from an angel to a devil in a split second and back again after the frame is captured.

I always have the best time shooting with her because I truly never know what is going to come of it, but I’m always surprised by the quality of the outcome.

She is a true talent and a muse in every sense of the word.


"Dont hate me"
Art Model Kaios

"Too much is never enough"
Art Model Ari

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