January 12, 2014

Welcome David Winge

"Going To California"
Art Model Rebel Smith

Art Model Rebel Smith

" David Winge is a master of the environment, he is one with it, his photographs capture and communicate the essence of the desert." John Middelkoop, photographer.

And all is said... Back to the origins.

Yes, David Winge has a special connection with the desert. His hard work in outstanding natural landscapes bring us the very best of an unknown nature where his wonderful (and beloved, as you'll read it) art models seem to pose with an endless creativity.

Each of his photographs gives us a lesson in harmony and grace. His compositions are powerful, mostly inspired by his deep passion for the deserted lands, last peaceful territories in a world full of stupid frontiers and absurd barriers.

David is a devoted artist like I love them ! No need to hide it. I'm sure he can't live without his camera !... For all these reasons, I'm proud and happy to welcome him.

Thanks David to make our world such a beautiful place.

"But What I Really Want"
Art Model Amy

David Winge is an American art nude photographer (Orange County, California, USA). He took an early interest in photography and taught himself every aspect of photo finishing by retouching and preserving old family photographs.

After the dawn of the digital age in camera technology, David began taking frequent road trips to photograph desert landscapes and began posting his work on the Internet.

A chance meeting with an art model/photographer lead him to produce his first desert nude work which eventually will become the subject of his first book “Desert Nudes", available soon.

"Take It To The Limit"
Art Model Pearl

"Like every great artist, David crafts each image separately with pure talent yet manages to have a continuity line running through all of his work that makes it instantly recognizable. In a world where everyone can pick up a camera and shoot a nude, David´s work stands out making an impact on and inspiring all that see it."
Scott James Prebble, , photographer.

"First Light"
Art Model Green Bird Girl

I became interested in photography at a very early age. Through high school I took many photos and spent a lot of time restoring old family photographs in a friend's darkroom.

Although I pursued several other interests and hobbies, photography was always an important part of my life. I've always carried a camera with me, and was known as the family photographer.

Early in 2005 I began to return to photography as a full time hobby, I joined photography groups and achieved several goals, one of which was to photograph every one of the California missions.

Now I devote all of my free time to my photography, improving my skills and pushing the limits of digital photography.

Art Model Kat Love -

" A phenomenal artistic nude model, self portrait artist and photographer. Working with Kat was a joy and inspiration, complex and elegant, graceful and stunning, she's a true artist's model with a beautiful personality. I recommend her very highly."

My strengths are in modeling photography, architecture and style, gardens, flowers and desert landscape.

My work has been featured in catalogs, shopping guides and web sites, my work can be seen on a wide variety of web sites, in San Gabriel Mission and published art periodicals. I was chosen to photograph the 4th annual Naked Desert Art Project and I have several upcoming projects both personal and for clients."

" Putting clothes on a model is akin to putting a parking lot over a field of flowers." David Winge

" True beauty is not a measurement, it is a spirit." David Winge

"Desert Morn"
Art Model Amy

" Amy is wonderful, talented, gorgeous and enthusiastic, even under the trying conditions
of Mojave on a hot day ! I would recommend her highly, we had great fun working together she's a sweetheart, and a phenomenal model !"

Art Model Karen

" Karen is much more than gorgeous, she is a talented artist and writer, she's a passionate and caring person, a pleasure to collaborate with and call Muse."

" The Desert inhabits a man’s soul if you spend enough time there. David Winge has put in the time and the results are plain to see. He is a master of the environment, he is one with it, his photographs capture and communicate the essence of the desert. The women in the photographs never steal the scene because they, as does David, inhabit the desolate landscapes. To me they represent his id. So much can be read into the images, but the ultimate impression is yours alone." John Middelkoop, photographer.

Art Model Rebel Smith

Extracts from his interview at World of the Nude Art by Jarda Balek :

"Spirit In The Sky"
Art Model Pearl

Many of your photos are in desert. Is it a project and if so what would you say about it ?

It began as a single concept, a tribute image to a Maxfield Parrish painting, I initially intended on doing a series of these. Then when I began posting my desert work online it was very well received and appreciated, I decided to do more photo shoots in the deserts of southern California and compile them into a book.

I have now done photo shoots from Death Valley to Anza Borrego with about 18 different models, one of which is helping me edit the book now and I hope to have it available very soon.

Art Model Pearl

In your opinion, what does it take to be a good nude art photographer ?

I feel you must have a passion for creativity and beauty and see it everywhere, adding the human form to my images gave them a soul and brought my work to life.

Art Model Amanda

I also believe the collaboration between a photographer and model plays an important role, perhaps a bit more so than in fashion or editorial.

A photographer is a natural observer so if you allow a model the time and space to explore her surroundings you need only use your knowledge of composition, light & timing to capture the scene.

A good photographer will also input concept, ideas and direction but in the end a good art nude photograph results when there is harmony in all these elements."

Art Model Rebel Smith

"Don't Want To Think"
Art Model Nora

Thank you Art Models !

Art Model Rebel Smith

I want to give a special and very heartfelt thank you to all the art models out there, you give us all so much and make our world a truly beautiful place.

You are the cornerstone that makes it possible for other artists, photographers and designers to bring our shared visions to life and create exceptional work.

"Down To My Last Teardrop"
Art Model Pearl

I sincerely admire how you deal with all the adverse conditions, cold early mornings, short and long hikes, the trash and debris other's have left behind, long hours in a studio or driving to location.

I feel so very fortunate to have worked with outstanding people as represented in my galleries and to view some absolutely breathtaking work from others.

So from me personally, you all have my utmost respect and sincere gratitude.

Thank you so much.

"Life Is Beautiful"
Art Model Amy

David Winge ©


AristonPhotog said...

Wow! Great job and congratulations David! The images are fantastic and I hope to work with you sometime in the future. I could definitely learn a lot!

Jude Calvert-Toulmin said...

Fantastic, Univers d'Artistes :) David is a photographer for whom I have an enormous amount of respect and whose work I love, and is already pencilled in for an interview in the near future on my blog. I will come back on here and post when we've done it. I love his work so much that I've used one of his shots (Tree Shadows) as the basis for the cover to my erotic novel "Mother-in-Law, Son-in-Law" which you can buy on Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com (there are reviews on the UK site.) David is going to be very, very famous one day, mark my words! :)

Photos by Rick said...

I found Mr. Winge's work on Deviant Art. I instantly became one of his many fans. Congratulations and continued success.