February 10, 2013

Catphrodite's interview

" I model as a means of expression. I truly enjoy working with photographers to make a vision come to life. I've never looked at this as a way to find fame. I'm in fact quite content to live a quiet existence out of the spotlight. Unless, of course, the spotlight is part of a photographer's lighting arrangement." Catphrodite

by F. Shultz - "A stir of echoes"Post processing by Catphrodite

"I was playing around in Photoshop and came up with this."

by Scott Nichol -

by Michael Miles

When did you begin modeling ?

I began modeling in August of 2001. My first shoot was with Olaf Starorypinski, who is a brilliant photographer.

Being an art model was always a dream of mine, and I was lucky enough to be introduced to Olaf through a mutual acquaintance. That first shoot was such a positive experience, it truly changed my life.

It changed your life... So, what do you like about modeling ?

I work for the creation of beauty. I hope I am an uplifting influence. Also, I love all the great friendships I've made along the way. I could stop modeling tomorrow and know that these folks would still be part of my life, and that is a wonderful thing.

by Scott Nichol
"Nothing fancy"

Is there something you don't like ?

I dislike the fact that there are people who feel that the naked human body is vulgar, and that I, or anyone, should be ashamed to be photographed or painted or sculpted or even just seen without clothes.

I agree ! Until now, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment ?

I recently modeled for Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo. I am still feeling the glow of that experience.

A great moment with famous artists. I'm impatient to see the results. A difficult question, for everybody : have you a favourite photo ?

If I have to pick one, it would be "Cell Block Waltz", shot by Olaf Starorypinski at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. The prison is supposedly haunted, and I had to stand down that long, dark, chilly cell block all by myself, in the nude. Haunted or not, it was pretty intense. I loved it.

by Olaf Starorypinski
"Cell block waltz"

Olaf Starorypinski's experience and knowledge of light is the primary influence in his photographic work. Using light to "sculpt" subjects he creates images from a unique perspective.

Critics describe his photographs as "dynamic and sculptural", "works of subtlety and power", and "visual intrigue".

by Olaf Starorypinski
"Bethlehem Steel Nude 8"

by Diane Richter

Modeling is a difficult art, we'll never say it enough. What are you thinking during a shooting ?

I am thinking things like, "Be balanced. Know your center. I hope my hair is behaving."

Your work is absolutely outstanding. The way you pose, you move, your expressions, the emotion you bring us. You go so far beyond your beauty... What makes you so creative ?

Movement and form in nature, like patterns in the snow, fallen leaves, one of my cats curled up in the sun.

Indoors or outdoors, what kind of atmosphers inspire you when you're modeling ?

In the studio I enjoy having music on, and I like if it's a little chilly in temperature. I'm usually sweating by the time the shoot is done. If it's an outdoor shoot, being in nature is the perfect ambiance.

by Dan Unger

"Ireland" " Lounging around on a fallen standing stone out among the sheep on the Beara Peninsula of the west coast of Ireland. Photo by the wickedly handsome Dan Unger."

by Marcus J. Ranum -
"Somebody get me off of this box"

 Post processing by Catphrodite

And can you feel that your body is in the right place, in the right moment, in the best lighting ?

Yes, absolutely.

It's all about awareness.
In my mind's eye, I imagine that I am watching myself from the perspective of the camera.

Certainly the best way to do. You're working with many talented and very experienced photographers such as Scott Nichol, Marcus J. Ranum, Olaf Starorypinski, Bill Mason, Tiana Hunter... Is there a photographer you're dreaming to work with ?

I would love to work with Gregory Colbert. His images are breathtaking.

Catphrodite's credits :
- model for Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo
- painting ("Odysseus and the Sirens") displayed in the Allentown Art Museum by Eric Armusik
- cover of "Lehigh Valley Living"
- images in several issues of "Lehigh Valley Living"
- images in "Carrie Leigh's Nude"
- images in "Erotic Dreams and Nightmares" by Michael Alan Grapin
- images in "Nu Art en Noir et Blanc" by Jerry Harke
- images in "In the Still Air" by Scott Nichol
- image by Olaf Starorypinski in "Jade Magazine", a UK publication.

by Zeitgeist Photography

I hope he'll read your message... Talking about that, what makes you confident to plan a shooting with a photographer you don't know ?

I look at the photographer's work, and I see what models he's shot with, and if I get a good impression from that I will go for it.

Are you waiting to be guided or do you prefer to be free to move as you feel ?

It really depends on the situation. Some photographers know exactly what they want, and they've planned the shot(s) out in their mind before I even show up. I have no problem with that, I take direction very well. Other photographers prefer to let things flow more naturally, and I am more than happy to go with the tides.

by Angela Pilat
"Rock on"

by Bill Mason

How do you feel at the end of a shooting ? Exhausted, excited ?...

Hungry ! I burn up a lot of energy at a shoot.

I hear many good and bad things about the relationships between photographers and models. Do you find the photographers give to the art models all the credit they deserve ?

I have great relationships with a lot of the photographers I work with, and am pleased that I can call several of them friends, whether or not there is any photo equipment around. So, on a whole, yes, they treat me well.

Thanks a lot Catphrodite ! For everything... I wish you the best.

by Kenneth Volpe

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