May 10, 2018

The pulpy Art Model Jourdan Whitehead by Jamie Beck

Jourdan Whitehead by Jamie Beck

With Kae Love, Gregory Prescott, Steve Lease, André Brito and many other photographers, we love the diversity.

It was a long time I was searching for a pulpy Art Model, and who searchs finds. Jourdan Whitehead is renowned for her talent and her beautiful forms she assumes and loves. Her self-confidence is her strength and an essential lesson of life.

“My body has been through much, and as a young woman in an industry where my body is my business, I know my body will have much more to see and do.

Remembering to take the time and energy to appreciate all my body does for me is vital for peace of mind. My body protects me, responds to my thoughts, allows me to move, love, cry, breathe and be. Most importantly, my body hosts my precious soul that is filled with hopes, plans, ideas, intellect, and faith. 

With the creativity and talent of some incredible women, we were able to capture something that sends chills up my spine and I hope it inspires and uplifts all those who see it, as an outlet that helps viewers to have reverence for their bodies, instead of declaring war on their reflections”.

Jamie Beck:

As a photographer I look for what is photogenic from people to places to the design of a still life. I’m not going to lie, I love tall beautiful thin fashion models. They are like illustrations of illusions of an idea of who we think we are or could be. Fantasy is part of the fun, photographing that fantasy is one of the things that I love most. However… There is a place for curves too.

Curves are incredible. 

When our model Jourdan walked in I was honestly first taken back by her personality. Her confidence. Confidence is the one of the greatest quality anyone can possess.

She was cool, smart, comfortable in her own skin. She was one of the least self-deprecating models I’ve ever worked with. 

When we started making photographs a lot changed for me. Not only as a photographer but as a woman. Maybe even more importantly as a woman. Here was a human, not afraid to let me photograph her with nothing to hide behind, no character to portray, no fantasy story to tell, it was just her. In the moment. In the light. Just the way she is.

After this shoot I had a mix of emotions. Her body, so beautiful, so photographic in its shapes and contours was in one word: inspiring. She made me realize that the female form in any shape and size is incredible. To have curves, softness, confidence was true beauty. She represented to me what being a woman was all about. 

I understood why Renoir, Rubens and Matisse painted the way they did and I saw that beauty too.

I was so proud to be a woman and in my personal life, more confident about the size of my chest and softness around my stomach. If wrinkles show the hand of time and the life that was lived, curves show the fertility of it and the raw attraction of humanity.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that women come in many fascinating forms and, at this sitting, I saw beauty in a way that should be more often seen. Here’s to the beautiful form we call being a WOMAN.

Jourdan Whitehead by Jamie Beck
Creative direction by Kelly Framel 
Hair and makeup by Porsche Cooper

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