September 12, 2016

Gary Breckheimer interviewed by Jarda Balek

" Anyone can shoot a picture, but an artist creates an image. Making money from either is still a fine balance between art and commerce, and one that all fine artists struggle with their whole careers." Gary Breckheimer

"Coming Out"
Art Model Brooke Lynne -

Gary Breickheimer at his official site, Model Mayem, World of the Nude Art, Fine Art Photo, his book "Naked City" at Blurb.

"On the edge"

""Professional photographer, Gary Breckheimer from New York (USA) has in age of 48 impressive list of achievements as you can read in this interview. Although fashion photographer by origin, his fine art images, especially his BW artistic nudes focusing on the juxtaposition of the female form vs. environment, distinctively stand out of the mainstream of the genre."

What would you like to say about yourself, your background, education, personal life, work, likes, dislikes and hobbies ?

As a New York City based photographer, I’ve been pursuing my craft for the past two decades. After graduating from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara CA, I relocated to NYC and then Europe to pursue a career in the fashion industry.


While abroad I was published numerous times in many international magazines including French MAX, German Playboy, German Vogue, Italian Vogue Sposa, Australia Vogue, Mademoiselle, Fitness, W and Huh. As I transitioned back to NYC I also shifted my focus from Fashion to Fine Art, and developed a propensity for Black & White imagery.

I predominantly focus on the juxtaposition of the female form vs. environment with over tones of erotica.


Nudes are considerable part of your work. When did you start shooting nudes and what inspired you to start ?

I started shooting nudes when I was attending Brooks Institute and though the school wasn’t allowing that art form at the time, I went ahead and photographed what I loved.

I guess you can call me a bit of a rule breaker.

The one image by the photographer Robert Farber entitled “Moonscape” was and remains an inspiration to me. I guess you can say it was the warm tone quality and ‘grainy film look’ of the 1980s and that specific image that continues to inspire me.

What inspires you now ?

It’s hard to say, but what I love to shoot is simply the shit that comes out of my head.

"Bound to be bed"

"A little stiff"

"Fear of"

"Chicken Gothic"

There are many genres (or categories) and styles of nude photography. Some of them are artistic, others are considered commercial, some are somewhere in between. Also style of individual photographers wary and some work does not fit anywhere. What genre of nude photography do you prefer and why ?

I’ve shot most forms of nude photography, in both the studio and on location, but I must say that the rush I get shooting on the streets and in public places does not compare to anything, not even the best drugs ! (Joke)


What kind of statement are you making in your work and what do you hope others will get from it ?

If I gave away my statement there would be no need for anyone to figure it out and then the fun would all be gone. Plus, I can’t figure it out sometimes either !

What do you think separates nude photographic art from pornography ?

Good question. I personally think the viewer decides that answer. Only they know whether it’s porn or art to themselves!

"Fresh meat"

In your opinion, what does it takes to be a good nude art photographer ?

Knowledge of how to see light, how to use your tools and how to express a vision that is your own.

"The view"


Do you work systematically with clear vision providing strict guidance to model or do you have only general idea and improvise to some extent ? Do you like models to bring up own ideas ?

When I’m on the streets on location nothing is left to chance. I am completely in control. I know the exact location, the pose, the lighting, etc. I am definitely not looking for any input from the model or crew.

When I’m in the studio I am still in control, but I am more open to input and ideas.

What type of models do you prefer to work with, professionals or amateurs ?

I really like them both. Making an amateur model look great and creating an amazing photograph with them really shows the talent of the photographer. It pushes you harder and makes it more enjoyable, while showing how good you really can be.

"Da plane"

"Sunny sie-up"

"Sisters got a Habit"

Do you prefer studio or outdoors ?

Both. There are some great outdoor locations I’ve shoot, but I have also created some amazing images indoors.

What equipment do you use ?

What ever I can get my hands on !

Many aspiring photographer think shooting nudes is easy way to earn money. Do you think it is that easy ? Any suggestion how to make them ?

Anyone can shoot a picture, but an artist creates an image. Making money from either is still a fine balance between art and commerce, and one that all fine artists struggle with their whole careers.

What are your goals ?

To continue shooting as I do now (with no restrictions) and be respected for it. Maybe my 15 min of fame that Andy W. promised me.

Do you have now or did you have in the past your work on exhibition ? Where have you been published ?


Group Exhibitions :

1994 Primus top NY photographers show, New York
1996 Word Ness Gallery, New York
1997 Editorial Photo, Photography Exhibition, New York
2003 The Roy Connell silent art Auction, New York
2007 Photovoice london 100 top photographers, London
2007 Parsons Scool, Paris, France
2008 ART undressed Erotic Art Exhibition, Miami, Germany.
2008 Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, Miami, Fl.
2007 Photovoice, London
2008 Beate Uhse Erotik musum, Berlin, Germany
2009 ART undressed Erotic Art Exhibition, Miami, LA & SF
2009 The Dirty show, Detroit & LA
2009 Photovoice, London

Nominee at BW Spider Awards


Awards :

2007 International Photography Awards, 1st place Nude (7X Honorable Mention)
2007 SPIDER AWARDS (2X Nomminee)
2007 B&W Mag, Solo Image award (Silver)
2007 Erotic Signature Honorable Mention
2008 International Photography Awards (9 Honorable Mention)
2009 International Photography Awards (4 Honorable Mention)
2009 B&W Mag. 1 Honorable Mention
2009 Erotic Signature Honorable Mention

"Sacrifice in the Park"
Art Model Brooke Lynne
International Photography Awards (9 Honorable Mention)

Publications :

Bikini, United States
Editorial Photo, United States
Fitness, United States
Huh, United States
First For Woman, United States
Fruit of the loom (Print & Video), United States
Max, French
Max, Germany
Mademoiselle, United States
New Yorker, United States
Playboy, Germany
Santé & Fitness, France
Vogue, Germany
Vogue Sposa, Italia
W, United State
Black White Mag
Fine art nudes #6
Fine Art Photo - Gallery No. 6
Erotic Signature ‘s, Erotic Art of Today, Volume 2 and 3 “BOOK”
Mammoth Erotic Photography 3

My new book

Some of the photographs exhibited here can be seen in my new book "The Naked City" that was shoot all in NYC.

Book design by : John Lin
Text by : Debra Breckheimer
Special thanks to : The city of New York
The Models : Anna Evans, Aubrey, Carly Erin, Carry, Cat Bee, CRG, Cynnamon, Claudine, Domo Victoria, Emma, Evie V., iMonstrosity, IranianLoveGoddess, Iris Dassault, Jazz, Jen Phoenix, Juliet G., Katy Cee, Kellie Laplegua, Lela Rae, LT Smash, Narcissa, Natasha Winters, Princess Loveable, Roxanne Scheffer, Saffron, Samantha Grace, Sarah, Sarah J., Shakti, Sheena, Susie B.,
Stacy, Sweet Romance, Stephy C,Tanya Dakin, Tia, Trinette, Vassanta, Velocity, Victoria Vertuga, Vivian DeMilo.

Helmut Newton
"Le Smoking"

Who are your favorite photographers ?

I’m a bit old school on my favorite photographers : Irving Penn, Diane Arbus, Edward Weston, W. Eugene Smith, Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton.

I believe these artists took photography to the forefront and without them I don’t think I’d be doing what I do.

What would you recommend to aspiring nude art photographers ?

Know your tools as if they were a part of you !
Then dig inside yourself and capture what you feel.

Thanks a lot Gary for your trust !


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