April 18, 2016

David Hilton Exhibition

New member of Univers d'Artistes

When I saw on Facebook his photographs, I told me yes ! then woaw ! So :
- David, I like your work ! What do you think about an exhibition in Univers d'Artistes ?
He answered by an enthusiastic yes and a lot of thank you that made me blush...

Of course David Hilton is a talented and prolific photographer as you will see here and in his site (click on archive), but what attracted me is the strength that emanates from his photographs, a creative energy helped by inspired art models.

I am very glad to welcome David Hilton whom I thank for his kindness and his trust.


Listen to him :

I have specialized in Fine-Art, Glamour and Erotic Photography and work out of my home base on the Gulf Coast of Florida and have exhibited in numerous galleries and have been published in several prestigious books internationally. Ultimately, my true fulfillment comes from working with people who have a true passion for creating a more spontaneous type of Art.

My work is about capturing the subject’s unique qualities “in the moment”, to portray the natural sensitivity, intelligence, and beauty that I find within them. 

Although I may  have a preliminary concept for a shoot, I also consider the creative input of models with whom I work and have had the pleasure of shooting with models that have come from a variety of locations throughout the country. 

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