July 8, 2016

Some facets of the talent of Sjur Roald

I can't give you a lot of informations about Sjur Roald. I searched him on the web but he is only at Facebook. When I asked him about his site, he told me :
- A new website will be designed in the course of this summer. Thank you Christian.
I am impatient because the censorship of Facebook doesn't permit him to show us his wonderful artistic nude photographs he must have in his computer.

Sjur Roald is from Norway and the first Norwegian photographer of the Magazine. One of his photographs was sufficient to ask him the honor to publish him. It is the famous factor wow! you all know.

It was very difficult, as usual with each of you, to choose these photographs among the hundred pieces of art he published so I have chosen on his great photographer's palette one of each of his favorite themes and places.

Tusen takk Sjur !
Thank you a lot Sjur for your confidence. Welcome on board and a big bravo !

 art model Elena Stepanova

art model Therese Ellehaven

art model Dorka Banki

art model Marcus

art model Anna Klimakova

art models Anna and Mokhail

dancer Svetlana Bednenko

 art model Lera Russkikh

art model Bryndis

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