February 8, 2018

Welcome Don Ricchilino

At the beginning of my discovery of this multi-talented photographer, I believed Don Ricchilino was a noble and old Italian due to this beautiful avatar and of course his name. But no, Don he's younger and from Munich.

At the beginning, I believed Don was only a wonderful BW addicted Street Life photographer. Then I discovered with surprise his beautiful fine art nudes, his first passion before the street photography.

Don Ricchilino is a surprising and passionate artist who told me a warmful yes for his publication I wanted since a long time.

I call him in secret (don't tell him) "Master Don Ricchilino" because his photographs are pieces of art which equal the greatest old Photographers. Although, he has received numerous honors and prizes for his work.

Dear Don, I'm honored you call me "my friend" and I thank you for your confidence and your enthusiasm.

"That's love"

Hello my friend,

It is difficult to find words about myself. I came to photography by traveling to distant countries. By chance, I got orders in the field of fashion and so I had a lot to do with models.

I had a studio in Munich and worked a lot, always the same, nude, fashion and portrait. It got boring. Now I decided to realize my ideas. stagings and time travel.

I'm very interested in street photography, especially in countries where history is still to be found.

I have had a lot of good experiences and got to know nice people. I enjoy it a lot and I enjoy working with people. The many human photos I like more than the numerous honors and prizes I have already received.

Photography is entertained for me. It should not bore the viewer. With competition, as many others do, my art of photography has nothing to do. I prefer to be modest.

I was influenced by the great work of the old Masters, dear black and white, but luckily I have my own style. Many others copy and will always be a copy.

If you have any questions, ask me.
Dear regards

Street Photography

Sur le mur : Zite zitoune, Huile d'olive

Émile Zola, French writer, would have loved this photograph for "La Bête humaine" (1890)

La Bête humaine (The Beast Within or The Beast in Man) is an 1890 novel by Émile Zola. The seventeenth book in Zola's Les Rougon-Macquart series is based upon the railway between Paris and Le Havre in the 19th century and is a tense and psychological thriller.

"Out of school"

Fine Art Nude

"The hero"
Art Model Nurry Necker

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