March 17, 2018

The diversity of Gregory Prescott

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The lack of diversity is prominent in all facets of life but now is the time for change.   

On his welcome page of  his site


For the second time, Gregory Prescott contacted me and I took the opportunity to ask him an exhibition.

We choosed together these photographs for sale which remind us how much we are different and united. For example, scientists have prooved that Charlemagne (French king, 742-814 a.d. JC) have more than 8 millions of children, and all agree that we all come from Africa.


Hi Chris,
I would like to invite you to see what is new at "Prints".  New works are available, all signed, any size.
I believe in diversity in art and I try to showcase that in my photography.
This time I even added Gunner the horse to my collection.  It was my first time doing an animal portrait and he was a fantastic model. I am always extending my library and adding new photographs so please take time to visit my online gallery and I'll add much more during 2018.
Warm regards.


I am a self-taught photographer residing in Brooklyn, NY, whom has spent the majority of my life in Houston, TX, and Los Angeles, CA. My work consists of an array of photographs of portraits, humans adorned and the human form. I find it interesting to create art using live figures.

With my work, I allow everyone to see the true and outstanding beauty of a woman’s curves, the fullness of her lips, the textures of her hair and the grace in the extensions of her arms.
I also display the broadness in the man’s back, the signs of struggle in his shoulders and the determination in his eyes. 

In my photographs, one may witness the essence, sensuality, strong structure and power of the body with the use of passion but without the use of excessive sexuality. I hope that with my photographs, people should be able to further extend their appreciation of the beauty and body of both men and women and see that :

all people are sensual creatures; sensual creatures with a vast array of skin tones.

Scarlet Chan













His book :

"By Window Light" and "Erotic Interludes". Click the covers to preview and purchase. I'm surprised by the low prices, bravo Gregory :

And a book "Human" in project. For the moment 6 magazines issues :

EBook free

I have been photographing men and women for over 25 years and I’ve always had a fascination of seeing all flavors of people used in the form of art.
The lack of diversity is prominent in all facets of life but now is the time for change. 
My mission with HUMAN is to bring diversity in art photography.  HUMAN magazine showcases diversity in a broader sense than just race, but also diversity in gender, lifestyle, body types, sexuality, skin tones and skin types and what defines beauty. HUMAN is a blend of portraiture, editorial, fashion, erotica and fine art nude so HUMAN magazine itself is diverse.

I confirm and sign : Christian Pélier

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