June 7, 2017

The lights of Darren Phillips

Darren Phillips
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Member of UdA since 2007

"Enchanted Forrest"

 "Winter Sunrise"
Art Model Anne Duffy

I am Darren Phillips and I am an artist working in the medium of photography and, more specifically, in the discipline of fine-art nude photography in the landscape.

The world of nudie magazines and editorial glamour for the men’s market is of no appeal.

It is the play of light, the contrast of form, the primal honesty of the nude as a part of the world that inspires me and directs my course.

"What Will Be"
Art Model Dollybeck

"Warmer Days"
Art Model Dollybeck

Art Model Jessamyne

Art Model Renee

"Room With A View"
Art Model Jade

Although based in Adelaide, I do travel in my work and so the opportunity to engage with the art and craft of my photography is forever motivated by new places, new experiences and new people to create with.

Development as an artist is a slow and meticulous course to explore and in time it would be my hope that I could exhibit my work in galleries, catalogues and monographs.

The success of my work rests just not on my own abilities and thoughts but also on the unique and varying input each and every model brings to the shoot with them. Every image is a collaboration between my vision and my model’s understanding and response to that vision.

To those who have joined me on my journey I am deeply thankful and respectful and to those with whom I am yet to work all I ask is that you look at my work, understand my objectives and become a part of this exciting visual adventure.

"At Your Mercy"

"Night Light"
Art Model Soph

"Steel Wheels"
Art Model Kelly

"A cool breeze"
Art Model Dollybeck

"Inner City Madness"
Art Model Dollybeck

About him by K Ridge :

" Darren is a unique individual who manages effortlessly to relate to all types of people.

His sincercity, compassion and non-judgemental nature allows him to observe his surroundings with a genuine awareness you rarely find.

These characteristics are part of the reason he has been able to develop and capitalise on his photographic talent.

It is almost impossible to feel anything but comfortable in Darren's presence. His acute understanding of the photographic craft combined with a sensitive attitude, keen eye and (sometimes) wicked sense of fun makes the entire process a pleasure."

"Forrest Nymph"
Art Model Lena

"In the Darkness"

Art Model Bella

Darren Phillips viewed by his Art Models :

" Darren Phillips is a great photographer who not only has a very serious side, can be the most fun you have ever had. He is very easy- going but take great pride in his work. When he captures the shot, HE DOES IT WELL !" Jodie Bellon

" Darren Phillips is very creative and professional. He is an open minded, funny, easy going photographer. A joy to work with." Melanie
" Darren Phillips was great to work with and has a great sense of humour. We got some awesome images that were taken on a bitterly cold day ! Very much looking forward to working with him again and seeing what we get in warmer weather !" Dollybeck

"Silver Wings"
Art Model Niansa

"Yesterdays Delivery"
Art Model Jennie May

"Lazy Days"
Art Model Deb

"A Day Out"
Art Models Sonja and Bella

"The Dance"
Art Model Anne Duffy

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