June 25, 2017

Welcome Dan Van Winkle

Formerly Dan West
Member since 2007
And at DeviantArt

"A Day with a Muse"

Dan Van Winkle lives in United States. His portfolio contains many splendid photographs. Above all, I really appreciate his passions for outdoors shootings.

Working with renowned art Models such as the wonderful Kat Love, simple and kind, Dan told me immediately yes for this article. Thank you Dan ! I appreciate your trust

"A Visit to the Egg"

"China Camp"
Art Model Kat Love

By himself :

I've been shooting for 30+ years. I bough my first SLR in High School and fell in love with the medium.

Most of my work has been landscapes for the 27 years leading up to the last three years. I've always wanted to shoot nudes and have over the last three years been exploring the medium.

Most of my work is figure studies, but I occasionally like to pull in more about the model and who they might be.

For a day job, I work in the engineering field, but my passion is my photography and if I can ever figure out how to make a living at it while still keeping it fun and enjoyable, I will.

Art Model Christie

"Dune Bend"

"Forrest Nymph"

"Perfect Light"

My old favorite water place had new "no parking" signs everewhere.  So, I found a new place!

"Root Climber"

"A Day with a Muse"

"Nymph in the Box"

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Phydeau said...

Dan's work is wonderful.