July 26, 2015

Mic Ardant : his making of

We were talking Mic Ardant, famous French photographer, and I about the artistic creation, him in photography and me in writing. And, in fact, we live the same incredible passion and we share the same deep feelings about our art. My pen, his camera, my words, his models, my breathe, his lights, and so on.

Here are his own words to describe the making of a Photograph :

"Naked White Smiling Nude"

1 "Fulgurance" - 2 "Le doute" - 3 "Insolence"

" There is the search for the model, the search for a concept which adapts itself to the model, even in the case of an improvised session.
There is a way of dressing her, and undressing her, to guide her, to impose the poses, to seduce her so she made spontaneously what we wish that she made, to force her, in a sense, so that she puts a lot in our set, before being able to choose the angle, the good distance, the ideal focal, looking in the zoom for the best framing and settling so that the flash works, so that she doesn't close her eyes at the time of the release, and it if it's the case, we don't see it in the viewfinder at the time of the shot because the viewfinder is blind during this precious moment…

"An Insupportable Happiness"

And then the post-production, the workframing in the millimeter, the definitive choice of the treatment of colors, luminosity, a little more contrast, a whit of saturation, an retouch of balance of colors … Finally the signature, to the right, to the left, how to include it in the composition, the frame, the molding of color, what nuances to choose … All this elaborated according to the moment in conjunction with what was " already made " and what goes out of us without we can explain it …What runs the movement and determines the action.

"Luminous Idea"

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