July 18, 2015

Welcome Robert Triboli

Robert Triboli

 Art has little to distinguish itself from religion. Fundamentally they are both acts of faith and therefore subject to their own uncertainties.

"Yulia 198"
Art Model Yulia

"Isobel 3"
Art Model Isobel

Professional photographer from Sacramento, Ca, USA, Robert Triboli is a wise and devoted Photographer I admire since a long time. Like a very large majority of the artists featured here, his passion began really young. Always fascinated by the light, you can feel today how much he knows everything about her. As I choosed the pictures to illustrate his article, I found many wonderful shots that I invite you to contemplate right now !

Thank you Robert, you're so kind.  See you soon !

When I was a child I could feel light – not just the sensation of hot or cold – but light itself. I can'’t describe it to you, but I know I could feel it.When I was a child l would spend breezy summer afternoons lying under the vine-covered pergola in my grandfather’s vineyard. It was like being in a kaleidoscope and I could feel the millions of possible spectral permutations. It was rapture.

"Lily 158"

"Yulia 318"
Art Model Yulia

"Aedrea 277"

"Yulia 286"
Art Model Yulia

Art Model Yulia

With maturity I lost that facility to feel light. It was like learning the definition of awe and losing its meaning. It’s not that adults can’t feel awe ; they just don’t experience that knock the wind out of your guts awe that a child does.

I was a serious young man. I was one of those people who thought that discovering the meaning of the universe was possible. I experimented with a lot of systems (Eastern, Western, Middle Earth) in search of the Eternal Answers. For a while I even thought the camera would allow me to differentiate between what Takahara calls “the dreams that are true from the truths that are only dreams”. The camera ended up being just another system. Art has little to distinguish itself from religion – fundamentally they are both acts of faith and therefore subject to their own uncertainties.

"Stephanie 3"
Art Model Stephanie Anne

"Kristin 1"
Art Model Kristin

Older now, I concern myself less with answers. Instead, with a conviction that the universe is always presenting our senses with miraculous gifts, I have tried to foster receptivity and appreciation. I have tried to rediscover the awe and rapture I knew when I was a child.

Someday I would like to relive the feeling of light. I don’t know if it’'s possible to find one’s way back, but photography has brought me closer than anything else.

"Stephanie 249"
Art Model Stephanie Anne

"Kristin 2 16"
Art Model Kristin

"AP 162 2"

"S 21"


The great majority of my images include people. While I don’t consciously seek out children I find them in many of my photographs. Perhaps, if I can’t get back there on my own, I can follow them as they instinctually find those paths that lead one up into the light.

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