September 20, 2015

Welcome William Walsh

William Walsh is one of these photographers you can't miss. He belongs this personal touch that makes a great one, something special beyond the beauty of his models who love working with him.

William Walsh is based in Hartford, Connecticut, and specializes in outdoor and indoor glamour, figure, artistic and light fetish, nature and landscape photography, mainly in the Connecticut area. You'll find his gallery at deviantART.

"Melissa Outdoors 1"

"Melissa Outdoors 10"

"Kendall 13"

Here are some unsolicited comments from his art models :

" Bill, oh my goodness !!!! They look absolutely stunning ! I just went through them, and these are the ones that REALLY impressed me :... breath-taking ! Thank you so much again." (Erin Mae)

"You're someone I really want to keep working with !" (Ania Peach)

"Thanks so much for showing me that awesome shot. You're a great photographer." (Erika)

"It was a pleasure to work with you this weekend. It is photographers like you that make my job so much easier. Thanks again for a great shoot !" (Angelique)

"Tapestry 2"
Art Model Melissa

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