September 29, 2015

On PhotoShop

An article by Michael Vasquez, Uda Art Editor

I began my photographic career shooting film and developing my BW work. Slowly I acquired a certain skill set in printing my work. The skill came in the form of manipulating the print while it was being exposed. Those of you who know the process can appreciate how long it took to acquire those skills and then came a revolution in photography when a new skill set was born. Of course I am talking about the digital revolution and all that it entails.

Myself I still love the look and 

feel of film, I like the freedom that it gives with the new films on 

the market and I love the process of exploring the films and how I 

can utilize them in my art.

I now am learning to use PhotoShop to edit my work usually within the confines of my skill set (ie: dodging, burning and spotting) of my print.

I am scanning my old negatives and gathering them into a new retrospective of my work which can be seen at

Here are some examples of my old and pure work :

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