April 6, 2014

Welcome Olivier De Rycke

"All I like is to consider each shooting as an artistic performance between the model and me. I always try to get the best of my models' spirit and beauty." Olivier De Rycke

"Wild Life"
Art Model Liana

"So long"
Art Model Deni

Olivier De Rycke, from Paris, France, has seized the chance to become a professional photographer when he has been discovered in 2005 by a web site for nudes.

Since then, Olivier is working his favorite topic which is a perpetual flirt between photography of charm, fashion and artistic nudes, a soft mixture which gives all its specificity to his photographs.

2008 sees the released of its first book "My body, My Soul" from the french editing house Ragage.

Apart from that he still gets involved in subjects as landscapes, ambiance and lomography !

"Little Mermaid"
Art Model Ariel

"Maybe or Maybe not"
Art Model Marie

Olivier De Rycke ©

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