April 18, 2014

Charles E. Nevols, welcome!

" I'm a semi professional photographer and graphic artist, interested in abstraction and fusing drawing, painting and photography, also body painting of my abstract drawings. I'm also interested in how these painted canvases move and change in space and time. Thus, I want to create sequential series of images of one person over time, becoming inobtrusive, capturing without disturbing. What is still possible, what is really new and unexplored, what is art ?" Charles E. Nevols

Art Model and Photographer Kat Love -

You'll find Charles E. Nevols at : Model Mayhem, deviantART,

Art Model Kat Love

And that's all what he wrote about him. It's like the prologue of a novel... This kind of wide opened introductions we're trying to write, sometimes, to open the mind of our lector before he enters in our story.

With three questions in this case, and not the easiest ones :

" What is still possible ?
What is really new and unexplored ?
What is art ? "

... I remember some great authors who wrote that nothing is really new on earth, what could be a sad answer to his wonderful and so deep second question.

"Caught in transition"
Art Model Kat Love

Try now.

Shake your mind, quietly lied on your bed to avoid the noisy civilisation, and search in yourself a new idea. I mean something really new ! Unknown, never thought before you !... Never seen, never said. And you'll see how much this question is disturbing. Just try and tell me.

Art Model Kat Love

"In the cave"
Art Model Kat Love

As for the other question "what is art ?", I've found this simple and famous quote :

" It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye."
Antoine de Saint Exupery.

Art is like that, something indefinable since the beginning of the humanity. Subjective and so divine.

But my purpose is not to discuss about the very interesting and philosophical questions of this so secret artist who loves the mistery.

Art Model Idnandi

Art Model Idnandi


The work of Charles E. Nevols, from San Francisco, Usa, is simply wonderful.

Do I really need to talk about his outstanding compositions, that give us some clues about his consuming creativity and his particular way to direct his inspiring art models, Kat Love for example, one of the best of our times ? In amazing settings, in improbable poses that turn us as upside down as his art models.

It's been a long time I'm watching him, always impressed by the rare quality of all his photographs, mainly in BW.

Without no doubt, even if he calls himself a "semi-professional" photographer, Charles E. Nevols makes part of the great creators that I'm deeply honoured and grateful to welcome.

"Faces intertwined"
Art Model Claire

"Toss and turn"
Art Model Marketa

Art Model Idnandi

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