December 22, 2016

The self-portraits of Harizma

"The stolen bride"

"To sink"


I have not found many informations about Harizma (Alexandra Parhomenko). She is born in 1987, she lives at Kiev (Ukraine) and she works as a designer. And that's it... Because I don't speak russian and, maybe, she doesn't speak english. So...

Harizma is above all a creative photographer, and often her own model (self-portraiture is a tough exercise !).

Her inspiration is incredible and many of her pictures look like paintings. No need to talk about her talent, you see it in each of her photographies.

" Harizma is a true renaissance woman. An artist in every sense of the word. Her illustrations touch my heart, her photographs challenge my mind, and her beauty inspires my thoughts. I am in love with her portfolio."


"Desert Rose"

"Taste of tea"

" I just discovered her portfolio and I am in awe. She has a wonderful eye for beauty and art, in addition to being a great model - her self-portraits demonstrate her charm and beauty in addition to her photographic talents. Her photos and artistic flair will captivate all."

"oops ! a little mistake"

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