December 6, 2016

Tim Pile

A new member of UdA

Art-Model Ivory Flame

"After seeing some really super landscapes from the talented Thomas Bichler on my feed recently, I'm felt inspired and tried one of my own."

I am happy and honored to welcome Tim Pile among us ! Thank  you Tim, we are honored.

At the beginning, I believed Tim Pile was a woman because of his avatar on Facebook and his particular way to photography his creative Art-Models :
- By the way I am a 'he' and not a 'she'. People do get confused as I use model pictures for my avatar so don't worry.

I falled in love of his talent at the first sight and the first photography. As you will admire below, his inspiration is endless and his nugget (palette) very large. I understand why Tim Pile is so appreciated and multi-awarded. That's it ! I let you discover this great and gentle Photographer.

Again, thank you Tim for your so quick yes! and your kind cooperation for this article.

Art-Model Lulu Lockhart

I live in Birmingham, England, and have been doing digital photography since 2008. I started shooting models in 2009 with two female photographers, who had a great influence on me, and led my photography to be about the beauty of the female form. I feel their influence on my photography is the reason why my images appeal to a wide audience, and not just other models and photographers.

Art-Model Katy Cee

My images are often about shapes or finding interesting locations, and apart from in the studio I exclusively use natural light.

I tend to work with the same models repeatedly. The images are a joint creation of the model and myself. They are very talented and creative young women, so I always encourage them to give their input and come up with ideas.

I feel that my use of composition and shapes is related to the fact that I work in a technical field and have a Mathematical background.

Showtime !

Art-Model Ivory Flame

Art-Model Lulu Lockhart

Art-Model Lulu Lockhart

"I have a number of shots of the lovely Lulu Lockhart on this table, and I absolutely adore this one, probably even more than the one that I am more well known for."

 Art-Model Soria

Art-Model Zoi

Art-Model Lulu Lockhart

Art-Model Raphaella

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