May 2, 2018

Seascapes in India by Ashok Viswanathan

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After "Dunescapes", Ashok Viswanathan sent me some photographs of his beautiful series "Seascapes" shooted in India. Thank you my friend to make easy my work and for this wonderful trip. 


"Hoogly botman"

Some of the earliest images when I started photography in the 70's was seascapes. This is perhaps because I grew up in the coastal city of Chennai in S. India. My interest in seascapes continues to this day and I try to create a new image every once in a while.

Seascapes are interesting for the simple reason that the mood and lighting can change the scene. Its different every time. The sea also has its moments; sometime calm and at other times rough. Passing clouds and the seasons add to the atmosphere in the image.

The best time is either early morning or late evening. Being on the east coast of India the early morning gives the opportunity to include the rising sun in the images. Photographing this can be a challenge to make sure that the highlights are not blown and the image conveys the mood. It's also an opportunity to do silhouettes.

My camera of choice is the compact Fuji Xpro1 with the 50~140mm f2.8 lens or the 10~24mm Fuji lens. A soft graduated filter helps control the sky to bring out the clouds while keeping detail in the water. Seascapes look dramatic in both colour and monochrome. A few of the images you see here are now displayed on the wall of my home in monochrome 14x17 inch and they look amazing.

"Backwater allepy"

"Bandra sunset"


"Night fishing"

"Morning catch"

"Dog walk"

"Gokharna jetty"



"Sunrise Chennai"

"Sunset fishing"

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