June 9, 2018

The vintage photographs of Chistian Tode

Member since 2017

For me, photography hides a lot of beauty inside; beauty that we can see around us. It is a mysterious world of dialogue between the photographer and the resulting photo and – finally – between the viewer and the photo. A world that allows you to look inside, through lens, into the other soul. Photography is the soul of all the moments that have just disappeared. 

In his first article, I told you how much I appreciate the talent of Christian Tode to fly from a genre to another, and the rare diversity of his art models, my fight in UdA where all colors and ages and forms are united.

Today, this exhibition is reserved to his unique vintage work. He let me choose the photographs, what I always consider as an honor. ūüėä

"Rest in cafe"
With EliŇ°ka Kuban√≠kov√°

"The young girls learn their rules"
With EliŇ°ka Kuban√≠kov√° and Denisa Hemsk√°

"And then her eyes become my Japanese Tea Garden"

"Close your eyes and you'll see me"
With Janine Alexander


"Rain in sunlight"

"With Lucie"
With Lucie Janíková

"Sweet, dark fear"

"Morning chat"
With Denisa Hemsk√° and EliŇ°ka Kubanikova

"Adrien flying through her dreams"

"Inside I feel fleeting moments of sunny morn"
With ZuzanaOsako Illustrations

"Tough expectations in dreams in garden of paradise"

"Windy Day"

I end by his return in the present :

"The mind of the present"
With Zuzana Osako

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