November 5, 2018

The Powerful Image of Chrystoff Crowley

By Pierre Perreault 

Chrystoff Crowley. A model that hits with his charisma, his look, his way to play with the camera, with his attitude. Everywhere he goes, he gets noticed. But although he empresses with his presence, both in person and in photo, Chrystoff also has a softer, tender, more emotional side that he lets show through some of his beautiful photos. A multifaceted being, who knows how to deploy them, such as the tail of a peacock, in front of the lens.

By Sergio Veranes

It's your personality that gives a part of your own flavor to the recipe.

By JoHoule Foto

This versatile artist with so many talents has carved out his place as a model in the world of photography with his unique and powerful style, after having evolved in other artistic spheres such as a wrestling manager for 15 years, lead vocal in a powercore alternative band for a few years, painter of more than 150 paintings and author of a novel.

By Caro Deschenes

He worked and still works today in the movie industry as an actor in major productions as well as in independent films and video clips. He also writes and directs films of his own.

By JoHoule Foto

If one day I was no longer a model,
I would still work in the film industry as 
an actor, a scripter and a director, 
it's undeniable.

His acting skills serve him in photography, where the emotion conveyed powerfully strikes us. Chrystoff moves back at nothing to stand out as a model. Moreover, he identifies a lot himself with the audacious and visionary people who know how to constantly reinvent themselves, like David Bowie and Johnny Depp, who have always been able to leave their mark no matter the time and the trends.

By Michel Renaud

By JoHoule Foto

Fortune favors the bold! After all, the only limit that exists is the one we impose to our mind. As far as I'm concerned, my ambitions and my dreams are limitless and I aim to become an influential and recognized artist.

By Caro Deschenes

The opportunities that are presented to him are therefore not a factor of luck but the result of hard work and true talent. He did not steal his place; he built it. And the fact that he does not have the typical profile of the alpha male never stopped him either since many factors that influence the success of a model are favorable to him. 

Charisma more than anything, as well as a look or a particularity that stands out, a devouring passion and a big open-mindedness to accept advice and criticism contribute greatly to be noticed. 

By Sergio Veranes

It is precisely his strongly typified physical appearance and style, his talent, as well as his versatility which made Chrystoff travel to several places around the world such as California, New York, Belgium, Germany, and everywhere in Canada to be immortalized by many photographers.

I love traveling: having the chance to be photographed in different countries is very rewarding! I think if I was offered to do a photoshoot on the moon, I would accept!

By Fotoart24

He has been featured many times in Dark Beauty Magazine, Model Citizen, a European book, in the well-known American newspaper The Gazette, in addition to being hired for various commercial photos.

By JoHoule Foto

By Joe Cancilla

His success is not without reason: Chrystoff Crowley is an artist who invests himself in each of his photoshoots. He arrives at the photo session properly prepared, informed, in a well-focused mental state. He offers authenticity and intensity, leaving no one indifferent after each of his passages.

By Michel Castilloux

By Christiane Duchesne

I enjoy every step of a photoshoot, it's like a party: you prepare it, you live it, you then see the pictures and you keep them as a souvenir! 

By Karim Ben Jemaa

Always cogitating on 1001 things: stories and movie scripts he writes, projects of creative photoshoots, creation of original and audacious clothing and accessories, everything inspires him! As long as he can create something, he feels good. Every idea is feasible; nothing scares him, nothing stops him.

Every challenge is made to be successfully managed; every obstacle exists to be confronted with all our strength. I hit hard, I hit often, and I hit harder endlessly.

By Marleen Verbruggen

His modeling career started by chance, while he was working in a video store and two guys offered to photograph him. He never stopped after that, boldly exploring this way of expression, without ever imposing himself limits, even going as far as wearing tutu, mermaid tail and seashell bra!

I'm not afraid of ridicule, of nudity, or to provoke.

By Isabelle Pérusse

I have the chance to be part of Chrystoff Crowley's universe and to create photo projects with him, sharing art, laughs, emotions and ideas. It is a privilege to work alongside this remarkable artist and above all, to be able to present him here, in Univers d'Artistes. Long live your talent, my dear friend!

Milky Way to the Last Tango
Chrystoff Crowley and me, by JoHoule Foto

The Experiment
Chrystoff Crowley and me, by JoHoule Foto

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