May 17, 2009

Contributing Artists' feedback

In your magical words, all my admiration for you.

Thank you.
You are the stars !

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Santiago Hernandez (aka Caraban) :

Thanks Chris for the feature in your fantastic "Univers d'Artistes", a true honor for me. I like very much this words about my work. I will continue in this line of work.

Santiago Hernandez
"La cortesana"

Aaron Feinberg :

I am very excited to report that the wonderful Chris St. James just featured me on Univers d'Artistes, the blog for Carrie Leigh's NUDE magazine. Oh, so exciting !
If you have a minute please check out the article and many other fine features on the UdA site.
Much thanks to all the great people I've worked with and those that have yet to come

Aaron Feinberg
Art Model Summer

Tim Haylock :

I've just been featured by Chris St James in the excellent Univers d'Artistes website. I'm really pleased by this, Chris selected some of my favourite images and also wrote a very kind introduction.

Tim Haylock
"Iveta 15"
Art Model Iveta Niklova -

Chrissie Red :

Just a little note to let you all know about the interview I recently done with Jan Murphy for UdA. Please have a look if you're interested.
Thanks to Jan for her time and for doing this. She's a great photographer who you should all check out. Also thanks to the photographers who allowed their images of me to be used. You all Rock !

David McAleavy :

I've just had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jan Murphy for Univers d'Artistes, the blog of Carrie Leigh's NUDE magazine. Thanks Jan.

David McAleavy
Art Model Jade

AlexB :

I am honoured to have been given a full feature on Univers d'Artistes.
I have already appeared there a few times but this is my first long feature. I am absolutely thrilled. I would like to thank all the people that have made this possible i.e. the photographers with whom I share the feature, all the photographers with whom I have worked and of course Unbearable Lightness, the editor.

AlexB by David Nuttall

Andre J :

Absolutely delighted that my shoot with Jennifer Thomson has been featured in Univers d'Artistes (my second feature in that impressive blog). And thanks so much to Unbearable Lightness for asking us and for composing the article.

Andre J
"Basalt Bed"
Art Model Jennifer Thomson

Roger Wells :

I am very honoured and privileged to be featured on Univers d'Artistes. Thanks to Unbearable Lightness for the feature.

Roger Wells
Art Model Phia

Scott F. Hill (Gravenimage) :

I've been interviewed for Univers d' Artistes. Please take a moment or two and jet over to visit this elegant site. Let me know what you think. Cheers !

Scott F. Hill
Art Model KT

Brooke Lynne :

If you're interested in learning a bit more about me, you should check out this interview written by Unbearable Lightness in the extremely high quality online art nude magazine, Univers d'Artistes.

Lady Eastwick :

Thanks to the work I did with Kevin Stiles and the kindness of Chris St. James I am proud to be part of a feature on Univers d'Artistes. Chris St. James is Publisher and Editor in chief of Univers d'Artistes, European Art Editor for Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine, and writer.
The feature is about my new friend and co-creative mind Kevin Stiles aka Tattoostiles.
It is very exciting and I hope everyone enjoys viewing it and learning about photographer/ artist/ tattoo artist Kevin Stiles, as well as viewing some of the work he has created with myself, Heather K., and Kristianna!

Lady Eastwick by Kevin Stiles
Post Editing by Nina Pak

Kevin Stiles :

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank fellow deviant Chris St. James who is Publisher and Editor in chief of Univers d'Artistes, European Art Editor for Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine, and writer.
Chris has me featured on their website. And I think he did a wonderful job on what little I had to offer him.
I also would be remiss not to mention the models who are so beautifully represented in the feature: Heather K., Kristianna, and Lady Eastwick.

Kevin Stiles
"Lady of the Stares"
Art Model Lady Eastwick

Scott Brown :

From Sydney to the Universe !
That's right artiste friends, having been asked many times by Chris St James I finally decided to agree with him to have my first feature at Univers d'Artistes. It is an odd kinda feeling and also pretty cool considering I have been in an vacuum artistically for the last several months. If you are interested, go take a peek.

Scott Brown
Art Model Joceline

Peter Lime :

Today, for my surprised, I received a note from my friend Chris St James, surprising me with a first feature in Univers D'Artistes!!!
What can I say? (after a period that I simply couldn't say nothing! :-))! That I am deeply honoured with this proof of confidence, and hope in the future continue deserving the trust of all that follow me.
Thank you Chris. Thank you Unbearable Lightness.

Peter Lime
Art Model Almost-Moon

OnePixArt :

My dear friends, I've been featured in the much respected and quality online nude art magazine : Univers d'Artistes. The article has some quotes from my web pages, and shows some of my work, here.

Thank you Chris St James for such an honor !

"St Merrique"
Art Model St Merrique -

William Earle :

I'm extremely happy that Chris St James has taken the time to recognize my work and feature it on Univers d'Artistes. Thanks Chris !!!! It's wonderfully rewarding when others notice my work.
I would be amiss not to mention all of the models I've worked with, they deserve a tremendous amount of credit for their contributions. They all bring so much to these collaborations and the work would not be what it is without them. My approach is truly on a collaborative basis and I place tremendous value on the model's contribution.
I would also encourage everyone to have a good look at Univers d'Artistes, there's some really great work featured there.

Rachel Lovitt :

On Both Sides Now : Rachel Lovitt at Univers d'Artistes.

Thank you to the beautiful Unbearable Lightness for the interview feature on Univers d'Artistes. This was a perfect bit of welcome positivity.

Rachel Lovitt
"The Mourning After"

Stan Boulton : a little recognition.

A few days ago I received a note from Chris St James asking if I minded if he did a first feature write up on Univers d'Artistes. Of course, how could I say no ?
Anyways the feature was posted today.

Stan Boulton
"Candace on the rocks 4"
Art Model Candace Nirvana -

Miles Chandler :

Chris St James, a nude-art photography afficianado from France and editor of a European nude photo magazine, keeps a blog named Univers d'Artistes : Artworks and News about Fine-Art Nudes. He recently contacted me and asked if he could feature me on his blog. I was very flattered (and surprised).

Miles Chandler
"Graffiti 23"

Jan Murphy :

I was approached by the hard working Chris St James of Univers d'Artistes to be interviewed about my work. How could I refuse such an offer really ?
It was such a deep thing for me to do as it really helped me look inside myself for the answers.
The choice of images (perfect, thank you Chris), apart from my fave are all the interviewer's choice and I couldn't be happier.
Here it is for those wishing to read my interview.

Jan Murphy
Art Model Emma

David Winge :

I am very honored to have been recently featured in Univers d'Artistes by Chris St James, and humbled to be included in such company.
These awesome models also featured and for whom I owe much gratitude : Rebel Smith, Pearl, Amy, Nora, Wendy, Kat Love, Karen.
I need to give a big hug and the most awesome sincere Thank You to Unbearable Lightness for her interview and annnouncement of Desert Nudes ! On the Premier site for Artworks and News about Fine-Art Nudes ! I am so thrilled ! I have a 4:00am shoot tomorrow and I should be asleep but this is just too cool !!!
This isn't just about me though, the models who braved the elements and butt crack early mornings are just as much to blame LOL :D Seriously though, every one of them, in this book and the next, have my sincere love and gratitude, they worked on this with me for the love of doing it, for the love of creating.
When you look at these images I think you'll agree there is so much more then meets the eye at first glance. They tell a story of freedom, a story about the soul of life, about the struggle in this harsh human condition and the balance & beauty of nature. When there is so much dissension and petty bickering in the world they tell a story of what ONE can do, like we all do here, we behold our world. I have found a great peace in the desert and these images are my way of sharing this peace, when Unbearable Lightness and I were exchanging emails and notes it really hit me, that I really have found that one thing, that secret. My hope is that everyone does, it took me many years because apparently I'm a slow learner but it is true, if you follow your heart you will find it.

David Winge
Art Model Amy

Vernon Trent :
Some of you may know it, some of you not...
I thought I honour the hard work of Chris St James and mention my support and feedback in my journal.
His awarded fine art online magazine Univers d'Artistes is kind of "collection" of who is who in the fine art world, photographers and models, but also a lot of other information, brief showcases, special events, books, calendars, interviews, exhibitions, etc.
Is not easy to pick all the info and interesting things out from the wild and hidden places in the internet and then put them so together, that it's really entertaining and informative reading.
You can find his amazing place and I urge you to bookmark his RSS feed, so you won't miss some news.
Thanks Chris for this place and the hard work you put into that project. Univers d'Artistes is a real enrichment for my daily dose of fine art.
... and yes, I'm on that place too ! If you're bored and want to know more about me and my work, then here is my first feature.

Vernon Trent
Art Model Vassanta

Bella Blue :

One of my dearest friends and photographers Michael Siu just entered some of our work into a contest for Carrie Leigh nude mag. Wish us luck. I think we have a really great chance.
And on that note, I was also interviewed by their European editor, Chris St James. He is truly an amazing individual... just have recently "met" him via DA. Respectful, light hearted, and genuine. Check it out : my first feature.

Bella Blue
"The afterthought"
by Michael Siu -

Dollybeck :
I was recently interviewed by Chris St James, European Editor of Carrie Leigh's Nude Magazine, on his site Univers d'Artistes.
The site supports and features many talented photographers and models.
My interview is here.
Have a browse through if you have time. Thanks to all the photographers.

Dollybeck by Gerhardt Thompson -
"Sun and spra"

John Tisbury :
I was recently interviewed by Chris St James, European Editor of Carrie Leigh's Nude Magazine. My interview is on the fine nude art collective blog, called "Univers d'Artistes", which has more than 220 great photographers and models. My interview is here.
Hope you have time to read it and let me know your thoughts.

John Tisbury
"Nude with head towel"Art Model Shelly Radley

Congratulations on your 1000th article, it is an amazing accomplishment. The reason that this is such a great milestone is that you are, beyond a doubt, the first and foremost historian to reach this goal.
Day in and day out you live your passion of presenting art and photography. You also take the time to interview the artists, which make your blog a chronology of the art of our times.
Years from now, when other writers will write about the artists of today, they will look to you as the one who was there and preserved all this work. Every artist in the world should be thankful you are there. I am. Your Friend.


Richard Rasner :

A recent feature was done about my work on Univers d' Artistes, who also interviewed me for a later feature. Please go read it and leave some comments... The writer (Chris St James) did a stellar job in my opinion ; especially in the area of selecting some of my work to feature.

Richard Rasner
"The escape"
Art Model Raye

Beau eRomantica :
" Over the last few weeks I have had an article written about my life (am I that old?) by the noted French journalist Chris St James.
Chris also interviewed me for his blog at Univers d'Artistes, and I must attest to his professionalism and research which I found very refreshing. Often, journalists send out a bulk questionaire and just accept whatever is returned to them, however Chris wrote an article that made me wonder how he had found out so much about me, and then later, interviewed me, based on the information he had already found out.
While my life will be interesting to very few, I recommend that any fine art nude photographers or models that are interested in making their mark, should contact Chris with a full knowledge of his integrity and know that if Chris does write about them, they will be treated openly and fairly and with a real intention to show the person behind the story.
Chris is also the European Editor of "Carrie Leigh's Nude" magazine. This magazine is a quarterly publication, and is far more of a coffee table art book, than a vehicle for naked bodies.
I missed the first edition (help.. somebody...!!!) have ordered the second (due out late December), and have been collaborating with Chris St James on an article for the third edition. I recommend this publication as essential background information for all Fine Art Students, Photographers, Models and those with a true interest in the Art of the Nude.
Chris has spurred me on to continue my writing, and who knows, perhaps I will have the opportunity to collaborate on another article in the future."

Beau eRomantica
"Repose in b sharp I"Art Model MaxE

Scott Nichol :

" An interview with me has been published at the Univers d'Artistes, a blog run by the wonderful Chris St James. Chris' blog is a wonderful read and he does such a fantastic job researching and collecting so many interesting personalities within the fine art photography community ! All the best, Scott."

Scott Nichol
"Truth, ROck, Sky"
Art Model Dominique

David L. Le Beck :
" Another work inspired by one of my photographs of my Muse, Betcee May !
I'm so grateful to her for the inspiration she gives me. I'm proud and astounded by the response to the Art we create together !
On that note, I have to point out that Chris St James has posted an article about this work of art on his blog Univers d' Artistes.
Chris is also European Editor for Carrie Leigh's NUDE.

David L. Le Beck
"Betcee May 6, Keyhole Rock, 347"Art Model Betcee May -

F.W. Scharpf :

" I have been greatly honored to have been included in the Univers d' Artistes web blog maintained by Chris St James.
It is a wonderful site presenting interviews and selections of the work of photographers engaging in artistic-nude photography, many of whom are also here on DA.
Thanks, Chris for a great service to our community."

F.W. Scharpf
"KatL 15"
Art Model and Photographer Kat Love -

Steve Johns :
I had the pleasure recently of becoming acquainted with a very generous person by the name of Chris who has one of the best fine art nude photography blog sites anywhere, Univers d’Artistes. Chris’s love and passion for writing and fine art photography is equally matched by his generosity in promoting these arts and artists.
One of the great things about an interview is that you get to analyse your own beliefs, philosophies and artistic approach so that you articulate them in a coherent and concise way in order for the reader to gain a clearer understanding of you and the creative process. Hopefully I have achieved this but I will leave that for your judgement on reading the interview. A huge thank you must go to Chris who provides the platform and opportunities for artists to showcase their work and themselves.

Steve Johns

Dave Levingston :
My work has been featured in a French web magazine : Univers d'Artistes. Thanks to Chris for contacting me and asking to do this very kind story about me and my photography.

Dave Levingston
"Theda in the woods"
Art Model Theda B -

Van Hugo :
I am totally flattered that a member of this community felt compelled to interview me and place some of my work on his beautiful site... a collection of artists, interviews and links. I have wandered through Chris's site and found it quite engaging. It is one of those places where it is easy to lose many hours/days of your life, but it is well worth it.

Van Hugo

Red Mahan :
Chris, many thanks for the "push" to get my work out there. I have come to realize that the reason that I am doing this work is to show, to visually show the world that this is possible.That it is actually not a dream, not a fantasy, but really possible to be with these amazing creatures in a way that is not about exploitation, domination or termination. They want to be with us, if we will be nice.
Hence, the nudes. There is no armor, no weapons, no separation, there is innocence, vulnerability, an true opportunity to "be" with their "being". I suspect that that is an underlying factor in why we all like to look at, admire, appreciate and enjoy "nudes". We are human beings after all.
Thanks so much for getting some of that work up and accepting and appreciating my message within the work. Aloha.

Andrew Cumberland :
I am very proud to have been featured at Univers d'Artistes. It's a real honour to have been contacted for the feature. Thanks Chris ! I encourage people to have a quick look - it will give you a feel for how I see my work. Cheers, and thanks to you all for making me so popular.

Andrew Cumberland
"Cave Girl IV"
Art Model Zoe

Vic :
Public thanks to Chris for a very first interview and publication of some of my pictures on Univers d'Artistes. I invite you to visit this site where among other things I found some members of DA for my greatest pleasure.

"The unknown"

Terrell Neasley
Chris made a nice comment about my work on his site. I contacted him and through this exchange he also featured my site on his blog along with a full interview. If you view his blog, you'll see a collection of work that you will indeed want to take an interest in.
So let me take a moment to thank Chris for this site feature AND for selecting such incredible work to highlight and promote. That's by no means a boast on my part. I speak directly to the other artistic photowork that is sure to grab your attention and make you spend some time in observation. In addition to that you can spend a moment coursing through the margins and checking out the plethora of link resources that he has added for your benefit. The man deserves our applause !

Marquita Norwood :
Sheesh... Can I stop making journal entries ? Anyway, I have been showcased on this lovely site Univers d'Artistes.
Thanks to Chris for featuring me. I am so honoured to be among such great ones ! There will be a longer interview posted later some time so look out for that please.

Marquita Norwood
"Take Me With You"

Lin Bee - Fluffytek :
You all know Chris St James of course. The author of the leading blog Univers d’Artistes, he is at the centre of our nude photographic community and inspires us on a daily basis with his tireless dedication to showing us the very best that the nude photographic world has to offer. By sharing with us fantastic interviews, articles and most importantly the work of different photographic artists, Chris has created something unique and wonderful. But the real reason I’m mentioning him here is because he is probably one of the wisest men you’ll ever come across. Why ? Because he has realised something which not many folks figure out : just how effective art can be as a healing tool.

Fluffy Golden Award 2008
Univers d'Artistes : Best online Photographic Art magazine

Kiran Patil :

Well, the fabulous Chris St James has interviewed me for the official blog of Nude magazine. You can read the interview here.

Look through the blog. It contains a lot of talented nude photographers and models. The people at Nude seem dedicated to showcasing talent and that is always appreciated.

Sarah Ina Alexander :

Chris St James from Marseille, Provence, France is a French writer and passionate advocate of fine art and photography. He is currently european editor for 'Carrie Leigh's Nude Magazine'.
One random day when I was shizzeling some nizzle, I recieved and email from Chris asking if I would like to be featured on his blog 'Univers d' Artistes'. This site contains the biggest up close and personal collection of fine art nude's, photographers, photo's, interview's, features, news and tidbit's dedicated soley for photographer's on a global scale.
His site is updated on a regular basis - He devotes a lot of his time and energy into this passion - His dedication to art and the written word has become his daily bread and when you take the time to visit his site and meander through the pages - you will understand the devotion, the emotion, the dedication, the thought processes, the diversity, the essence and mindset of what fine art nude photography is really about, the inspirational people who take the photographs, people such as Chris who devote a huge portion of their lives living and breathing it and articulating in a way that makes you feel it.
When I arrived home from holiday on the 10th October 08 having left Chris to weave his magic for a week - I saw my first feature... and I was chuffed to bits !

Sarah Ina Alexander
"The Deck Chair"

Warren Brown (Harlequin Photography) :
A short plug for myself. I was recently interviewed by for the Univers d'artistes website. For those who may like a bit more of an insight in the way my brain works and what sort of a mindset I approch shoots with can see the interview on the blog here.
Given some of the fine artists that are featured on the site, I feel deeply honoured. My sincere thanks to Chris for his assistance with this. I am not worthy...

Warren Brown
"Hommage to the Self"
Art Model Candace Nirvana -

Jason Tag :
I got a note from Chris St James who is an editor for Carrie Leigh’s NUDE and is also in charge of the fine nude art collective blog, called “Univers d’Artistes”.
He sent me a note to say that he had written an article about me and the work I've been doing over the past year. I was floored when I read it. Chris pretty much nailed what I'm all about and why I'm working in nude art.
Thank you Chris for the wonderful article and thank you to everyone who has supported me in this wonderful journey.

Jason Tag
Art Model Serafina


James M Graham said...

Thanks, Chris - I'm in great company!

Jan said...

Thank you Chris, what a fabulous feature and what amazing work and people to be around and amongst.

I'm feeling a little blessed right now :) Thanks for cheering up a lady in bed with flu x

David Winge said...

Thank you very kindly Chris, it is a phenomenal job you do here and I am very honored to be included.

christian pélier said...

Thank you to you Jan and David !!! :)